Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Blogger quit working on Sunday--said they were having problems in parts of some regions. It's finally working now this morning--tada!
These are pictures from Sunday--big, dark, fluffy clouds.
The scattered thunderstorms didn't pass my way on Sunday, tho. Karma and I spent a lot of the past two days out on the porch. I can only sit for about an hour or so in that chair out there before I have to move around--and as soon as I leave Karma confiscates it, of course.
Big cat yawn.
Monday the clouds were smaller--more sun and blue sky.
When Caroline comes tomorrow night I will actually have four books for her. Fun summer reads.
But--next I plan to re-read The Pillars of the Earth.

Yes.. I know. It's not that long ago I read it for the first time and talked about it on the blog. But--being more foggy-brained on pain pills when I did, I decided I wanted to read it again when I am more clear-headed before I read the sequel. I just loved this book!! Enough to read it again this soon. And this time I will actually be able to set it down--hehe! ;)


I spent a lot of time searching online for information as to whether my disability check can be garnished for medical bills, too, this last weekend. The clinic where I had my jaw surgery called again. (For those of you who don't know, I've been paying them faithfully since my surgery in March 09 but they say I am not paying enough.) The last time she called she threatened me with a collection agency and sent me a yellow form in the mail to "negotiate" a higher payment. But when I got the form--good lord! They wanted to know where every penny of my money went--what I spend on groceries and every single little thing. Even the federal and state government have never never asked me for that much information--ever. And I had to sign and date it. So you know it was some kind of a blank check agreement to pay whatever they decided I could pay. No thank you. I never filled it out and returned it. I checked online at that point and what I could readily find out was that only the federal government can take money out of a SS check--for taxes or school loans.


Anyways, that was what she was calling about--that I hadn't returned the form. I told her I wasn't going to and that I had checked and they can't garnish my SS disability check for a medical bill. She told me emphatically--"Oh yes we can! We're a non-profit organization!" I told her that from what I had read it was illegal. She made it clear that they could. I said I'd have to check into it further. She said that she was making a note of that in my files and made it sound like they were turning me over to the collection agency.


So, I spent several sessions at the computer since she called on Friday. Legally--the only money that can be taken from a SS check is for federal taxes, federal school loans, alimony, or child support. But I did find out that seniors on SS who are also working for additional income--they can get around the law by saying the SS check is an asset and not income. I also talked with my cousin, Tom, who has been working for the past ten years as an advocate for people plagued by creditors--and he gave me a website (FDCPA) that explains how to send a letter if they start to harass me with phone calls that will limit them to addressing me by snail-mail. He thought they were just yanking my chain and trying to scare me into voluntarily paying more.


That's what I had begun to think after searching online for a few days. I have no savings, no land, no home, no car, no boat, no snowmobile--due to health issues and subsequent bankruptcy. I have nothing but my SS check and food stamps. So I don't think there's much they can actually do?


I did see on one website that it said you can contact the sheriff's office and fill out a form to state that your SS is your only income so that they won't take money out of your checking account. So, I plan to call and ask if they have anything here in North Dakota like that I can fill out ahead of time. It all gives me a headache. I'll work up to it.


Today. Rain--steady rain.


Tonight. I plan to go over to Dagan and Leah's this week. I bought six ears of corn and am bringing them over for dinner. (Can't shuck corn with my bad arm.) Since it is raining, I am going to go dig around in my old bags in the storage area to find something water-resistant to carry my laptop. [Boy! I can hardly wait till I get my new laptop messenger bag.] I should still have my old backpack from college...


It is now after 1pm. I had no Internet for a couple of hours. It went out while I was writing my blog. Just hasn't been good for me and the blog lately, has it? I was going to find a quote, but I am just going to post this quickly while I, hopefully, can...bye! :):)


  1. You really are having a tough time with blogging lately!

    Karma took the chair back, because it was her chair. Don't you know that everything she can find a use for (either as a napping place, a food item, or a play thing) belongs to her?

  2. I was wondering what happened to you. I thought maybe you were hurting too much to post and was a little worried.

    I think that clinic is trying to scare you into making bigger payments. What you found online, and what your cousin told you, sounds about right to me. I sure hope they don't have some kind of loophole somewhere to garnish your SS check for more money. (this would give me a headache too)

    I hope you have a nice time with Dagan and Leah tonight. Enjoy your dinner.


  3. I'm sorry you are going through all that aggravation and duress with the past due account - and with blogger.


    All I can say, its my uninformed opinion that they are just trying to rattle you into paying more... I had a case like that - with some software I bought, they claimed I had to buy (renew) my service agreement every year for 3 years although I stopped using the software after 6 months. Ended up "referring them to my lawyer" (a friend actually) and at that point they simply dropped it.

    On a brighter note... maybe you can find a brick or a end of 2x4 to put on your outside chair for Karma to use as a pillow.....

  4. Toriz--I've been losing contact with the Internet off and on to--just briefly. I think I will be glad when Dagan builds me the new system to I can switch to a different internet provider. Yes--Karma thinks everything is hers! hehe! She knows I am the ultimate boss, but she doesn't like to be reminded of it--LOL!

    AliceKay--Sometimes it is because I am feeling too crummy for words--hehe! This time it was computer issues. Thanks for your concern. I have to be feeling pretty dang awful not to post--hehe! I think they are probably trying to scare me, too. Hope so. We did have a great time! :):)

    Iggy--I do think they are trying to shake my money tree. But it is barren--ROFL! They can shake all they want to! So funny! I bet Karma would use a brick as a pillow--for sure!! You have her number! :):)

  5. I think it's shameful that they are treating someone on a Disability pension like this. You ARE paying what you can afford to them each month and they should be happy for that and show you some compassion. Good grief, it's not like government pensions are like standard wages...pensions get us by and that's about it. Hang in there, Rita...it certainly sounds like you've had some sound advice.

  6. Serena--I think there was probably a widespread panic because of the new health bill. Dagan and Leah were immediately harassed, too, for not paying "enough" even tho they were making payments every month, too--and have been dealing with the same clinic and hospital for Dagan's heart/health since he was born and never been threatened before. But--panicky people do try to find loopholes. Just sucks! You're right--poor enough already. ;) Thanks for commiserating! :)

  7. Such pretty pictures of clouds! I talked Jason into reading Pillars of the Earth and he's somewhere around page 800 and is enjoying it. I'm going to start it soon too!

  8. Jennifer--I started the first few pages and have been busy with other stuff lately. I'm glad Jason is enjoying it. I loved it. Can hardly wait to hear what you think of it. ;)


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