Monday, June 14, 2010


Sunny day today!
Karma has been at her post at the window--CatTV time.
(Big yawn!)

Well, I'm finally getting to a blog. Just took a day off. :)
Didn't go help Leah with her hair on Saturday night. She was tired from being outside working all day with the landscaping, never put the henna night in her she forgot all about it. Probably do it this coming weekend.
But tonight after Leah gets off work we are going over to the natural pet food place and maybe to Target, if we have enough time. We're going to pass on Tochi's since that is farther away and Dagan and Leah are invited to dinner tonight, so we don't have a lot of time. But Miss Karma will get some kind of cat food for her treat jars tonight--hehe!
Speaking of...
This is going to sound really weird--but--I had a strange dream about Miss Karma this morning. That she was someplace when she was a kitten where she knew she wasn't wanted. A young girl had her (probably wanted to keep her from a litter--didn't get the feeling she'd ever lived anywhere else) and the dad was really upset about the girl having the kitten--and he kicked Karma and knocked her around--even threw her. She was always hungry and couldn't get enough to eat. The girl, who Karma liked and was the only person who was nice to her, and the mom eventually left her at the pet shop. After a week, she came here with me.
I never thought of Karma being kicked and hit. I always thought somebody must have stepped on her hard by accident some time--but it never occurred to me that she could have been treated so badly--on purpose. It never crossed my mind that somebody could have kicked her or thrown her across the room! I suppose that could make sense, tho. She was a bit older--10 weeks old--when she came to the pet shop. She came alone--no siblings. And I found out she had parasites--so she really was always hungry no matter how much she ate (and she felt awful).
Karma was meant to come and live with me. She purred and purred when I held her at the pet store. Odd that she seemed so relaxed and was such a sprawler even then. But--she hadn't ever been hurt at the pet shop that week she was there. I think she felt fairly safe there.
She may not trust anyone else, but she at least basically trusts me. She knows I love her. It makes a little more sense to me now how she could become antisocial, fearful loud noises, fixated on food, watchful of everything I do, doesn't like to be picked up, and even where that devil side of her comes from--hehe!
I know. Weird, eh? Odd that I'd have this dream now when she's over five years old? Well, my Karma will get her fake cat treats again tonight. ;)
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
Leo Buscaglia


  1. Oh wow this post made me want to shed a tear or two, I'm so glad that your got your Karma, and I do hope that she never had to endure that dream of yours, it is so sad when people are mean to animals :o(
    She has a wonderful home now and a wonderful mommy :o)

  2. CatTV needs some new programming. Maybe some flying mice in tights and dopey poodles doing dumb tricks badly?

    Hmmm.. Maybe your Catish connection was working... Karma found your mental telepathy tap. (You might want to make an aluminum foil hat for wearing when you don't want Karma to know what you are thinking....)

  3. Poor kitten. If that is what happened then it's no wonder she's like she is. It is weird you should have that dream after this long though.

    I know I was meant to have Kero too. I still maintain that his mother gave him to me.

  4. This post brought a tear to my eye, too. I never liked seeing cats or dogs (or anything for that matter) getting kicked or hurt. A lot of what you dreamed sure matches what Karma does. Made sense to me. Funny how our minds work sometimes.

    (flying mice in tights? LOL)

  5. Karma is just beautiful. Cruelty never has a place in life - not to people and not to animals. Period. I'm glad Karma has you.

  6. After a dream like that, I'm so happy and relieved that Karma and you found each other.

  7. I forgot to say with my comment last night that I loved your quote today (yesterday now).

    Hope you're having a good day today.

  8. Karma is one lucky cat to have found you! The dream you had seems to have explained a lot.

  9. Lynn--Considering all the strange, prophetic, and past life dreams I've had in my life--could be true. I had a boyfriend once who threw my cat off the bed and across the room--hit the bottom of the wall. That was the last of him. I put up with a lot of emotional and verbal abuse--but don't you dare physically hurt my animals, my son, or me or your ass is grass! ;)

    Iggy--Maybe I should put an aluminum foil hat on Karma, too! Wouldn't she look striking sitting in the window watching her CatTV with her silvery hat? ROFL!!

    Toriz--It does explain a lot. Leah even brought up that Karma has always been so fascinated by the kids in the hallway or outside. And she's always been more intrigued by the high voices of the little girls. Boys don't interest her as much--even tho they are more active outside, actually--hehe! I do believe Karma and I were brought together. I had a bird when I got her, so I went around looking for the right cat that would get along with a bird. (I have done this before.) I ask for guidance to know the "right" cat. I found Karma at the last place I went. And, like everyone else, I was looking at the younger kittens. She was the last one I held--bony and scrawny and all angles. I knew at once that she was the one. Really? She wouldn't have been my first choice. (I have a thing for black and white spotted ones.) But they were right--and I grew to love her more than any cat I have ever been privileged to know. :)

    AliceKay--I get very upset with people who are mean to animals, children, or seniors! It's bad enough for people to be mean to another adult--let alone people and creatures who cannot defend themselves. I think we totally agree with each other. :) Yup--love that quote, too. A tiny bit of sincere kindness can go a long way! :)

    Deanna--I used to pray that the world could be rid of cruelty and pain and fear--that humanity would rise up to another level. But then maybe it would change this earth experience. Without the contrasts of dark and light--where is the choice? Where would the profound lessons be found? I have really done a lot of contemplating on this for the past several years. Just makes you wonder....???

    Serena--GA picked out that scrawny, sickly, schizophrenic kitten for me--was a perfect match--ROFL!!

    Barb--It made soooo much sense--too much sense. She is the strangest, weirdest cat I have ever had. Explained a lot. :):)


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