Thursday, June 10, 2010


Pictures of the new laptop messenger bag--tada! I am really going to like it. The front flap has a big zippered pouch.
It has all the various pouches on the front under the flap that I could see online in the pictures.
On the inside of the bag there are the two sections--one really nice well-padded slot for the laptop and the other half that's just a big space (perfect size for books and folders, actually). I realized when I took this picture that there was still a long piece of cardboard lining in the bag that I'd missed over at Dagan and Leah's--hehe!
I tossed it out on the floor. Karma immediately came to check it out, of course--and parked herself as cardboard sentry.
Okay--so this is the inside--sans cardboard. There's a plastic hook for keys and three large pouches inside that will be perfect for things like cell phones and cameras. I didn't see the inside pouches on the online photos so they were an unexpected surprise.
I like the velcro flap that keeps the laptop secure in its slot, too.
On the outside there's a plastic handle on the top...
...and a loose pouch on the one end that might hold a water bottle. I'll check it out in the future. ;)
The back is padded (softer hanging next to you than my backpack because of that)...
...and this extra folded strap thingie with hooks on that I haven't figured out what it is or how it is used?
I tossed around the long piece of cardboard so that Karma could attack it...
...a few times.
When she was tired of that--in her Karma way--she put a stop to it. Just laid on it--hehe!
Oh--and I forgot to say where I got it. Amazon!
Well, it took forever to load pictures today. I've had brief service interruption with my internet and the TV (both are Cable One). I lose contact with the internet for a short while here and there--and I will suddenly have a blue TV screen for a short while here and there, too. ?? Sometimes only for a few seconds. But on the computer that is enough sometimes to interrupt uploading of pictures to force me to start over. And some days it just seems to take forever to load them--like today it took 45 minutes. (No wonder some days just doing the blog is all the computer time I can handle for the day--ROFL!) Not sure if that is my service or that blogger is just really busy? Anyways, here I am on this rainy day.
Caroline didn't get here till 9pm last night. Couldn't get out of work. They kept wanting her to do just one more thing before she left. No surprise. Not a regular type of job working for politicians--hehe! I knew that could happen and I am just here and normally a night owl--so, no problem. :)
No DVDs arrived yesterday. :( That happens sometimes that they don't come on the day they say they will. So now I should get all three of mine today. They always seem to get bunched up--hehe! Anyways, I was too sore to hold a book yesterday so I finally got the McLap set up to watch Netflix instant movies. Downloaded what it needed and managed to figure it out--tada! So, I was able to watch movies and move around from spot to spot, as needed. :)
The one that really haunted me was a Swedish film with subtitles called Mother Of Mine:

Director Klaus Härö tackles the real-life drama of history in this heartbreaking film set against the backdrop of World War II. Evacuated to the safety of neutral Sweden along with more than 70,000 other Finnish children, 9-year-old Eero (Topi Majaniemi) grapples with feeling abandoned by his biological parents and yet detached from his surrogate family. Unfortunately, things only get worse when he returns to a much different home life.

And I watched some Eddie Izzard--love his stand-up specials!! He is so funny! Watched a couple more okay but forgettable films--The Golden Boys:

Desperate for a housekeeper, three crotchety Cape Cod sea captains and housemates decide that one of them must sacrifice his own bachelor bliss and take a mail-order bride, a woman who will cook and clean for all of them. But when the candidate bride (Mariel Hemingway) arrives, her beauty prompts each man to reconsider the virtues of married life. Rip Torn, Bruce Dern and David Carradine co-star in this romantic comedy.

And Assisted Living:

Bored nursing-home janitor Todd (Michael Bonsignore) slogs through his job, breaking the monotony by toking up and toying with the residents. But Todd's shenanigans with feisty Alzheimer's patient Mrs. Pearlman (Maggie Riley) unexpectedly lead to a growing friendship and a turning point as she begins to mistake him for the son who's forgotten her. Along the way, Todd rediscovers his humanity in director Elliot Greenebaum's unique docudrama.

I've found that often the descriptions that Netflix has for the movies miss the mark as to what the focus of the movies really are or what the facts are. Especially in foreign or independent films, etc--not the big blockbusters, you know? Like with the three old sailors--only two reconsidered their negative views on marriage. And the old woman in the nursing home--I never actually thought she ever believed the attendant was her son. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they don't tell things clearly so they don't ruin the plot? Anyways, they were both so-so/okay. :)
Well, today...
Feeling better than yesterday. Another True Blood & Supernatural and the movie Shutter Island should arrive this afternoon. Going to be a sweet, quiet day for me and Miss Karma. ;)
For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up.
Bernie S. Siegel


  1. Mariel Hemingway huh? Oh, that would be one heck of a mail-order bride catalog.

    That fold out strap thingy might be to allow you to strap this bag to another piece of luggage or cart if your had a bunch of bags say at an airport. That's a very nice looking, nicely put together looking bag. I'm kind of partial to the interior color....

    Oh durn.. I couldn't say that with a straight face...

  2. The next time you bring your new laptop bag over Rita I'll take a look to figure out what those straps are for. :)

    Thank you kindly,

  3. Iggy might be right about the strap thing.

    I'm glad you have your bag now and it hasn't disappointed you. It sounds like a great bag.

    Good quote!

  4. Love the bag....If I got one it would have to be pink! I love pink. Glad you like it. It looks very handy to hold all your goodies. :)

  5. Looks like an all-around perfect bag for your laptop.

    That Karma cracks me up. LOL

    I'm glad you're feeling better than yesterday.

  6. A perfect bag for your laptop, Rita! I love all the pouches!

    Re. movie summaries - I often wonder if they twist the truth a little to make it sound more interesting so that people will be more inclined to purchase a DVD.

  7. Hey there, very nice computer bag. Your kitty with the cardboard is a cutie pie. I love watching True Blood!! Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. Iggy--Mariel is a lot older, but she is still a striking woman--even if they were trying to plain her down in this movie. :) Thought you might like the orange. Not my first choice, but couldn't beat the price and I don't mind the bit of flash. ;)

    Leah--I'll leave it on and you can take a look at it.

    Toriz--Maybe Iggy is right. I certainly haven't a clue. ;)

    Barb--I'd probably have blue or red or green or purple--but I have safety cone orange--hehe! I'd only use it wen I'm bringing the laptop with me to Dagan and Leah's--or if I ever manage to make it back to Minneapolis to visit family. :)

    AliceKay--I love the thick padded spot for the laptop. I was really nervous just hauling my laptop in a floppy bag. And--much to my surprise--I bring my laptop over when I visit Dagan and Leah. Never thought I'd see the day--ROFL! :)

    Serena--yes-I love that there are handy pouches for the camera and cell phone, especially. I wonder that, too. I'm sure they write the descriptions up in a way they think will get people to rent or buy them. Accuracy isn't the highest priority, I guess--hehe! :)

    Lynn--aha! Another True Blood watcher! :) Looks like a good, but rainy weekend ahead. Glad you like Karma. I have joked to people that it should be Karma and Rita's blog--ROFL! ;)


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