Saturday, June 12, 2010


Now Karma does do some yowling in the bathroom (just to hear herself in the slight echo, I think) and the hallway (to announce her entrances and exits for the catbox), but yesterday she was yowling away and it sounded like she was in the bedroom. I called her a couple of times, but she just yowled louder. So, I got up to see what was up?
Karma was sitting in this nook between the dresser and the TV cabinet--kind of backed into the corner. She quit yowling when she saw me, but didn't move. I went and grabbed the camera. She yowled while I was out of the room again, too. When I got back she had moved forwards a little--up to the small plastic stool (which I need to feed the fish who are now in a small ten gallon on top of the dresser--yes, I am short).
She leapt over the stool, dashed past me, and sashayed into the livingroom like nothing had happened. ??
Maybe she has lost her feline mind? Or maybe she does these things just to entertain me the same as I do for her? Or maybe this is her way of getting me back for all the banana stickers I press onto her haunches? Or for my not understanding her perfectly enunciated "Cat"ish when she has taken the time to learn some of my English?
I do think that is the crux of the problem. My not understanding Catish.
A couple days ago I ran out of the sample cat food bags I had been usng for her "treat" jars. So I took the regular food she has in her pantry & porch dishes and put it in one of her treat jars. She thinks I have totally lost my mind. I have refused to understand what she has been trying to tell me for two whole days--that I screwed up! I'm sure she believes I have her treats hidden someplace and won't give them to her and am just trying to trick her. She is wise to me, massively annoyed, and really fed up with trying to be reasonable. Pouting and complaining hasn't worked. So now she's trying crazy on for size. ROFL!!
Well, that won't work, either. She'll just have to wait until I can get back to the good pet shop. ;) Leah and I are planning on going on Monday, I think. I know--how cruel, eh? She'll survive. And be really thrilled when the new "treats" arrive. (I just use regular cat food--but Karma knows if it is the same dry food as in her regular dishes.) She will just have to be patient. ;)
Anyways, I wouldn't doubt Karma's frustration is the cause for the extra nutty behavior. :):)
Leah is supposed to call me later tonight (after she's done helping with gardening and landscaping) so I can go over there and help her henna her hair. I've done my own a few times. I love that it is natural and washes out--so does Leah, of course. ;) This will be the first time I have helped her. She has such long hair--hard to do your own. Should be fun! Probably make me want to do mine again--hehe!
Rained during the night. Dark day. Doesn't look good for being out planting, actually. But it hasn't been raining, I don't think? Hard to tell if it is misty or light, tho. We might have sun tomorrow. Rain never lasts, right? Even in the bible--40 days sounds like it was the max. ;)
The quote today is for Miss Karma:
"A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains."
Dutch Proverb


  1. I feel ever so guilty when I run out of Cody's treats. He looks at me with accusing eyes....he shouldn't complain though because he always gets little nibbles from the food we eat anyways.

    Maybe Karma was wary of the stool for some reason? Don't ya just wish you could read their minds at times? lol

  2. Karma is a hoot. It is amazing how our pets train us.

    Hubby wishes I would spoil him like you do Karma lol.

  3. Yes, Karma is a hoot. I'm sure she was in there telling you that you better give her the "right' treats soon....or else. LOL

    I don't know what you mean by henna her hair. I guess I should google that. All I do with my hair (which is short and has been for the past 35 years) is wash and dry it every day. Leah has beautiful long hair. Reminds me of one of my nieces.

    We had a lot of hazy, hot, and humid yesterday, and today is starting the same way. Thunderstorms are in the forecast. It's 8:17 AM and already 76 degrees. Very steamy out there, too.

    I loved the quote. Patience is not one of my virtues. :\

    I hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. *puts on music for Hitchcock's Pyscho*

    Never try to read the mind of cat... its a dark, and wildly confusing place full of strange scenes (and thunder and lightening) and macabre shadows and ghosty half there - half not there sprites of smoke...

    Did she lose something under that dresser? A moth? a toy?
    a netflick CD with a movie with lots of naked cats in it?

    It takes years and years to learn Catish... and many humans never finish.


  5. When you find someone who speaks the lost languages of the furry ones, please send that person to me. Thanks! :)

    Hope you manage to go get miss Karma her "treats" today. If you didn't, you better find her something good, and fast, or you'll be in the litter box! (That's what hubby and I used to say when the cats were annoyed at us... We were in the litter box).

    I know what you mean about needing to stand on things to reach other things because of being short. I'm quite short myself.

  6. Animals are so funny!!

  7. Serena--Karms is a real drama queen. She throws herself down on the floor like a toddler doing a dying act--ROFL! She wasn't afraid of the stool. She had that devilish look she gets like she's just looking for trouble. It's her wild woman side--hehe! :)

    Deanna--You can tell your hubby that I'd like to come back as a cat who has it as good as Karma in my next life--ROFL!!

    AliceKay--Henna is made from a plant- used to darken and condition the hair. I think it goes back to Egyptian times? I'm sure you could find out a lot about it if you google it. Leah has naturally curly hair and has learned how to straighten it--been doing that for months and months now. I think I've finally gotten used to her with straight hair. :) Patience and I have become better friends since my health went so downhill. ;)

    Iggy--I think you have a pretty good handle on the darkness that overtakes a cat's mind--ROFL! Catish is a very complicated language and I have a feeling they change it at will, also. ;)

    Toriz--Karma did get her treats so I didn't end up in the litter box--ROFL!! :):) Us short people got to stick together. ;)

    Lynn--Karma makes me laugh every day. :)


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