Saturday, May 10, 2008


Wow! Blogger is touchy today! Took me forever to upload the pictures--some wouldn't go through until like the fifth or sixth time I tried? Must be a big blogger Saturday, eh?
Anyways, I worked on the little palettes yesterday. Even used the tiny Altoids chewing gum tin for my Holbein--to make a tiny palette. (Holbein is the one brand I bought a big set of.)

The MeimeriBlu are new from Lynnette, of course. The little sets I had of Sennelier and Schmincke have been sitting around for several years--never getting used.
The Sennelier palette (top right)--the light blue paint had separated and was super runny--part clear and part paint? So, I am not sure how good it will be? I stirred it up with a toothpick. Will take forever to dry, I suppose, as it was liquid. I haven't had that happen with a watercolor paint before. Dried out in the tube--yes--but not turn to a liquid? Oh well. That is why I needed to have them out and more accessible, right?

Yesterday was about 60 degrees. Karma was parked in her favorite spot for Cat TV on the porch. Today--cold and raining.

I had previously made a palette with the Schmincke paint set I had. The pans were half full after they dried.

So, I thought I might as well fill them up, too, as long as I was at it. Emptied all the little tubes from that set.

Now they are all drying up on the bookcase where Miss Karma can't lick them. (She likes to lick paint! Can't ever leave any out.)

All my tiny palettes! A very good start to my mini collection--hehe! I know I want to add Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith next. Have always wanted to try those, for sure. Such fun! And it will be a lot cheaper to buy just a very few small tubes vs. whole sets of paints. Can wait until they are on sale. (Winsor Newton is on sale at Dick Blick thru August--hehe!)
Besides--what they put together in a pre-made set is not neccessarily what I might want--now that I am reading up about paint mixing. I wouldn't need green, for one thing. Just a red, yellow, blue and maybe burnt sienna (to mix with the blue for shadows). Can have a warm and cool set of primary colors--plus the burnt sienna--that's only seven colors. That is what I plan to pick on my own. The ones I have now (except the Holbein) were sets that you buy. You still get to try everything, obviously. :) But the tiny Holbein palette I set up I used just yellow, blue, red, and burnt sienna from tubes I already have here. Thought it would be a good simple palette to start with to learn about mixing. My problem is trying to decide which yellow, blue, and red to use--hehe!
I went online this morning to check and see if Cheap Joe's had deducted the order amount yet (they did on Thursday)--and lo and behold!!!--I have my $300 from the government! Deposited just yesterday. TaDa!! Well, I will be doing my bit to help the economy. Will order my KitchenAid mixer next month! Thank you George W.--chuckle! chuckle! :):)


  1. Lovely little palettes! I have a few empty tins that I've been saving for this too :)

    LOL to your last comment thanking George W. I did a bit of spending myself! Will be blogging about it tomorrrow probably.

    I always chuckle when you talk about Karma and her "Cat TV" :) Reality TV for real! heh heh.

  2. And Karma's favorite reality TV show is "Kids In The Yard"--hehe! Of course, she does love her nature shows. Her favorite of all time was "Swallow Babies On The Porch Light", but there have been no reruns since the screen went up--ROFL!! :):)


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