Saturday, May 22, 2010


Looks nothing like this today.
Been raining, dark, and blowing like crazy. The dryer flap has pounded off and on against the building as it shook--and yet I was able to sleep all day fairly well. :)
Was puttering about at the craft table during the night.
I got this free kit in the mail a few years back--incentive to attempt to get me to join some card making club. They send you all the parts and you put the cards together. I finally got the five cards together from my free kit.
They're nice and all that--but just taping and gluing parts together doesn't make them "handmade" to me. I can't remember the name of the company--been too long and it didn't say on the card parts anywhere. Felt good to finally make them, tho. :)
I closed my Twitter account. Just never used it, really. I barely get to facebook, either--so I miss a lot of things people post. Especially since they changed things. Still don't understand the difference between "top news" and "most recent" when a lot of the same things show up on both of them?
Oh--tried the 7-grain Kashi crackers. I need a big glass of water or something nearby to eat Kashi goods, I guess. They are, shall we say, very dry. For a Swede who is used to everything being covered with butter or sauce, I could barely swallow them without much liquid assistance--hehe! Not that they taste bad. They don't have a lot of taste, actually. But maybe other kinds will taste better--I have a few to pick from. The cookies were easier to swallow and had some taste to them--hehe! Good thing I bought the crackers for more medicinal reasons--ROFL! Kashi (so far) is anything but melt in your mouth bake goods.
Well, on this wet evening I have a couple movies from Netflix--some card leftover parts to putter with--and am working on the third book for Caroline to take back home with her when she comes next week. I'll probably continue to try to catch up a little online, too--the ongoing, endless process--hehe! Funny--can't imagine life without the Internet anymore.
Have a good weekend! :):)


  1. It was nice here this morning but we've had a little rain tonight. More coming tomorrow, too. I mowed lawn this afternoon and it got pretty hot by the time I finished. (push mower)

    Those cards look nice, but the ones you make are much nicer.

    My son likes a couple kinds of Kashi cereals, and he's brought home crackers before. Some aren't too bad, but then I like a lot of different kinds of crackers.

    I hope you enjoy your movies.

  2. Hi Rita

    If you are using the crackers for medical evades me right now as to what you said about that but wouldn't something simple and plain be the best? Maybe some whole wheat saltines? I think I'll skip the Kashi stuff so thanks for the review of it.
    What Netflix movies did you get this time? I tried to watch Tristan and Isolde last night with Russell but I fell asleep almost instantly. He said it was good but said it was a love story. I'll try to watch it later on. :)

  3. AliceKay--While I slept the sun came out today. :) Those cards are nice enough, but they end up looking more like a store-bought card, you know? Manufactured looking. Kashi are supposed to be healthier for you, so good that he likes them. :)

    Barb--the crackers are for acid reflux. Trying to quit taking medication for that, too. :) I think they'll work really well for absorbing stomach acid--hehe! They don't taste bad, just very dry. If you put something on them or dipped with them they'd be just fine, I think. I haven't seen Tristan and Isolde--let me know what you think. I'll post--watched one. ;)

  4. It was beautiful and sunny here all weekend. We spent Saturday at the beach. I have sunburned legs and arms. :(

  5. Maybe a nice tall refreshing icey cold glass of orange flavored Metamucil would go down good with those crackers....


  6. Toriz--Watch out with that sunburn! Sounds like you had such a nice weekend for your anniversary. :)

    Iggy--OMG!! hehehe! ;)


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