Sunday, June 20, 2010


Lots of pictures this morning!
After a really good, long sleep yesterday I woke up about 6pm. Got ready and went over to check on Sammy and Annie.
Note to Iggy: I was looking for the SCOKY head cones and none of them were at their posts? (Breaking news to follow.)
I cleaned Sammy and Annie's cat box. The new litter is much better. Not sure if I'd want to try it or not, tho. Maybe have to try it at least once and see for myself if it smells more or not.
Fed the two hungry critters...
...and then sat in the living room for a while to visit.
Annie isn't so shy with me anymore...
...and comes right up for a pet and scratch. She is so sleek and shiny!
She stopped to sniff my hand. Maybe she could smell Karma?
This picture of Sammy makes him look totally insane! He was just tipping his head back--the better for me to scratch his neck--but those bulging orange eyes!!
See--here he looks his normal handsome self.
On the way home I pulled over so that I could gather the evidence, Iggy. I found out what all the thin, knobby headed cones do on the weekends! They gather to party!
Here's a close up. See how so many of them are quite tipsy--and one is already falling over?
Now we know what they do when they are off duty on the weekends--wild parties!! ROFL!
Miss Karma gave me the hand sniffing when I got home from petting alien cats.
Okay--last night I decided to work on the StampTV challenges.
Karma kept me company--but not too close as I was up and down a lot--hehe!
I did make four of them.
But, for the life of me, I can't seem to get everything correct. *sigh* This one was the color challenge and I was supposed to use brown, cream, green, and purple. Not pink. I didn't even realize it until I had posted it. Oh well.
I am a little color blind so shades of reds and greens look different to me than to other people sometimes. It looked more pink to me than purple--but I should have read more closely. I will take more notes next time--hehe! I did write a note to the lady running this challenge in the forum and told her I realized after I had posted it and why I messed up. I'll just get disqualified, but that's no big deal. I am just happy to have actually done some of the challenges AND figured out how to post them! ;)
This one was the inspiration challenge. Had a picture of a floral walkway with lots of greens and yellows and some pinks (or reds?). You use the photo as inspiration for making a card.
This one was the sketch challenge. They give you the basic shapes to work with. This one had the horizontals and then the overlapping shapes on the front. After I got done I realized it would have looked more pulled together if I had used the same dark rose color on the bottom so that it would have made a thin dark frame around the whole front. Oh well. Live and learn, right?
And finally--the blast from the past challenge. They give you a technique that hasn't been highlighted for a while on the website.
The technique this week uses clear embossing (the "hello") on a patterned paper--and then you rub with distress ink or something similar to make the embossed rubber stamp pop out on the patterned paper.
Anyways, I have the four of them entered in the challenges. Delighted that I figured out how to upload them. (I hope I did it right?) It is fun to try new things. I love all the how-to videos on the site. Awesome! If I had some of their stamps I would get entered twice for each card instead of once. Maybe eventually I can win some, eh? ;)
Supposed to get up to the mid-80's today and not rain. There sure were a lot of tornadoes up here. Lots of stories on the news--and so many people have digital cameras these days, so videos of several tornadoes, too. The story I can't forget is the father who saved his daughter's life. I hope this link works.
The quote for the day is from Winnie-the-Poo:
"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."


  1. Loved the pictures of Annie and Sammy. I'm glad Annie is getting more used to you. I had to laugh at Karma checking you out. Cats have a keen sense of smell.

    Your pics and captions for the cones had me laughing, too. Who would have thought they go off and have wild parties on the weekend. (and get tipsy too?) LOL

    Good luck at your StampTV challenges. The cards you made were really nice. The inspiration one was my favorite.

    I saw the news report on TV the other night where the girl was telling how her father saved her from that tornado. And just before Father's Day, too. So heartbreaking. Stay safe out there.

    Mid 80s and humid here again today. Air conditioners (all 3 of them) and the fans (all 7 of them) are already going. I bet the dial on my electric meter box is just a zipping around today. :\

    Loved the quote. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Annie and Sammie are cute.

    Your cards look great. Maybe you will win soon.

    Those party animals! That was great.

  3. I hope those cones sleep off their hangovers before showing up for work again on Monday. lol

    Cody sniffs persistently if I come home and have been in contact with another dog (usually Mum's dog). So nice to see Annie has lost her shyness around you.

    Beautiful cards, fave is the 'inspiration' one too.

    I just cried after reading the link you sad. :( He sounded like such a wonderful father.

  4. Loved the pics of the kittys, thanks so much for sharing as always.

    That is just too dang funny with all the cones LOL

    Your cards are very very pretty and so colorful I just love them!!

  5. AliceKay--Annie is much friendlier to me than she was, but both of them run if you make any moves towards them. Dagan can pick them up--briefly--hehe! I think Dagan and Leah are like their 3rd home. They are in good hands. Wait till Iggy sees the party going on--hehe! Hope you can stay cool down there!

    Deanna--One good thing about the contest is that it is a random, name-out-of-a-hat thing, so you don't have to be the best or please judges to win. Maybe one day...:)

    Serena--Luckily most critters just find it interesting to smell other animals on their owners and don't take it personally--ROFL! Yes--it was so sad. What a wonderful father!!

    Lynn--Thanks for coming by and being shared "at"--ROFL!! Glad you liked the cards. Wonder what Iggy will say about those drunken cones!? hehe!

  6. Your cards are wonderful! Your cards would win on merit (if I was a judge!)

    I love those orange glowing cat eyes Sammy has... I think for a moment he was "possessed" by the ghost of a cone... Stay tuned... Vampire and Zombie Cones?

    :) Oh my goodness, those SCOKY Head cones are breeding and quickly multiplying! (Get out of Fargo! Ripley!!! Get out!!!!)

    LMAO! I guess "beer googles" makes SCOKY Heads of the opposite sex look really hot and sexy...

  7. Did you notice that the SCOKY Heads have a dimple?

    And some of them are tattooed with the number 3 or is it 30?

  8. Ah yes, now we know what those cones get up to. Thanks for getting the evidence for us. :)

    Glad you got some of the cards you wanted to done. Hope you win with at least one of them. But, if not, then I hope you enjoyed making them, because that's what matters most at the end of the day, isn't it?

  9. hi there, just wanted to pop over and say hi and welcome to STV! so glad you entered the challenges - they are fun and really do help us fine tune our craft!
    best of luck to you in the random draws for the winner!
    hope you play with us again,

  10. Thanks, Iggy!
    Possessed by a cone ghost--ROFL!
    I'm glad they weren't doing anything really inappropriate there beside the road...but the sun hadn't gone down yet--hehe!
    No, I didn't notice the dimples and tattoos..have to give it a closer look.
    You are so funny! I thought you'd enjoy the cone party pics--hehe! :):)

  11. Toriz--I wouldn't make the cards if I wasn't just plain enjoying it. You're absolutely right--the most important thing is enjoying the process. (Such fun!) And that IS what matters. :):)

    Linda--Thanks for stopping by!! I love making cards and the challenges are just plain fun to do and I get to try new things. There are a ton of videos on the site and your blast from the past challenge gives me a technique to look up and try! Love it! I will keep entering when I can--just because it's fun! Stop back any time, Linda. I'll see you around on StampTV. :) :)


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