Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I spent a couple of days shredding letters. Borrowed Leah's shredder when I was there last week. I toss letters in this drawer...
...top one in my taller dresser, until I can feel that it is so full I can't get anything else in there. (I am way to short to be able to see in there-hehe!) Then I used to sit and rip them up-one by one. Works much better and easier with a shredder, I tell you!
As long as I took a picture of the dresser on that side of the bedroom, I thought I'd show you the shorter dresser where I set up the ten gallon tank. That's where Karma was hiding behind the stool I need in order to reach to feed the fish.
As you can see, if I had put the fish tank on top of the taller dresser I would have needed a step stool! ROFL!
Anyways--ended up with a packed full trash bag of shredded paper that I gave to Leah to recycle last night. I saved all the photos, poems, announcements--the assorted "saver" stuff--but decided I shouldn't toss letters in there anymore. I will destroy those as I get them from now on. So--all your personal thoughts and secrets are safe with me. They are nobody else's business. If something should ever happen to me--there will be no letters for strangers to find amongst my belongings, you know? ;)
Funny--Leah and I had already decided not to go over to Tochi's last night, right? And in the afternoon the mail came and I got this gift box from Sue in Alaska!!
She sent me all kinds of things! The Kashi Pilaf, these strange snacks, falafel, couscous...
...including the Garam Masala I was going to look for at Tochi's!
Embroidery threads...
...a couple of books on cooking healthy...
...and a cute little notebook...
...with multi-colored blank pages...
...and some craft instructions. Awesome! Many thanks, Sue!! You are so thoughtful and generous--don't know what to say. :):)
Leah and I headed over to the Natural Pet Center last night and then went to Target.
Karma got her new dry foods for her "fake" treats. Leah said that Sammy and Annie would probably eat the Wellness Weight Control food I had gotten last time (that Karma just hates and didn't like the samples of their regular food, either) because they eat anything. So I am trying a different brand of weight control food--Evo. If she hates it, Sammy and Annie already tried it and like it. (So far, she is eating it--for her regular dish food.) And I got two smaller bags of foods she hasn't had before--for her treat jars. (She's apparently thrilled with them after my days of cat torture--ROFL!)
I packed up all the torturous food Karma disliked and am bringing it over to Dagan and Leah's tonight--along with the shredder. Miss Karma is a happy camper once again--hehe!
Leah and I decided that Leah will work on taking pictures for the etsy shop tonight. Dagan called and told me yesterday that all the parts arrived for the computer/TV system--so maybe he can work on that tonight, too. I am just going to pop over later for a little bit. Leah and I need to order some custom rubber stamps online for the shop. And I want to check out their cat box--hehe! I know that sounds really strange, but they've been trying some new clumping cat litter from the natural pet store. If it doesn't smell and clumps well--I will switch to the more natural cat litter and quit buying ScoopAway. But--if it is stinkier--forget it--hehe! I have a very small apartment. I don't need a constant scent reminder that I am a cat lavatory slave, right?
I have been up later--so my days are starting later. I tend to putter around more before I post. I had best get moving. I am hoping to have time late tonight or tomorrow to start catching up online again. Soon! :):)
"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."
Maya Angelou


  1. What a wonderful gift, very nice and thoughtful of your friend :o)

    I just love my shredder, we shred almost all papers!

  2. What a thoughtful gift package! You'll be all set for seasoning now. That notebook looks great with all it's coloured pages!

    Hopefully, Karma will continue to eat the Evo.

    Shredders are SO handy!

  3. That is quite a box of goodies!

    I'm sure that everything in it will be much appreciated.

    ...and being a cat lavatory slave keeps ya humble... :)

  4. P.s., I see why you need the stool - I think I would need it too.

  5. Yes, that sure was a thoughtful, generous gift from your friend.

    I bet Karma is really loving you now that she has her "good" treats and not those "fake" ones. :)

    And I loved that quote. Just beautiful.

  6. Lynn--Really something! I recently met this woman online thru my youtube videos! Wow! If Leah gets a crosscut shredder--well, WHEN she gets one--I will get this one, she told me. I would love to have it just for shredding junkmail! :)

    Serena--Such a cute little notebook. Now I have to think of what to do with it. ;) Karma has been eating the EVO really well. She likes it! I am so glad. :)

    Iggy--I know! What a generous gift box of goodies! Very much appreciated--yes! :) And yes--does keep one humble when you have a pooper scooper in hand. Just like the dog owners with their plastic bags--hehe!

    AliceKay--I was so surprised! What a generous, kind woman. :) Yes--now Karma has good "fake" treat again and good regular food. She really hatd the Wellness brand. I'm sure glad Sammy and Annie eat it. ;) I'm so glad you like the quotes. :):)

  7. What a wonderful gift. I can sympathise with the mixed up days thing. The bit of sleep I am getting seems to be in the afternoon. At least there are decent shows on TV at the moment, I guess. LOL!

  8. Toriz--That was such a generous surprise! I have been fortunate to meet the nicest people online. ;)

    There's hardly anything on here in the middle of the night but infomercials--except for PBS repeats. Good thing I like PBS. ;) Sorry to hear you have sleep troubles, too. I have had ever since I got fibro. Just part of the territory, I guess.


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