Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is the cat grass seed that I plant for Karma.
I turn the planter every day until the grass is up. Looked perfect today!
I put it down on the floor for Karma and she dove right in!
Licking her chops!
I don't know why cats like grass.
I remember when I was a kid somebody telling me that it helped with preventing hairballs and somebody else telling me it soothed their stomachs. They both could have been old wives tales. All I know is I have always seen cats eat grass--for whatever personal reason they so choose. Some cats like it and some don't--just like catnip. Miss Karma--she likes her grass (and her catnip)-whatever her reasons--hehe!
I made it over to Dagan and Leah's last night. Leah and I figured out what we wanted to order for our custom rubber stamps. Dagan started to put together the computer/TV system--but discovered the mother board for the computer was damaged in transit, so it will be a while longer than we thought.
Today--I plan to finally go get gas for the car this afternoon. Was getting very warm in here (predict mid-80s today). Had to close up and put the AC on. Gorgeous blue sky, white fluffy cloud day. I have a seed quote today. :):)
"Life does not accommodate you; it shatters you. Every seed destroys its container, or else there would be no fruition."
Florida Scott-Maxwell


  1. *excuse me while I go outside and eat my front lawn*

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp! Oops. Sorry and excuse me.

  2. I always heard it was to help with the hairballs. My cats used to throw up the grass and junk quite often. Does Karma ever do that? My cats were inside/outside cats tho.

    That quote today really makes a person think. It is so true.

  3. lmao Iggy.

    I've always heard cats and dogs eat grass when they have an upset tummy.

    Good quote.

  4. Iggy--hehe! You left the strangest picture in my head--ROFL!!!!

    AliceKay--No, Karma doesn't have hairballs. The only time she throws up is when we get those pesky japanese beetles that look like ladybugs in the porch and she eats those. They always make her sick. Gosh-I'm glad you like the quotes! ;)

    Deanna--Iggy makes me laugh a lot. :) I guess life shatters each of us sooner or later. ;)

  5. I notice Cody only eats grass when he has a upset tummy. Of course, cats may well be different as Karma seems to love her catnip.

    Such a shame the motherboard was damaged.....ah well, patience is a virtue, right? :)

  6. I thought most of my cats ate grass to sooth their stomachs, too. And they didn't always throw up hair balls--hehe!

    Yes--patience and I have become close friends. ;)

  7. I've had cats who enjoy eating grass, cats who don't, cats who like catnip, and cats who don't. All cats - like people - are different.

  8. Toriz--yup! And you can't cajole a cat into changing their personal opinions--ROFL!

  9. That is just too funny about the grass and what a cute pic of her hanging her head over the bowl lol

  10. Lynn--When the grass gets too tall, I trim it down and save the cuttings. Believe it or not, I dry them and add them to handmade paper pulp. So I get some use out of the grass, too--hehe! ;)


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