Sunday, June 06, 2010


I was puttering about in the pantry yesterday--finding spots for some of the new alien food items. Had to take a break. Come back to find Karma nodding off on the top step of the stool--hehe!
I told her she could stay there--was just getting some coffee... she gave it another go--trying to use the metal frame as a pillow, of course.
But she's just too big for that step-stool. You know that old saying, curiosity killed the cat? Well, with my Karma--curiosity just gives her more lounging spots--ROFL!
Speaking of lounging...
Been spending the weekend watching Supernatural and True Blood, reading Caroline's mysteries, and now washing clothes again today. I didn't really need to, but I like washing on Sundays--so what the heck. Why wait till it is maximum work, right?
Yesterday was dark with a soft occasional rain. This morning we have sun and blue skies with the threat of thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon. So, I am heading out the porch to read while I can in-between loads of clothes. ;)
"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."
William Arthur Ward
These quotes come to my inbox from and Been collecting them for some time. Let me know if you like me sharing them with you. I always enjoy finding out what they have to say.
BTW--I guess that makes me an optimistic-realist--ROFL!


  1. I love the quotes so keep them coming. Some are truly inspiring.

    I laughed when I saw Karma on the step stool. Cats will lay down in the oddest places. LOL

    We had a pretty loud thunderstorm roll thru around 4:00 this morning. Right now we're under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch until 3PM EDT. Two bad storms have passed us to our north along the PA-NY border (which spawned a tornado according to the weather channel) and one just to our south. (i had some stuff gathered in case we had to run down the driveway to my parents' basement) The wind is ripping and the blue sky that popped out from the clouds after the storm is fading back into large clouds again.

    I hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy your reading.

  2. I like the quotes :)

    This one could be Karma-tized...

    "The fat cat complains about the width of the step stool; the skinny cat expects it to have soft pillows; the realist cat just sleeps in the dog's bed".

  3. LOL at Karma....she will sleep just about anywhere. :)

    I've always loved quotes so, yes please, keep 'em coming ~ :)

    How are you finding True Blood? Is it the first or second season that you are watching? I've seen only the first season so far.

  4. I hope you found a place to put all your alien foods!
    It's funny to see Karma trying to fit on that step stool and get comfy on it.
    Russell loves Supernatural which used to come on right after Smallville....but lately he has not had time to watch either of them.
    Did you get all your laundry done? I had a few loads to do on my days off. I'm pretty good about keeping up with the laundry during the week.

  5. I enjoy the quotes. :)

    Hope you managed to enjoy some good reading time before the storms showed up.

    I usually do laundry as loads are created. If it means each day, then that's when it's done. Mostly it's only every couple of days though. It depends what I've been up to, and whether or not I've ended up getting filthy or not. I tend to be a dirt magnet, which makes for more laundry than I'd usually need to be doing.

  6. Quotes are always good. I like them.

    I love doing laundry - strange like that. I love thunderstorms too.

    karma looks so comfy.

  7. AliceKay--Glad you like the quotes! :) I have another picture of an odd sleeping spot for Karma that I will probably post tomorrow. Have had such blog and Internet problems since this weekend--we'll see--hehe! You're smart to have stuff ready to head for your parent's basement. Glad the storm didn't hit you! :)

    Iggy--You really made me chuckle with your version!! :):):)

    Serena--I didn't actually expect to like True Blood after Dagan and Leah warned me that it had a lot of graphic sex scenes, but I thought I'd just watch the one DVD I had ordered from Netflix. Turned out I was intrigued! There's a lot more to the show than the occasional sex scene (but it does have graphic sex scenes). So, I am watching season one. Only have watched the first two DVDs--four episodes, I think. I love the southern grandma, the gay cook, the snippy black friend, the new Japanese synthetic blood, the love triangles, the idiot horny brother, the new takes on vampire lore, the mysterious vampire who is trying to assimilate, and her being a mind-reader/telepath! Lots going on. Season two just came out on DVD, too. Unless it takes a turn for the worst--I will continue to rent it. :):)

    Barb--Finally found spots for all the "alien" foods--hehe! I was told about Supernatural by Dagan and Leah. I rented the first DVd and got hooked! I just finished season three. Tell Russell I really like it, too. I've never watched Smallville, tho. Being it is just me--and Karma--I can usually go about a week without washing clothes--or longer if I have to. But I try to keep ahead of it and wash once a week. I remember the years when I was washing all the time, it seemed. :)

    Toriz--another vote for the quotes! :):) I read and read for days! Nice! Since I don't leave the apartment much, I'm not much of a dirt magnet anymore. ;)

  8. Deanna--thanks--another vote for quotes. I'm not the only one who likes them, apparently. :)

    I love thunderstorms!! I have it on my sound machine and go to sleep by rain and thunder year round--hehe! ;0;0

  9. The idiot horny brother is an Aussie....he used to play, Vinnie, in an Aussie TV series - Home and Away - some years back. Like you, I was intrigued and I am glad I watched it to the end. Michelle and Alex are currently watching the second season so I'll watch it when they're done.

  10. Serena--an Aussie, eh? I was really upset that they killed the grandmother off in like the fifth episode! And that Sookie was already bitten! I'll finish season one and see how I feel about it. They do have a lot of crazy who knows? ;)


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