Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Of all the pictures of Karma falling asleep in strange places, this one just makes me giggle every time I look at it.
Draped over her "toybox-catbed" with her head buried in the goodies...
...completely and totally conked out...reminds me of pictures you see of toddlers falling asleep playing with their toys. Looks like she went in to pick something out and fell asleep in the process--hehe! Oh Karma--you never fail to entertain me. :)
By the time I drove over to Dagan and Leah's it had cleared up and the sun was shining! And--I spotted the wild turkey this time! Ran out on the deck to try and snap a picture even tho he was pretty far away. He walked into the woods...
...but came back out and strolled along the edge of the back yards.
Took shots of Sammy...
...and Annie.
Dagan and Leah got new phones, so they were checking out what they could do and figuring out how to program them.
Leah and I worked on etsy--tada!! We went thru product (jewelry and cards) that we have--with a fine tooth comb--picked out which ones we thought were good enough to sell. Made decisions on what to order for jewelry displays (for taking photos) and that we need to order a custom rubber stamp with our shop address on for the backs of the cards. I had one made a while back ("handmade by rita") and said I'd go thru my receipts to find out where I purchased it online.
Best of all--we figured out how Leah can post the pictures and then I can write up the descriptions--(since I have such a hard time finding the pictures in the McLap)--separately--each at our own place--tada! There's an inactive product storage spot on etsy. Leah can take the pictures of the product, organize them, post them, and then quickly save it to the inactive file. She'll let me know, I can go write the description & details, and then post the item. This should really work for us!! I am sooo glad! We really needed to find out a system adapted to our particular needs--and I think we finally did! :):)
Oh--my laptop messenger bag came! Was over at Dagan and Leah's when I got there, but I forgot to take any pictures. I'll post them tomorrow. I am really sore today. Sat all night in a green chair by their table. I should have switched around and used their computer chair, too--rotated. My own fault. Get busy doing fun stuff and wasn't thinking--duh! Can hardly move this morning--hehe! It's a good thing I have Netflix DVDs coming today. :)
Oh--and I looked thru my receipts after I got home. My custom stamp was ordered in 2005 from:
I have ordered from them several times over the years, but forgot that was where I could order custom stamps, too. Nice company.
Well, Caroline comes tonight. Cloudy, windy day. Maybe it will clear up like it did yesterday? Still lovely cooler days. :) Well, Karma's softly snoring on her chair. I didn't get home till midnight, up late, and didn't sleep very long--so I suppose Miss Karma didn't get in her usual amount of Z's. She'll be glad I'm not going to be moving around too much or too quickly today--ROFL! Anyways--have a really great day!!
The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.
Heda Bejar


  1. :) That is one sleepy cat! I pictured little children doing the same thing...sleeping whereever they dropped off...

    So much good stuff in this entry! turkey pictures, grandkitten pictures, esty process worked out, new laptop bag, stamp manufacturer located, sunshine coming out... all capped off with a wonderful quote...

    So sunshiny... :)

    Hope you rest and recover - the 2011 Academy Award might be 11 months away, but there is a lot of planning and work to be done to get ready for them.

  2. I'm glad you found a system that works for you, and also that your laptop bag came. :)

  3. LOL at sweet is that and it does make me think of a child too.

    YAY for you finally getting a pic of the wild turkey.

    So sorry that you're feeling so sore today up and enjoy those DVDs.

  4. Karma is so comical. Just like a child. :)

    Sammy and Annie are rather photogenic, too.

    I'm glad you were able to get pics of the turkey. That's pretty neat. I took video of a doe with her newborn fawn last night and again this morning. The fawn was even nursing. :)

    That sounds like a plan with the Etsy. Should work out great for the both of you.

    Rest up and feel better soon.

  5. I just wanted to pop over and say hey there to ya, I just love the kitties, my step daughter has 4 cats and when we get to visit her they are just so lovable and want to be right there in your lap :o)

  6. Iggy--The little ones do do that--hehe! Dagan did. ;) Yes--lots of good things that day! OM! You are going to coordinate with the Academy Awards! *giggles* That will be so cool! ;)

    Toriz--Thanks, Lady! :)

    Serena--Dagan and Leah said they got a closer shot. Whenever they email it to me I will post it. I am surprised at how large they are--well, the males, I guess. I hope they have babies again and they get pictures. :)

    AliceKay--Annie is really hard to get pictures of, but Sammy is a lot easier. Annie is shy and pays no attention if you tape on something to get her to look a certain direction so she doesn't have big glow-eyes--hehe! I have to get over to your blog and check for doe and fawn pictures! :)

    Lynn--So nice of you to pop by!! Funny--had friendly cats all my life and now I have Karma who hides from everybody else and hisses if they get too close to her. The only way other people get to see the Karma I know is on the blog--ROFL! :):)


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