Friday, June 04, 2010


Here's what Leah and I were labeling...
...essential oils.
The original labels have faded over the years, so we made some new ones with Leah's labelmaker. The print itself is slightly funky because Leah accidentally dropped the cartridge in Sammy and Annie's water bowl--ROFL! So this was a good thing to use up a lot of the funky tape on. It's not like they are out where you can see them.
We have made our own room sprays and a few concoctions for headaches, sleeping, etc. Leah's making bug spray now. She has quite a few of our EO stash over at her place right now--and she and Dagan labeled those while I was there on Sunday. If we hadn't done something soon we wouldn't have known what we had in another year or two--hehe!
Another extra large grocery order this month. Of course they don't put a lot in each bag, either. Kind of annoying that they waste so many bags, but I recycle them. I give the empty bags back when they come the next month and they recycle them. :)
So many things that have never seen the inside of my kitchen: pita bread, fillo, farfalle, couscous, mango chutney, kalamata olives, pesto, portabella & shitake mushrooms, coconut milk, salsa. I wonder how many of them will ever make it back a second time? ROFL!
If anybody has any ideas on how to store the roasted chickpeas, please let me know. When I put them in an airtight container they got all soggy. I roasted them again to dry them out (still good) and have just left them out in a bowl. Maybe once they get dry enough they can be stored in an airtight container? Anyways, I actually like them. Will make them again, for sure--and try different seasonings. :)
Oh--and the Kashi crackers are really good with cheese spread! Of course, isn't anything better with cheese? hehe! Also yummy with this veggie spread I bought. I'm going to try some other toppings, too.
Karma parked herself in the bag pile--as usual. :)
I did watch more of season three of Supernatural and then watched Precious.

Viciously abused by her mother (a riveting, Oscar-winning Mo'Nique) and pregnant by her father, Harlem teen Precious Jones (Oscar nomineeGabourey Sidibe) has an unexpected chance at a different life when she enrolls in an alternative school. Teacher Blu Rain (Paula Patton) encourages her, but Precious must battle unimaginable barriers everywhere in her life. Lee Daniels directs this drama that features appearances by Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz.
Wow! It was an emotional ride! I can see why both the ladies were up for oscars. One of those movies that lingers around in your brain cells and your heart. Brutally honest. Shows you the whys--even what is behind the curtain with the monster. A reminder that each of those "invisible" people you see every day has their own story--and not to pass judgment or make assumptions. Kindness can light upon a soul and even change a path. We need to remember that we are all connected. :):)
Quote for the day.
We cannot hold a torch to light another person's path without brightening our own.
Ben Sweetland


  1. Another marvelous quote. :)

    Karma the Bag Cat... sounds like a gritty, independent short film doesn't it?

    I wonder what she would think if she could see the inside of the great big plastic bag recycling place... and the huge pile of bags there?

  2. I have quite a stash of essential oils myself - used mostly for potpouri, soaps, and sachettes. I know what you mean about the labels getting yucky after times goes by.

    That is quite an accumulation of bags. Good thing you recycle.

  3. Some of those things are on my "to try" list too.

    You make your own oils and stuff? That's cool!

    The movie sounds good. I might try and watch that one.

  4. What a wonderful quote!

    Precious is definitely on my 'to watch' list.

    You have quite a stash of essential oils there. I actually like the funky print.

    I love kalamata olives in salads. Coconut milk is a staple in my pantry 'cos I use it in my curries. When I went vegan for 11 months, I found that cheese was one of the hardest things to give up. It's not that healthy for you because of fat content but it tastes good!

  5. I noticed how Karma was checking out the grocery order on the floor. I figured I'd see a pic of her laying on "her" pile of them. So cute. LOL

    I loved the quote.

    I'm catching up on blogs so will read your other posts from this week sometime this weekend when I get a chance and the thunderstorms aren't overhead. Gotta go get ready for work now. Have a good Saturday.

  6. Iggy--I think Miss Karma would be entirely too temperamental as an actress-hehe! Bag recycling place-good spot for a Karma vacation! ;)

    Toriz--Since many of them can sit on the shelf for a long time-they may remain on my to-try list for a while, too--hehe! Have to work up to it. ;) Precious is one heavy-duty movie, but memorable. I still think about Monique's last scene. I can see why she won. :)

    Deanna--It's surprising how many things you can use essential oils for over the years. I know-they use twice as many bags as I would. I'm so glad they will take them back for recycling! :)

    Serena--I had to be in the right frame of mind to watch Precious-serious movie. :) The print is just a little speckly-makes it look old-hehe!

    Ahh! So I could add coconut milk to a curry? Like my vegetable-lentil curry? I have had to add a little water when reheating, but I never would have thought of coconut milk. Dairy is going to be hard to give up-if I ever can. I've been doing better on the no-meat than I thought tho. Not really been a problem. But then-I live alone and don't smell it cooking unless it comes from another apartment or a barbeque-hehe! :)

    AliceKay--Even if Karma isn't in the mood to play in the bags, she is always ready to lay on them-hehe! She laying on everything. Some form of cat ownership, I guess. Glad you like the quote. No problem--take your time. You know how behind I can get-hehe! ;) You, too!

  7. That's a lot of oils! How long do they last? Do they have an expiration date?
    I think I'll skip that Precious movie. A young girl at my work told me all about it and it sounds way too sad to me.

  8. Barb--No expiration date. I know I had an essential oil from the late 60s--musk oil was really popular back then (along with patchouli oil). That musk oil smelled just the same when I recently used the last of it. So it was about 40 years old. No lie! But they have to be "essential" oils. I don't know about mixtures and such.

    Yes--Precious is rather gut-wrenching in a lot of parts. It has a semi-hopeful ending, tho. If you don't like those heavy-duty realistic kind of movies, I'd skip it--yes. :)


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