Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Karma washing up after her breakfast treat (canned food) in the morning sun.
Except for one brand so far...
...out of four different brands...
...she has been loving these new healthier canned foods!
And it's not just the newness, because the first can was the brand she never liked (wild something--luckily it was the smallest can)...
...and the rest have been the larger cans so she has to eat the same thing for like 5-6 days and she is gobbling them up and licking her bowl clean! She loves them so much that I've been giving her more like a tablespoon every day. She's very happy with her new foods. Best she's ever eaten her canned food--ever. :)
Okay--after this last sheet/batch dried...
...I decided to see if spraying it would help...
...and misted it with copper last night here and there.
Still not sure if I like it. We'll see when I cut it up today.
I cut out some blank bookmarks...
...because I'm thinking of going plain metallic colors on this next batch.
Tuesday is normally our craft night, but Dagan called last night and said that they had a meeting for ValleyCon tonight. They're going to stop by briefly afterwards and bring me my milk and chat. (For those of you who don't know, Leah offered to pick up organic milk for me at Target that is half the price than at CashWise and I pay her every month for milk now.) So they'll be by later on tonight.
It was so nice to have the windows open last night and for it to actually be chilly! (50's) I slept really well. Ahhh!
Should have the last DVD of True Blood arriving this afternoon. I have to laugh. I have been watching Supernatural, too, as you know--well, I kept thinking Sam and Dean should show up and just smoke this evil being!! They'd better kill off or drive away the bull monster by the end of the season. Sick to death of it. If they didn't have the other storyline with the crazy church...but that's over with now. I'm hoping for a magnificent showdown with Sookie now that she's back in town. That would make it all worth it! Well, I should find out soon. ;)
Another gorgeous windows-wide-open day in the 70's today before it is supposed to heat up again tomorrow. You know there is a happy, happy me up here in Fargo when I can have the place open to the wind. :):)
"Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon."
Ikkyu--Zen-monk poet, 1394-1481


  1. Happiness is a totally clean cat.

    :) Sounds like Karma's going to get healthy soon since she likes the good for her food!

    I like that green colored "splotch" (sorry... I'm no art critic with fancy words).

  2. I'm glad Karma is enjoying her new canned food. Sure looks like it was paw-lickin' good. :p

    I really love this sheet of watercolor. Have I ever told you that green is my favorite color? :) Very nice.

    Sounds like a great deal on the milk. Milk doesn't go on sale in Pennsylvania. It has to do with the milk marketing laws in the state. I'm pretty sure organic milk falls into the same category.

    It was very warm here today (mid 80s) but the humidity was much lower and more tolerable. It's supposed to get down in the low 50s or upper 40s tonight, so that will be a big change. We have a couple of very nice days heading our way before it heats back up to the 90s on Sunday and Monday. (we must get your weather about 3 days after you do)

    I hope you enjoy your chat with Dagan and Leah tonight.

  3. I love leaving things open too, but it doesn't happen in the summer in hot/humid Missouri very often.

    We have a new Tomcat. I might write Karma for instructions.

  4. I'm glad Karma likes her healthier cat food. I tried Kero with healthier food once, and he refused to eat. I'm glad Karma's not quite as picky.

    I like having windows open too, and do almost constantly (unless it's too cold or wet).

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I just wanna pick Karma up and love her and give her kisses she is so cute! I can't give my cats can food because then they just howl and howl wanting more LOL they get the dried stuff.

    I sure wish it was nice enough here to open windows that sounds so nice. It has cooled down to the 80s though instead of the upper 90s :o)

  6. Iggy--Karma may not get any smaller, but she should be healthier. (Same for me--hehe!) We both lead such sedentary lives, at least healthier is still an option--ROFL! I'm glad you like the green blobby one. (That's my fancy description.)

    AliceKay--I will be making some other sheets with watercolors and I'll make some more with greens. :) Target just has Archer Farms and they're cheaper than at the grocery store all the time and not on sale. :) Was really chilly again last night--ahhh! Love it!

    Deanna--Mostly up here it is just in the spring and fall for a short time that we can leave windows open--but last year we had several times during the summer. Maybe again this year--who knows? Karma's very opinionated on just about everything--ROFL!! You can ask away! I'm not sure how valuable she might be as the entire world pertains only to her, of course. :):)

    Toriz--I am shocked, actually, because Karma is usually on the fussy side with food. The regular food she has now is a "diet" food and the two dry foods I bought for her fake treat jars--the one she likes the best is actually another "diet" food!! The canned foods don't come in diet, but they don't have the chemicals and additives--organic, too. I've so happy she likes them! :):)

    Lynn--I can't resist sometimes myself, but since she doesn't like to be picked up I reach down and just pick her front feet up and give her a snuggle. She'll tolerate that--hehe!

    I'm glad Karma is so patient about her bit of canned food. She waits patiently while I shower, feed the fish, open the blinds, etc--with only an occasional meow. She's sooo excited she just purrs and rubs on everything in sight. But she knows that whatever is in that treat dish after I get up--that's it for the day. BUT if I lay down and sleep--no matter if it is for a nap or the night--she thinks it is treat time when I get out of bed. So she occasionally will get two--and very little the second time--but she trusts the routine. We have very little routine over here, so it's okay with me. And probably why I will tend to take naps in my chair--ROFL! That doesn't count--hehe!

  7. Great news that Karma is loving her healthier food...that certainly makes things easier for you.

    I've been trying to catch up with you....I'm at the part where Gotteridge (?) breaks in and saves Sookie from the second-in-charge guy at the Church. I'll watch two more episodes tonight.

  8. Oooooops, I meant to say that I don't think the green sheet came out too bad at all and I think it will look even better when cut up into the bookmark sizes.

  9. Serena--Karma likes the diet, healthier foods better than I do!! ROFL!

    You made me go look it up on imdb.com. His name was Godric. He's a really young actor they flew in from Denmark--like 18-19 years old. Was awesome! Broke my heart. And the very tall guy who plays Eric is from Sweden. You'll have to let me know if you liked the ending this season. :):)

    Thanks--about the green sheet, Can hardly wait to get back to some good watercolors, tho--hehe! ;)


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