Sunday, May 04, 2008


I flipped back to nights the last two nights. Up super early. Yesterday Miss Karma and I were sitting out on the porch enjoying the sunny day.

Karma heard them before I did, of course.

Dagan and Leah popped by--came in very quietly in case I was sleeping--hehe! Brought me their collection of movies. They haven't had a VCR for years now.

Leah also had some kitchen things that she didn't want any more--to see if I could use them--metal bowls, metal cake pan, a few glass things, etc. They didn't stay very long.

More distressing news about the house. Can't lay the flooring--still no heat. They found out that after they finally get the flooring installed so they can then get the cupboards installed--it could take another 3-4 weeks before the countertops come. That means no sinks anywhere--kitchen or bathroom--can't move in. Still too cold out to lay cement for the garage floor or the steps. Not much progress on the house getting done since the last pictures. The contractors still do not work after 4:30-5pm or weekends (so much for starting their own business--and apparently no concern whatsoever for being ridiculously behind schedule, eh?). Leah has been there many times at around 1-2pm and nobody is there--at all?! The contractors are the ones who assured them they could go ahead and give their notice on the apartment for the end of April. Keep in mind, they first told them the house would be done the end of December! They need to go discuss this situation with the bank and are going to need to talk to a lawyer.

At least Dagan's dad said he wants to come over from Henning, Minnesota to be with them when they see a lawyer. I am so glad. I feel so terribly, terribly useless! I know nothing about building issues--or even buying a house--have not been in the loop with all the issues involved and am just plain not physically up to help with a long fight. They know I am totally supportive of them, but I am basically useless for travel--physically--and don't even have a car. I rarely ever cry. I cried for them last night. Just cried. :(

I have faith that it will all work out somehow in the end--but it is going to be a long haul.

Anyways, what else....

I sat and worked on putting together the batch of Christmas cards yesterday afternoon.

Jennifer didn't come over for movie night. She caught a cold and was all stuffed up. Didn't want to give it to me since I've had such a cruddy winter, sick-wise. Here I hadn't been sick-sick hardly at all since I moved here over three years ago and am home all the time. Sure made up for it this winter, didn't I?

Anyways, it was a gorgeous day yesterday. Sunny and the wind died down a bit. Still quite cool. I was glad CashWise wasn't out of my cans of International French Vanilla Cafe--hehe! I could bundle up in layers and a sweatshirt and sit on the porch sipping my hot coffee from my thermos mug! Me and Karma--checking out the sights from the porch.

It is nice to be more on a day schedule again. :)

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