Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hummm...does Miss Karma think it is time to start putting these cards together? She was pawing at them during the night--hehe!
It is still raining. I left the car out. From my perch up here it looks like most of the streaky dirt might be gone--tada!
Rain supposed to continue for a couple of days. We already have water pooled everywhere, as you can see.
I went and picked up my new glasses, had them fitted, and then went to visit Sammy...

...and Annie.
I never noticed her right ear looks like the tip may have been mangled? Can't get close enough to her to get a good look.
Brought home another bed that Sammy and Annie doesn't use to see if Karma would lay in this one? It's actually a small dog bed (says "Milk Bone" on it), but who cares, right? She immediately smelled every inch of it...
...sat on it...
...and laid down on it.
But she went off to sleep in her stroller--because I had moved it from the bedroom the day before and apparently the stroller trumped the new cat bed--hehe! Warmer, too, I bet.
When I played with Sammy and Annie I got the toy too close to my foot and Annie nailed me good! I'm not used to those sharp claws anymore--I forget--hehe! There were a couple more smaller holes when I took my sock off.
Sammy and Annie don't seem to know how to retract their claws very well--especially Annie. She claws at the cat trees and gets a claw stuck--and just pulls and pulls and pulls till she yanks her paw free. They do claw a lot--on the rugs and everywhere. I know Dagan and Leah are considering that laser declawing surgery that Karma had. Was really a breeze for the cat compared to the old way. No comparison. More expensive, but worth every penny!
Caroline comes today and I plan to ask her to take down all the jars from up on top of the cupboards. I want her to clean up on top of the cupboards, too--and the top of my frig (which I can't see, but I know is dusty--hehe!). I am going to be moving much slower than last time when I cleaned the pantry and not work day after day in a row--more breaks. I overdid it last time with the pantry--even tho I didn't think I had because I spread my short sessions out so far over the days. Well, I learned I still need days off in-between. :)
I cleared off the art table so I have extra room for jars when Caroline takes them down. Now I have a whole bag of old plastic & metal containers and Tupperware that I no longer want. Clearing out what I haven't used for a long time--just saved the extra large ones. I'll ask Caroline if she knows anybody who could use them, other wise I'll give them away.
When I snapped the picture from my chair I noticed the clip Leah attached to my reading table so that when I unplug my laptop I can keep the cord from falling on the floor.
Just one of the many little things that Leah does for me. *big grin* :):)
I'm ready for Caroline. Very sore--from being out and about yesterday and on the computer a lot all weekend--so--R&R day it is. The jars may come down, but nothing else will be tackled today, I assure you. Just a quiet, rainy day in Fargo--hehe! :)


  1. Nice pictures of all three cats. Yep, it looks like Annie nailed you good. My cat, Abby, used to claw everything. I have holes in the living draperies behind the couch and cupboards and kitchen drawers that look like "scratching posts". But they're constant reminders that she was once here with me. It's been almost a year now since she died.

    Have a restful, relaxing day.

  2. AliceKay,
    That's true--that the scratching is a reminder of her. What a positive way to look at it. :)

    I ended up washing clothes, but otherwise it was a relaxing day. :)

  3. OUCH on being caught good on your foot!

    Glad to hear you had a relaxing day though ~ :)

  4. Serena,
    Ya! She nailed me and she knew it and jumped way back--expecting me to reprimand her, I guess. I was so shocked I didn't say or do anything--hehe! It was my fault for getting the stringy thing right next to my foot. ;)

  5. Empress Karma now rested, wants to go for ride to wave at her peons...


    Yoikes... Does this mean you need a rabies shot now?

  6. I've never heard of laser declawing - I'll have to look that one up. The vets here don't like to declaw them, but the cats are destroying my door frames, even though they have plenty of scratching things to use.

  7. I love the picture of the black kitty where all you see is her gold eyes looking up at you like saucers! Reminds me of my mom's dog that is entirely black with brown eyes. It's so hard to see her face in pictures! And ouchies to kitty claws! That laser surgery sounds so amazing...I remember when Miss Karma came home and recovered quickly. You are right...so worth every penny!

  8. Iggy--I forgot how a good cat claw poking hurts and burns. Lets hope I don't need any shots--hehe!

    Sue--the laser procedure is so much less painful they keep the cats for a couple days to keep them from leaping about afterwards at my vets. Karma was moving and jumping around normally and didn't appear to be in any pain at all! When my last cat got declawed the old surgical way--she was in misery for the better part of a week! You just have to find somebody who has the laser equipment and has done the procedure. :)

    Jennifer--I love black cats! Annie is super shy, but so shiny and sleek. And those eyes! Yup--Karma was all over the place just like before the surgery!! I'd never have it done any other way now. Ever! :)


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