Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Karma is a born sun-worshipper.

Well, let's see...what have I been up to? Not much really. Yesterday I washed clothes, towels, sheets...everything that wasn't nailed down--hehe! I've been spending a lot of time on the computer the past couple days. Feels good to be more caught up, but then I don't get much else done. Kind of works out perfectly for me, actually--with my energy being one endless roller coaster ride. When I have more energy I am doing other things and then when my energy slumps I can spend more time at the computer catching up on emails, blogs, and such. It all works out. Slowly, but it works out. :):)
I asked Leah if she wanted to pass on tonight at my place and stay home and work on taking photos of cards for the etsy shop. Last week must have gotten away from her. Happens all the time to me--hehe! She thought that was a great idea. My hours are inverted right now, anyways. (But I am sleeping really well most days, so that's a plus.)
I have felt kind of off track for a while. Nothing new. Happens regularly. My track hasn't been straight or without a variety of roadblocks since fibro decided to travel with me--ROFL! Anyways, I was thinking about how I need to get back to the kitchen. Got the jars all cleaned up top--and then I ran out of gas--ha! Time to get back on track. Soon. I really don't like to be banging around and running water in the middle of the night in an apartment building. You feel like doing something quieter, you know? I am a good neighbor...or try to be. So--as soon as I am back on days.... :)
Meanwhile--I just started watching the last two DVDs of season four of Supernatural. I'll be caught up. Have to wait for the following seasons to come out on DVD. And I am sitting here trying to think of something different and quiet to do...? :):)
"The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle."
Margaret Storm Jameson


  1. Karma looks comfortable there. LOL

    Energy slumps come and go for all of us, I think. I always wondered if your neighbors heard you while you were up all night working away in your kitchen or watching your TV. I guess that depends on how well your building is insulated. :)

    I hope you have a good day today. Temps here are to get close to 90 again and severe thunderstorms are a possibility. :(

  2. Thats very nice of you to be considerate of your apartment neighbors during the night hours :o)

    Loved the pics of Karma, looks like you could just reach down and give her a good ole tummy rub.

    I never watched supernatural, it is too scary to me LOL hubby likes it though.

    Hope you are having a good week!

  3. Yawn.... me so sleepy....


    Move over Karma...

    Hope you get back "on track" soon.

  4. I hate when nights and days get mixed up. I don't like to make too much noise when I'm up at night either, so I feel like I hardly get anything done when I'm going through one of my patches of sleeping in the day and being up at night. I tend to wake up with a lot of energy, but it sort of wanes after a couple of hours, so if I don't get the stuff that requires energy done within those couple of hours, chances are it's not happening (or being done half heartedly). It gets done eventually though.

  5. AliceKay--Our building is fairly well insulated, but you can hear the water pipes, loud clunks, doors slamming, loud music and such. I'm sure that no matter what I do that close neighbors probably know my TV is on all night sometimes. But I don't play it very loud, especially when having the windows open in the summer and I have the remote in hand so that if there's anything really loud (like screaming on vampire shows--hehe!) I can turn it down quickly. I don't think the monotonous hum would bother anyone, but the screaming and loud stuff sure might. ;)

    Lynn--Supernatural and True Blood and Dexter can be too much for a lot of folks--hehe! I'm just not easily scared or grossed out, I guess. ;) I can hardly wait for Dexter's next season to come out in August!

    Iggy--Karma's out on the porch right now sprawled in the hot sun. I'm sure she'd share with you--hehe! ;)

    Toriz--I know! I get so much less done at night because I am trying to be so quiet. I was so glad to sleep at night last night (Weds night). Housework always waits for you--hehe! I have discoverd everything waits when you live alone, but at least it doesn't get any worse-Karma's not very messy--ROFL!


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