Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday-9am--Especially For Iggy

So much for sleeping at night. I haven't been able to sleep all night. Oh well. Soon, I hope. Another sunny, hot day ahead.
When I made a trip over to Dagan and Leah's yesterday afternoon I took my life in my hands (what ate friends for, after all) and was snapping pictures blindly from the car...singing "Cones, glorious cones!" since Iggy got that song in my head--hehe!
I did get a farm with what looks like a plowed field...just because...
...and all kinds of cones! Normal sized...
...little skinny ones hiding by the semaphore.
And even took some shots of Dagan and Leah's street.

I ran in and picked things up. Gave Sammy the catnip ball that Miss Karma will not pay a lick of attention to anymore...
...and headed back home. This time I got a good picture of these really tall skinny cones I've never noticed before. Of course, until I met Iggy, I hadn't paid much attention to cones--hehe! Not exactly sure what some of these cones are guarding?
More regular ones...
...and the army of huge ones at the intersection!

Even managed to pull off a shot of one of the big boys.
One thing I do know--the orange cones are a sure sign of summer. We only have two seasons up here, ya know--winter and construction. LOL! Having noticed the cornucopia of cones when I went over to watch the movie--I planned ahead this trip and had my camera ready. I hope the orange cone sentries give you a chuckle today. :)
Caroline came last night. I did get the jars cleaned and such--pictures next time. I am fading away. Nighty-night! :):)


  1. LOL Great pics. Wait until Iggy gets a peek at this post. (it's contagious, you know...this cone thing) :)

    Hot and sunny here today. Temp outside is 88F at the moment.

    I hope you're able to get some sleep soon.

  2. You got me grinning from ear to ear here... :)

    Dagan and Leah's neighbor looks really nice... front and back. I'm sure Sammy is looking like a crack addict now that he has the capnip chew ball.

    ...and this just in from the Cone Alien Research Center (CARC)! An intrepid photographer in Fargo has just discovered a wholly new alien species! The really tall skinny knobhead cones have never before been seen on this planet!

    In honor of their discoverer, the CARC has decided to name them the Soul COmfort KnobbY Heads (SCOKY Heads).

    A CARC investigative team is on the way to the scene now in order to collect more information about this exciting new alien life form.

    Umm... If you sing the song really well, casting agents for the joint Lionel Bart and Andrew Lloyd Webber production team want you to star in the restaging of Oliver, the Orange Edition on Broadway!

  3. LOL @ "Winter and construction" ;)

  4. That's how Pennsylvania is referred to as well...winter and construction. Right now we have our share of construction and reconstruction and it's getting tough just driving anywhere.

    (i was gonna put this in my comment yesterday but my mind wandered away to those cones and i forgot. LOL)

  5. p.s., I noticed the orange colored font too....


  6. That's A LOT of cones!

  7. I meant to say that the town houses in Leah and Dagan's street remind me a lot of the town house complex that Michelle and Alex live in.

  8. AliceKay--I knew Iggy would be in cone heaven--hehe! I'm still on crazy hours. Oh well. :)

    Iggy--D&Ls neighborhood does have that homey look to it for a new development. Leah told me that when she got home she found the catnip ball down in the entryway, so Sammy must have kept playing with it some because it had been up in the kitchen. SCOKY heads! Love it! I have never seen such tall skinny knob-headed cones before. I thought they were pretty cute, actually. ;) I thought you might notice the orange type--hehe! Glad you enjoyed it. Neither Leah nor I can see cones anymore without thinking of you. :):)

    Toriz--really true. They have to quick work on the roads and buildings, etc, while the sun shines. Winters are long and hard. :)

    AliceKay--I imagine it's the same there--all the northern states across the country. The winter ruins the roads faster, too. They have to work quickly from the time the snow melts--hehe! ;)

    Serena--Iggy started this cones being like little alien folks on his blog as a joke and it has morphed--ROFL! Someone even sent him a smashed road cone! He's a sweet guy with a great sense of humor. ;) That's funny that half a world away the townhouse complexes look the same. It is a lovely area and I love visiting. :):)


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