Sunday, May 25, 2008


I know...I know...lost my mind! Spent all day yesterday making all these bookcards! This top picture shows all the ones with heavier paper for covers and five sheets inside (20 little pages)...

...and these are the ones with thinner cover paper and four sheets inside (16 little pages).

I had pre-cut all the covers and inside sheets months ago, as you know. Had also pre-folded a slew of cream inside paper (only had to fold for three of these)--so I just did them assembly-line method. I sat and punched holes off and on till I got those done. Then matched embroidery thread colors--cut a hunk--and stacked them up. All that was left was to sit in my chair and sew them together as I watched a couple of movies yesterday. :)

Did I overdo it yesterday? Of course. But I took one of my new pain pills so I could sleep last night and it worked well. (The sleeping pills the doctor gave me don't do a thing?) I am washing clothes today, so I might need another one--but it just feels so good to finally be feeling some bursts of energy after my long, sickly winter! I was just having such a good time! :):) hehe!

Well, other than washing clothes, I won't be doing anything else very physical today. (I was going to be good yesterday, tho, wasn't I--hehe!) I will be good today, tho, and recover so that Jennifer and I can make journals tomorrow. :) I am just so happy to be feeling more back to my normal!! Was a long, long winter!

Very warm right now. 78 degrees. Supposed to hit 80 today. Too warm for me. Uncomfortable. Need to go get the fan set up, I guess. Nice for people off picnicing with family, tho. I hope everybody has nice weather tomorrow for Memorial Day. :)

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