Friday, June 25, 2010


I gave up trying to sleep about an hour ago. Just that feeling like you've been hit by a truck, sore all over, waking up every 30-60 minutes and having to get up and walk around and stretch nights. I was trying to think of what I might have done to irritate my body so badly the last couple days and the only thing "different" that I have done was to shake and shake the gold and gilded inks! Good Grief! That is just ridiculous! But--sadly--most likely the culprit. Pathetic, eh? Sometimes I am still absolutely amazed at the complaints of my whiny body.
I was already sooo tired yesterday. Oh well. I waited and waited for them to come for that inspection. They never came. ?? Not sure if they will be coming now today, then, or not? I was barely functional yesterday--so, today? I. Don't. Care. If they do arrive while I still have my nightgown on (which might be half the day or maybe all of it) I will just throw my robe on. Feel too crummy to care--at last right now. Sometimes I feel better later on in the day. Sometimes I don't--or feel worse. Time will tell, right? ;)
Anyways, sorry. Don't like to be a whiner.
Yesterday we had some sunshine and wind. While Karma was chowing down on her grass...(moo...moo?)...
...above her head on the TV tray I set the WC abstract out to dry.
With the sun and DID dry!! And I like the way it gets that textured look from the saran wrap. Turned out okay. :)
Just really difficult for me to try to get a picture that shows the shimmer of the gold ink in the light, but I tried.
Now I'll cut this sheet down into bookmark sizes, have them laminated, and then see which ones we like well enough to sell. You really have to wait till they are laminated to choose. Some employees aren't as talented with the laminator as others when you go to Office Max or one of those office supply stores. We have had things ruined in the past. But sometimes they all pass thru the laminator with flying colors--pardon the pun. ;)
I have an idea for black stripes and bright colored stripes--similar to the bright colored one of mine I showed you with the colors kind of going lengthwise on the bookmarks. Might even see how some Chinese black ink would work? And I'd like to see if I can do pastels without them looking too translucent? Maybe have to add some white to them? And I'd like to try some using my acrylic metallic paints, too! Lots of ideas always rolling around in the brain of this painful body, eh? ROFL! Well--it's the only part of me that really works that well anymore--hehehe!!!
I should look for a quote on patience for today...
Ha! This was labeled as a "patience" quote. :)
"Learn to pause...or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you."
Doug King
Worthwhile stuff, here I am! Come and get me!! Be here all day. Pausing. Tarry...tarry...tarry. ROFL!!
We have a thunderstorm rolling thru at the moment so I'm going to shut down the computer. Have a wonderful day! There really are so many things to appreciate every single day--even on the bad days. Keep smiling!! :):)


  1. Seems almost a shame to cut this dazzling bit of color up into bookmarks! It could be framed just as it is and hung on a wall to be admired (and people could look for Waldo too).

    I'm sorry you are achin' :( Perhaps milking karma the cow was too much for you? If you find some cat milk butter around, you know you were churning while you were doing all that shaking...

  2. Pretty pretty colors in those inks you used! I love it! Those will make very pretty bookmarks!

    My parents had a laminating machine at their art store and sometimes I got to run it. Yes, it was a bit tricky but not too terribly tough to use. I was probably 10 or 11 when I helped out. I just remember the smell of the melting plastic when you used it. Funny how the brain remembers smells, isn't it?

    Sorry your Fibro is giving you a bad time. :( Take it easy, Friend!

  3. I hope you are feeling better! The saran plastic is a great technique. I need to explore. I agree with the other poster that it's a shame to cut it all up, BUT inknow how exciting it can be to see the different 'things' that show up in the smaller pieces. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Stephanie (CED)

  4. Wow that saran wrap thingy turned out just gorgeous I love that it is so pretty.

    Im gonna have to try and find some of that grass stuff to see if my cats want a bite of it because your Karma sure does love it :o)

  5. I agree with Guy. You should just hang this up as is. It's really pretty.

  6. why not cut some of it up into 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 pieces for cards or book cover decorations instead of all bookmarks? Maybe the fibro flared up because you were tense waiting for the inspection?

  7. The plastic wrap sure worked it's effective!

    I'm sorry to hear you are suffering with body pain, Rita...I hope it eases quickly. I know the feeling though as my body does similar when I put it under stress. My thigh muscle is very sore right now and the only cause I can think of is when I balanced a household door on my foot yesterday whilst getting it back onto its hinges. Long

    I hope the storm didn't do any damage.

    Be sure to rest up and get better, dear friend ~ xo

  8. I was just watching some of your youtube videos again. If I ever get ahead, I plan to buy either a flip video or something like that to try my hand at some videos.

    Have you noticed your fibro getting any better since your new diet and being off the pain pills?

  9. Hope you got some decent rest in the end.

  10. Your watercolor project looks really nice. Sometimes it's difficult getting a picture of something you really want someone else to see due to lighting problems. I could see the gold in the second shot, tho.

    Sorry to hear your aching. I hope you're able to get some sleep. (will check the next blog post to see if you did in a minute)

    You have a lot of great ideas rolling around in your head. Do you write down your ideas when you think of them? I sometimes do. (most of the time i dont and i forget what it was i was thinking)

    Patience has never been one of my virtues. :\

  11. See? I forgot something I was gonna say in my comment when it finally came time to type in my comment (cuz i didnt write it down and my memory is gone today) LOL

    I was gonna laugh at what Iggy said about milking Karma the cow. LOL

  12. Iggy--Thanks! I think they will make awesome bookmarks, tho. ;) Karma would never allow milking. She's so touchy about her tummy--ROFL!!

    Jennifer--These were watercolors and not inks like we used. We got rid of all the colored inks I had back then--hehe! But--I do have a few colored inks again...hummm? Might have to try those, too. You'd be good wih a laminator as you are careful and precise with what you do. I can see you doing a good job even as a kid. :) So many people these days just don't take pride in what they do. Sad, but true. Good workers still are appreciated, tho--probably even moreso because of that. ;)

    Stephanie--Thanks so much!! The saran wrap technique is really fun to play around with. I think you might enjoy it. :):)

    Lynn--thanks! I was really pleased with it. Some cats love the cat grass and some don't. Just like catnip. But if they do--it is fun to grow them a little--especially in the winter, actually. ;)

    Donn--thanks, Donn. I love your last painting, BTW! Best yet!

    Sue--Just because I am into making bookmarks--hehe! When I have a lot of bookmarks made I might be having so much fun that I will keep going and make some more for the fronts of cards. :) No--wasn't tense about the inspection at all. They are really nice to me and skim thru my place in a few minutes. I'm one of the few who has been here for years and don't cause any trouble and pay my rent on time, etc. It really was the shaking jars off and on all morning--no lie! ;)

    Serena--I can totally relate to your door balancing pain! I know you deal with back pain and such all the time, too. We really do have to just rest up and take care of ourselves. We didn't have any damage here but my aunt told me they has baseball size hail south of the Twin Cities where she is in Minnesota. What crazy weather. I don't remember hearing about all this huge hail we've had lately. We had chicken egg size up here in areas north of us, too. Destroys crops, breaks and dents things. I think the biggest hail I've ever personally seen was about nickle size. At least hail doesn't usually kill anybody. (Trying to find the bright side--hehe!)

  13. Sue--You could start your own youtube account! :) Leah and I haven't done any videos for months. We are planning on making a craft area tour video/videos on Tuesday--finally. We have been going to do this for a long time. I love looking at videos of other people's craft areas and seeing how they store things and what they have. :) NO--I haven't noticed the fibro being any better. In fact, since I quit the pain pills I am more achy and sore, of course, than I was before. But thanks for asking. :)

    Toriz--I finally slept Friday and Saturday nights pretty well. Hope you are sleeping well, too. :)

    AliceKay--Seems like when you don't want to show light and shimmer/glare--it shows and when I want to show the shimmer it doesn't show up--hehe! I did get more sleep and that really helps--thanks! Yes--sometimes I write them down. I am a notorious list maker! :):)

    Now that Iggy compared Karma chewing on her grass to a cow--I keep thinking "moo! moo!" when I see her out there chomping away--hehe!


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