Friday, May 28, 2010


What a beautiful dawn today!

I finally hung the philodendron in the porch.
This morning it is wildly gusty and the plant is being buffeted by the wind--but it looks good out there.
The art table got cleared off--tada! Haven't decided what to fill it up with next. ;)
All the jars were shiny cleaned and Caroline put them back up for me.

Nice to have them back where they belong. Thanks, Caroline! :)
Last night I worked on cards. Funny--I joined StampTV (online) and earlier last evening I took notes on all the recent challenges (I've never participated before). It was only after I finished this card that I realized I had combined the notes from TWO different challenges--ROFL! One challenge was to make a card with red, blue, and yellow (colors I would never think to put together and not sure I like them much) and the other one was to use the shapes--the two rectangles, an oval, and a flower or bow and they show you basically where to place them.
I keep chuckling to myself over it! I wasn't even sure I wanted to actually post anything in the first place and now--so very silly! They'd think I can't read--ROFL! I'll work on them some more this weekend. If I am going to post in a challenge I have till Monday. It's kind of interesting to have a challenge--something to go by.
Afterwards I made a very simple card...for no reason...just because I loved the papers.
I watched movies during the night while I worked on cards. All were okay. Nothing to rave about, I guess--but good to make cards by--hehe! I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (fanciful), Sherlock Holmes (interesting), and It's Complicated (cute).
Let's see...I still have some soreness in my cheek. If it flares up again I will call the dentist. I never took any pain pills this month--which felt like a real accomplishment under the circumstances--hehe! No IBS pills, either--and now have quit the acid reflux ones, too. No meds at all right now! Tada!
Dagan and Leah will be gone over the long weekend. I will pop in on Sammy and Annie on Sunday. My days and nights are still flipped. They always flip back eventually. Teaches me patience, I guess. :)
I do plan to play around with the challenges this weekend. Just fun to try something a little different--whether I actually enter or not. Supposed to be hot and hotter. Mid-80s today and up to 90s the next couple days. I'll have to close up and get the AC on before I go to bed or when it gets too warm in here, whichever comes first. ;)
Beautiful days, tho, for the holiday. Blue skies and sunny! People may not be able to keep the food on their paper plates, but they won't have to wear jackets or carry umbrellas, that's for sure. On the whole, a pretty decent weekend for remembering our departed. Hope it is a good one for everybody! :):)


  1. The hanging basket looks really nice!

    Have a wonderful weekend Rita.

  2. Whether you enter or not, what matters is that you are enjoying making the cards. :)

    I want to see those movies at some point.

  3. The hanging plant looks great out there. Sorry your mouth is causing you some pain.

    Great job on the cards. The main thing is that you're having fun doing the challenges whether you enter them or not.

    I haven't seen any of those movies.

    Enjoy your weekend....I think we're in for a bleak weekend here. It's Saturday and raining.

  4. Iggy--You, too!

    Toriz--Definitely! The making the cards has to be the fun part. The creative outlet is really the only reason I make cards. People don't write letters or send cards like they used to--even me! I love the Internet, but handmade/handwritten communication is something I never want to see vanish away. :):)

    Serena--The plant survived its new spot on the porch in the wind yesterday--hehe! You have so many gorgeous plants--me, I have this one right now--hehe! Enjoy your weekend, even if it rains! :):)

  5. Somehow I missed this post yesterday. I read your Saturday post but didn't go down further to this one. I'm's been a crazy couple of days for me.

    Those were beautiful sunrise shots. The sky was so pretty. You captured it well.

    Your jars looks so nice and organized up there on your shelf. It's nice feeling that satisfaction of completing a project such as this, isn't it?

    Your first card looked very elegant. I hope you decide to enter the challenge.

    I'm glad you're doing okay without those medications. It becomes a vicious circle sometimes...take one medication so your body can tolerate another. That's my predicament at the moment.

    I hope your toothache goes away soon.

  6. AliceKay--Don't worry about it. Sometimes it takes me many days to get to blogs and emails (sadly, occasionally weeks). I'm glad to see you whenever you stop by. :)

    Next I want to tackle the kitchen cupboard by cupboard. I'm just not feeling up to much yet, tho.

    Yes--I know all about the vicious circle with the meds. I can certainly empathize with you. I hope yours get straightened out.

    The jury is still out on my mouth/cheek/tooth. Waiting to see.

    I wasn't able to get back to playing with cards anymore this weekend and I didn't like that one for an entry, so I'm passing. They do challenges all the time. You can win stamps sets. Maybe I'll try in the future one day. :)


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