Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sammy relaxing.
Dagan checking email after dinner.
Leah making angel food cake from scratch.
Then we started the movie. I think I love Avatar more than Dagan and Leah do. Not that they didn't like it--they did. Just not as much as I do. It was even better in blueray on the bigger TV! :):)
I forgot the food they were sending home with me--veggies and homemade frozen waffles. So, I will probably run over there today and pic it up. Looks like a beautiful day!
I was so tired (hadn't slept long the last couple times during the day) that I was in bed and slept during the night--tada! Hurray! Caroline called and she is coming over at 8:30pm tonight to clean. That will throw Miss Karma for a loop--hehe!
I just had a comment from a man in Vietnam on a youtube video and realized I have had 3,388 hits on how to sew on the back cover of a coptic stitch journal! Wow!! Only three comments on it--which only goes to prove that the vast majority of people are lurkers like me--ROFL! :)
On this hot day...going to make a run over to Dagan and Leah's for the veggies and finally clean off all the jars from the kitchen so that maybe Caroline could put them all back up there for me tonight. That sounds like a plan. ;)


  1. I suppose Leah thinks this is her "best, most photogenic" side?


    King Sammy looks really regal - it hurts a dog lover like me to say this... but he's a beautiful animal.

    *goes and looks up the word 'coptic'*

  2. Sounds like you had a good time with Dagen and Lee. :)

    Glad you got some sleep at the right time.

  3. Sorry, Dagan, not Dagen.

  4. Iggy, yeah, thanks Rita, what a great picture of me... lol Though it's probably my fault, I don't really like getting my picture taken, so I usually try to ignore that she's pointing her camera at me, instead maybe I should try posing, then maybe I won't hate every picture taken of me, really that's probably why I don't like pictures of me, or at least part of it. ;)

    Toriz, also, it's Leah not Lee, not that it matters... :)

    Thank you kindly,

  5. I agree with Iggy. Sammy is a beautiful animal. He looks quite content sitting there on his perch.

    I love Angel Food cake. I bet Leah's was very tasty.

    It was hot here today. It reached 92 degrees this afternoon. Our air conditioners and fans have been running all day. Even with them running, it's 84 in this room where my computer is located right now. :\

  6. Iggy--Nope! LOL!
    Sammy really is a handsome guy. :) I hope you found out what coptic stitch was when you peeked at the video--hehe! ;)

    Toriz--It's always so nice to sleep at night and not be at total odds with the sunlight--hehe!

    Leah--You were just busy in the kitchen. I like to have pictures like that of you and Dagan--candid shots. ;)

    AlceKay--Leah was making it to brng to something, so we couldn't sample it. But I've had a taste of her homemade angel food cake before and it is really good. 92! And I remember how you could run the Ac and fans and not be able to cool off the trailer. I hope it cooled off later so you could sleep. :)


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