Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I don't know why I saved this odd watercolor I did umpteen years ago when I had my first watercolor class, but I did. I have a few other small practice pieces that I found when I was digging around in those satchels the other day. I needed a card for a male friend, so I mounted this last night. Everything else I had was too girly--hehe!
I'll probably make some more cards with the old watercolor pieces, too. What the heck.
I tried to catch Karma napping with her head on the leg of my reader's table but I was charging the battery for the camera and by the time I pulled it out of the charger and got the camera ready...
...I woke her up and that was that. :)
I talked to Caroline and she now knows that Dagan and Leah switched our night from Wednesday to Tuesday nights. Caroline had her first day on her job with the democrats yesterday. She has no clue what her hours will be and what night she can come by to clean. I told her I'm not worried and she can just work at the new job a few days and let me know. I'm the one who is home all the time. We can figure it out. She'll call me in a day or so. I'm adaptable. :)
Tonight I am actually going over to Dagan and Leah's instead of them coming over here. They are making dinner and we are going to watch....Avatar!! Yes! I am going to watch it again on their huge TV with blueray!! Awesome! It was that good that I am looking forward to seeing it again tonight! TaDa!!
Speaking of...I guess I need to get some sleep today then, don't I? It is so weird when my days and nights are flipped. That's why I figured I'd write now before I went to bed. Not sure I'd have time tonight after I get up--whenever that will be. Sleep is always an even more questionable accomplishment during the daytime. ;)
Anyways, right now the sky is blue, the sun is out, and it is supposed to be around 80 degrees again today. The rain has passed and the AC will be on. Nighty-night! ;)


  1. That's a good idea with the pictures being turned in to cards. :)

    Hope you get some decent sleep, and that you enjoy your visit with Dagan and Lee.

  2. That is an interesting water color... I looked at it and looked at it and (no, I couldn't find Waldo) it intrigues me - simple as the "content" and "subject" is...

    If it were in a gallery, imagine what the "judge" would be saying. "Hmmph, what have we here? Marvelous use of pallete, the choice of 'reflection' motif is sublime. The ghostly appearance of the trees on the lakes edge remind one of the emphemeralness of life - or perhaps how the delicate touch at the interface between land and water can cross the immutable boundaries."

    :) I see a brilliant sunset shining on trees at the edge of a lake.

    What do you see?

  3. Hey Iggy, you always make me laugh, Where's Waldo, I loved those books! :D Now I completely forgot what I was going to comment about...

    Oh yeah, Rita if you have more trouble sleeping during the day because of the light/sun we could buy/make you some drapes like Dagan and I have, hardly any light gets into our room day or night, it's awesome, don't even know it's day time outside. :)

    Thank you kindly,

  4. The watercolor was beautiful. You really do beautiful work. I can't even paint a barn door. (well...i suppose i could paint a barn door if i really wanted to)

    Enjoy "Avatar" on the big screen and blueray with Dagan and Leah tonight. Marty brought home the DVD and gave it to me last night. :) I hope to watch it soon.

  5. Toriz--I should try and do more hand-painted cards one day. Not much sleep that day, but had a great time with Daan and Leah. :)

    Iggy--Wow! You sounded like one of those stuffy art critics--ROFL!! A favorable one--that's good! I always thought it looked like the waters edge in a mist or something--totally by accident. ;)

    Leah--I use a sleep mask and that works for me and keeps it dark--but thanks. :)

    AliceKay--Thank you so much! These were "exercises" our teacher had us play with. Was fun. I loved Avatar again the second time, too. I'll be waiting to hear what you thought. :)


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