Friday, May 07, 2010


Dark rainy morning. The ground is saturated--water pooled across the lawn--but we haven't had any snow that I have seen like other places to the west have gotten. Karma and I are inside and warm and dry. ;)
Speaking of joy--look what my "Word for the day" was from today. :)
Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.
Karl Barth
I forgot. Iggy, you asked what the wooden thing was under my art table and I told you I'd post some pictures. It is a taboret--a set of shelves on wheels--hehe!
I have been storing a Tom Lynch porcelain palette on the top filled with Chinese watercolors (tube).
It has a cheap plastic cover that doesn't hold up well with a 20 pound cat walking or laying on it--the corners are cracking off. She could no longer get to it, other than to paw at it in fond memory on occasion, when I started storing it on top of the taboret under the art table--hehe! This is what you saw, Iggy. :)
The taboret holds a lot of my Chinese brush painting supplies and some other painting supplies. The top drawer has an assortment of metallic paint sets, and my rectangular ink stone that has no cover.
Here's all my tiny watercolor palettes I made, a couple other sets of western watercolors, and two darling little flat bowls Leah made me in pottery class. :)
Chinese watercolors--tubes, chips, and poisonous yellow (small jars)--mounting brush and large round ink stone and two small ones--all three have covers. Because of you-know-who I mostly use the covered ones so that if I have to leave the table I can keep her nose, tongue, and/or paws out of the ink. ;) She is fascinated by all my paints and inks.
Speak of the devil. While I was taking these--guess who was back in the bag making a racket? hehe!
More porcelain dishes (the stacking ones have chip paint), brush rest, and the little painted enclosed water container with the spout where you can add a drop or two of water at a time by uncovering the hole on the top--really cool! And a stack of Golden Panda paper samples.
More porcelain palettes. (Can you tell I simply adore porcelain for painting?) The largest round one has a nice heavy cover underneath it that will keep out even my curious cat.
I should be hearing any time about my new glasses. Excited to get them, break them in, and see if I have less headaches. I think I already have less from getting off the meds. Do feel clearer headed--when I don't have a bad headache, of course. Maybe it has a lot more to do with eyestrain than the fibro? I'll find out. Hope so. :)
I watched Nine:
Movie director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) is in the throes of a midlife crisis, struggling to write his film while juggling relationships with wife Luisa (Marion Cotillard), mistress Carla (Oscar nominee Penélope Cruz), muse Claudia (Nicole Kidman), producer Lilli (Judi Dench) and his mother (Sophia Loren). Rob Marshall (Chicago) helms this Golden Globe-nominated musical based on the Broadway smash; Stacy Ferguson and Kate Hudson co-star.
Warning: spoiler. Don't read any further if you want to see the movie and haven't heard anything about it.
All those stars and the elaborate musical numbers...but--sorry--I just didn't care. An Italian director who has cheated repeatedly on his younger wife and made every woman he has known miserable till they have all rejected him and he finally drives his wife away, too--then feels badly because his life has fallen apart and isn't going the way he planned so he sulks in the shadows (alone) for a couple years and grows a beard--and finally decides to make his next picture about trying to get his wife back. The End.
There wasn't much of a plot in the first place and it certainly wasn't original. The acting, singing, dancing was all really good and all that--but--despite all the excellent actors, I just had no sympathy for the guy or the women, for that matter. Not very often I don't like a movie--but I actually got bored, to be honest. Now maybe men might like it. It is basically filled with lusty beautiful women--several doing highly sexual dance routines. And they do them very well. Wasn't for me. Not enough substance. Maybe if it had more character development...?
That's it for today. I am off to watch Where The Wild Things Are. Believe it or not I never read the book. Maybe I won't be as sore and can catch up online, too? :):)


  1. I envy all those porcelain palettes. I've looked around here but they are nowhere to be found. I will probably need to order them online.

    You and I see a lot of things the same way, Rita, because I would feel no sympathy for him or the women he cheated with either.

    Btw, you are not alone....I haven't read the book - Where the Wild Things Are - either. Enjoy the movie ~ :)

  2. That taboret is beautiful. I've never heard of one before. You have a lot of nice things stored in there, too.

    I hope you have less headaches when you get your new glasses. And it's good that your head feels a little clearer now that you're weaning off your meds.

    I almost bought "Where The Wild Things Are". I'll be looking forward to your review.

    The weather here is taking a turn for the worse this weekend. Instead of bright sunny days like we've had most of this past week, we have a chance of snow flurries in the air for Mother's Day.

  3. Hi Serena,
    I've gotten almost all my porcelain palettes online and on sale. I love them for painting. I use them mostly for ink and watercolors, but they work with acrylics, too. I've never tried oils with them, but I bet they'd be awesome. :)

    Yup--no sympathy. ;)

  4. Hi AliceKay,
    I think I ordered the taboret on sale from Dick Blick. It is handy because it rolls around, too! Love it. :)

    Still waiting on the glasses. And I forgot to review Where The Wild Things Are. Sunday--I'll make a note to myself to blog on Sunday about it. :)

    We've had snow nearby, but not here. At least nothing I saw. But then, it melts right away when it hits the ground unless you get a lot of it. I hope it misses you for Mother's Day! :):)

  5. That taboret is a nice looking piece of furniture... and to think of the artworks that have come from its contents (and penthouse)...

    Karma the Bag Cat is at it... first she's an Empress, then she's a bag cat... I guess the pressure of ruling gets to her.

  6. Iggy--and I got it on sale, of course--hehe!

    Isn't that how it goes--one day you're on top of the world and the next you're scrounging around in the trash--hehe! ;)


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