Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Couldn't have had a more perfect day to run around town!
Leah and I shopped from around 5:30pm...
...till 9:30pm!
I can't walk all that time--so sometimes I waited in the car with my book. ;)
But I was with most of the time. When we were finally done for the night, we stopped at my garage and Leah loaded up my white cart for me so that I could wheel it all in at once.
Target had the healthier Kashi crackers and cookies on sale--tada! Another "plan" of mine is crackers--to try to also get off of my acid reflux medication. (All the years I was prescribed high doses of ibuprofen for my arm left me with that little gift.) Hence--going to try crackers. You have to not eat for hours before you go to bed, too, of course.
Anyways--the rest of my purchases were just the more boring things like toilet paper, tooth paste, etc. Except for a plastic pot (without drainage), chains, and hooks for the new philodendron--and our trip to the natural pet food store! Cat food was our first stop of the evening. Leah and I spent a long time reading bags and cans.
Karma always immediately knows when there's new cat food in the house.
Must be that good sniffer of hers.
By the time I got everything else put away it was already almost 11pm, so I wasn't sure I was going to get near her cat foods. Karma parked herself by the bag...
...and was still there a couple of hours later when I decided to tackle the cat food project. Since I knew I was hardly going to be able to move today, I figured I'd just work on it last night and be all set for the day today with nothing hanging over my head--ROFL!
Miss Karma has enough healthier canned food (morning treat!) to last her for several months! She still has some of her other canned foods left, too--so she's set for a long, long time for her special morning teaspoon treasure.
I got two larger bags of healthier organic food. Karma was still after the sample packs in the bottom of the bag--hehe!
Notice--"healthy weight"--hehe! The big blue plastic container behind the bag is what I keep her main dry food in. I mixed together the Wellness one...
...and the Prairie food.
So this is what she will have in her pantry and porch dishes. The lighter colored one is the "diet" food. :)
Then...they had some free samples! Leah and I took one of each of them. The little jars are Karma's "fake" cat treat jars. (I buy regular cat foods and put them in the little jars to give her as cat treats.) So--the sample bags are perfect for this.
I can find out what she will eat and what she won't.
Used six of them. Only have six jars--hehe!
I marked them so I will know which is which.
Odd place to store the leftovers and unopened sample bags, but I was too tired and just tossed them in there because it was close at hand. :)
Karma has eaten every one of the six kinds of food from the treat jars and she ate the new combo food, too! Tada!
Oh--I forgot to say that Leah said she'd take the last of Karma's other dry food for Sammy and Annie because it could be fake treats for them. I had a bit over a large ziplock bag left of Karma's food that I'm sending home with Leah on Wednesday. Now Karma doesn't have any other dry food except these new ones. She'll be eating her old canned foods for some time, but I don't mind about that because she gets such a small amount. No problem.
So. Miss Karma has joined the healthier path with me! Not that she had much choice or that she has gone vegetarian, but she's taking it very well so far. :)
Another perfect, beautiful, blue sky day--but I am knocked out of the race altogether today--hehe! Absolutely an R&R noodle day for me. But I am thrilled to have spent such a nice evening shopping with Leah, to have gotten the things I was looking for, and that it's all put away so I can collapse today--chuckle! This is my big accomplishment for the day--blogging--ROFL!!
Have a great day!!! :):)


  1. Sure looked like a beautiful day out there. Pretty blue sky with white puffy clouds.

    I'm glad you had a nice time shopping with Leah. And you did great finding all of those new foods for Karma. I loved the pics of her and that bag. LOL

    I hope you aren't hurting too badly tonight.

  2. I'm glad you had a good day, and that the food items were considered to be acceptable to the furry one. I know from experience that sometimes the fur babies can be hard to please.

    Thanks for turning off word verification. You have a nice blog, and I want to be able to visit and comment. :)

  3. Hi Rita!! Oh the food for our fur pals is always an ongoing issue for us too! Finicky little devils aren't they! LOL.

    Sounds like you had an awesome time shopping!! I am like you, when I do that I am totally wiped out as I do not care to shop at all, but sometimes we must!!

    Enjoy the great days we have!! The weather is being awesome for all of us!!

  4. It looks like you have a feast for your feline! I hope she enjoys everything and knows how lucky she is.

    Let me know how that Kashi stuff is. The only thing I've ever tried from them was one of the cereals and it tasted like a bunch of twigs. I don't remember which one it was. The cookies and crackers you got look good!

  5. AliceKay--been gorgeous--but too warm since we went shopping. Still beautiful, but too hot. That Karma!

    Toriz--I hope Karma will adapt well to the change in food. Time will tell. Unless I get a lot of spam, I'll leave it off. :)

    Rebag--That's why I never feed my cats just one type of food. I always mix it up. They can get to picky they won't eat anything else--hehe! I was exhausted--and these days my back and hips and knees--whew! You'd think I was 80! :)

    Barb--I tried one of the Kashi cookies and it was more like eating a granola bar! Edible--but not like the melt-in-your-mouth cookies I'm used to--hehe! Haven't tried the crackers yet. :)

  6. I hope you measured Karma with the tape rule and on the scale before starting her on this "path" with you. :)

    Someone is gonna wanna see before and after stats... and of course, pictures.

  7. Iggy--I didn't take any measurements, but I know she weighs about 20 pounds and we have PLENTY of photographic evidence--hehe! She'll definitely have before and after pictures--if there's an after. ROFL!!


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