Friday, May 14, 2010


And we have a winner!

Took a while for Karma to warm up to it...
...but she spent half the day in the "dog" bed yesterday.
We have a keeper! :)
I wasn't feeling up to going anywhere last night. Which turned out okay, because Leah's friend, Amber, was arriving in Fargo for a long weekend visit and Leah decided to cut way back on her shopping trip, anyways. So it worked out. Leah and I plan to try again this coming Monday.
Leah and Amber are coming over on Sunday afternoon for a craft session. We're going to introduce Amber to the Cuttlebug--hehe! Playtime! :)
Some sun today--tada!! And supposed to warm up into the lower 70's! Nice! I'm going to putter with putting the Christmas cards together for the next couple days. Maybe I can get them done so the table can be all cleared off for Amber and Leah on Sunday? If not, they're easy enough to move--or maybe Leah might want to play with the new ScorTape? Whatever...I'll putter with cards when I am up to it.
Meanwhile, I wonder if it will warm up enough to read on the porch today?? ;)


  1. Pssst.. Karma... that's a DOG's bed... D. O. G....

    :) Looks like she fits it just right.

  2. Hi Iggy--we can see the "milk bone" label on it, but Miss Karma can't read--hehe! She's definitely bigger than most small dogs!! :)

  3. LOL @ Iggy

    I'm glad Karma likes the new bed. (it's a good thing she can't read)

    We had a pretty bad thunderstorm early this morning, but the sun came out a couple of hours later and it's been nice the rest of the day. Sunny and warm...81 right now...but the wind is ripping. We're under a severe storm watch again.

    Have fun puttering around with your cards.

  4. A label is just a label after all and I'm glad to see Karma paying it no heed. lol Instead she is choosing to appreciate the comfy, soft bed to snooze on. She looks so cute lying on it!

  5. AliceKay,
    I never got to the cards. Been a lazy weekend appreciating it being warm enough to sit on the porch and read. Oh well. They will wait for me. ;)

    Karma has been loving the new dog bed. I guess it's a good thing Sammy and Annie didn't like it--hehe! :) :)

  6. Serena,
    Karma must not like the big fat sides on the other bed from Sammy and Annie (that they don't like, either, and I now use as a cat toy box). She's also a really big cat and a sprawler, so maybe she doesn't like to feel forced into having to curl into something. She can easily fall over the low soft edges of the dog bed--ROFL!


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