Saturday, June 19, 2010


Spying on Miss Karma as she was munching on her grass. :)

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! ;)
Talk about windy up here. Look what I found lying on the porch a little while ago! It must have been plastered up against my handmade screen and slid down in between the gaps at the bottom.
It's a paid invoice for lawn work.
But I'm not even sure where this is--has to be blocks away from here. How very strange!
I'm on third floor. Nobody could have slipped this onto my porch by hand. What are the odds?! Very, very weird. And very, very windy.
Anyways, I guess my glasses and glaucoma testing went thru Medicare and I owe about $160.00 because of a deductible? So, now I am paying them something every month, too. No point in snooping around at the craft stores after all. Lost my little bit of leeway this month. Oh well. Still have enough to pay the cash if I need to see the dentist, so I'm okay. I'll have to put Pearle Vision in my budget for July. :)
Good weekend to putter about, read, and maybe work on the StampTV challenges. I still have never tried again. Why would I bother? They randomly choose winners and the winners can get a free clear stamp set of their choice. ;) They run the challenges every week. So one of these weeks I will make a card or two and figure out how to enter online. What the heck, right? :)
Meanwhile--sounds like I might be sleeping thru a really nice day. 78 for a high and mostly sunny. The birds are already singing and the sun hasn't even hinted at rising yet--hehe! They must know it's going to be a great day. :):)
"Only when we tarry do we touch the holy."
Rainer Maria Rilke
I plan to do me some tarrying this weekend. :)


  1. Those pics of Karma are great. She really enjoys that grass.

    That was really weird to have that receipt blow onto your porch like that. Wind is a powerful force of nature. Never know what it's going to do next.

    Sorry to hear you have that $160 deductible to pay for now. Insurance companies and Medicare like to stick it to us all the time. I mailed in Terri's prescription for his Nexium he needs instead of getting it at CVS and we have to pay $350 for the 90 day supply...there was a $200 deductible that needed to be met first. The insurance company changed the plan April 1st. We were paying $170 a month until I remembered (with the help of a friend or two in the chat room) that Terri had one of those PurplePlus cards for a $50 discount making it $120 a month. (still more than i want to pay but he needs it)

    It's cool here this morning but warming up quickly. It's supposed to be hot...85 to 90. My air conditioners and fans will be working overtime again this afternoon. (there goes the electric bill)

    I need to get ready for work. Have yourself a good day, and I hope you were able to get some sleep.

  2. It's times like this I'm glad we have the NHS (National Health Service) and wonder why some people are against it. I mean, can you imagine how much it would have cost me to have the last lot of operations I had? £1000 for the implant alone, without the charges for all the medication and such. Then there were the extra three trips in to hospital I ended up making... I don't even want to think about how much it would have cost me, and how long I would have been trying to pay that bill for. Seriously, if someone suggests something like the NHS over there... Grab it with both hands! OK, the service isn't fantastic, and the waiting times are terrible. But you run that risk even in private medical facilities. And it's worth it to know you don't need to end up in debt just because you need medical treatment.

    It's strange the things that blow up in weird places on a windy day. Still, as long as it's saying the bill is paid, and you don't have to pay it, then that's OK. ;)

    Hope you are having a good weekend, and that you get some decent sleep.

  3. Cute pics of Karma enjoying the's so sweet that you grow it for her.

    If you get winds like in the south west part of Wyoming, I could fully see how that bill receipt ended up there. ;)

    OUCH on the $160 deductible! I sure wish they free services for pensioners there like they do here.

  4. Hey there, I agree you should enter the StampTV thingy because you sure never know :o)

    Loved the pics of the kitty, she so pretty.

    Your weather sure does sound nice our temps are up in the upper 90s and no rain in sight....*sighs*

    That is funny and odd about the invoice.

    Hope your tarrying is going well this weekend :o)

  5. AliceKay--The newness will probably wear off, but she's out there several times a day right now. ;) Sounds like you guys are having a hard time with health bills, too. It's not easy and it never seems to end. :( I did sleep extra well--thanks! :)

    Toriz--I wish we had a national health care system, but there's too much money involved and too many lobbyists. They scared people to death with commercials like "they'll pull the plug your grandma!" I haven't been following your blog for very long, so I haven't heard about your hospital stays. Nice to know you're not in debt over it, tho!! I ended up having to file for bankruptcy because of health issues. Lost job, credit, car...glad I ended up here finally. :)

    Serena--It's always windy here. Never still. But--I rarely even get leaves up here on third floor--let alone people's bills--hehe! We may not have had tornadoes here, but that proves it was extra windy! :) (Me, too!!)

    Lynn--Aha! I worked on cards all night and did enter some cards Sunday morning--tada! Must have been reading your mind--hehe! I hope it cools off for you. It's warming up here again into the 80s the next few days. I plan to do some serious tarrying today. ;)

  6. When Karma starts mooing and you need to start getting up at dawn to milk her she's had enough grass....

    Maybe Karma paid Four Seasons for tending her lawn - hmmm... she's passing herself off as James Nesemeier... Got to get Fertilizer and Weed Contol Application to make that Catgrass grow the best it can...

  7. Iggy--I will have to keep a close eye on her! ;) ROFL!!

  8. James Nesemeier8:20 PM

    Hmm, this is weird. I am James Nesemeier. I thought I would type my name into google and you imagine the suprise this came up. I wrote paid on it so it must have been on my desk at one time. Maybe I ended up setting out in the garbage since it isnt deductible and the wind took it. A lot of wind here in Fargo. I am close to the new Osgood Hornbachers for a general area of reference.

  9. James! OMG! That is soooo weird! First of all that you even found my blog talking about me finding your receipt on my balcony/porch--LOL! And then you are quite a ways away from me and my apartment faces east and you are to the west of my building?! And I added a screen to my balcony that only has a couple of places on the bottom (ran out of velcro) where it could have slid down up here on third floor to begin with. You have to admit that is pretty bizarre! So funny! I am glad you stopped by to say hello. I can hardly wait to tell my son and DIL that you found this on my blog--ROFL!! I know it is windy here, but that was ridiculously funny! Thanks for popping in. :):)

  10. James1:33 AM

    Well, after further research, I see I am a lot closer to you. One block in and just by 36th ave south. So not that far. Harrison St. S. is just one block to the west of 42nd st. I know those apartments, ha ha, that had their roofs done. Take care! James

  11. James--Well, even if you are closer I am still on the back side of the building on third floor. So it is still quite puzzling how the wind actually blows around here--chuckle!
    Oh--and they STILL haven't quite finished the roof despite the fact they were here (sometimes) all summer. If you look closely there are small places where there is no siding. Their equipment is sitting in our parking lot right now taking up valuable space--waiting to be finally used for the "finishing" day. ;)

  12. That is par for the course. Sometimes it seems nothing ever gets done. You would think they would be back for their equipment but they always seem to have another set. When they come back, they will finish quick at least. Too bad they are taking up the parking. Just have to complain to the management. The wind is mysterious!


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