Sunday, May 23, 2010


While I slept, the sun returned! Nice! I puttered with leftover card stuff during the night. These four cards are recycled cards. Re-made from cards I have received in the past. You just take the fronts of a card you get and put it on fresh cardstock to make a "new" recycled card.
And these are from a day I was playing around with colored markers, mister, and some rubber stamps.
I did finally watch one of the movies from Netflix--Crazy Heart.
When reporter Jean Craddock (Oscar nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal) interviews Bad Blake (Oscar winner Jeff Bridges) -- an alcoholic, seen-better-days country music legend -- they connect, and the hard-living crooner sees a possible saving grace in a life with Jean and her young son. But can he leave behind an existence playing in the shadow of Tommy (Colin Farrell), the upstart kid he once mentored? Robert Duvall produces and co-stars.
Karma slept on my computer chair...
...using the hard plastic arm as a pillow, of course.
Anyways, Jeff Bridges was totally convincing as the aging, alcoholic singer. I can see why he won the oscar. You get caught up in just watching him and watching him...almost like you can't help but look at a car accident as you drive by...but you still hope he can turn his life around, you know? I won't tell you what happens. All I can say is I was caught up in Bad's life till the last frame of the movie.
The movie reminded me of the atmosphere and storyline of The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. Older performer, addicted, and a last chance type of situation. Both movies were really good and were presented with an unflinching honesty.
Tonight--the big Lost finale is on! I'm planning to watch and also tape--as I know it is so confusing I might want to watch it again to understand it--hehe! And then I have Avatar to watch from Netflix. Anxious to see what this other world is like with the blue people. From what little I've heard, it sounds like it could be my kind of place--hehe!
Hope you had a good weekend. :)


  1. I was wondering how good 'Crazy Heart' was. I've been wanting to see that one myself.

    The recycled cards are nice. I liked the one with the black cat.

    Enjoy Lost. I watched a little of the pre-finale show, even though I didn't watch the show the past 6 seasons. Looked good.

  2. We saw Avatar at the movies. It's wonderful to see it on the big screen in 3D. It does not have quite the same effect on a tv but it's still a great story. It's one of the best I've seen in a long time in my opinion.

  3. Avatar is absolutely awesome! I have yet to hear a bad review for it, and quite frankly it's the best movie I've seen in some time!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your movie.

    When I was doing card making in the past, I did the recycled card thing. You can get some really nice pictures using recycled card fronts, or even parts from them.

  4. I hope that last episode of Lost answered all your questions!

    Now for one new question - why does Karma enjoy such hard pillows....?

  5. Funny Rita, Dagan and I also have Avatar at home, except ours in on Blu-Ray, would you like to come over and watch ours? I know our place isn't as comfortable for you, but it will look much nicer on Blu-Ray and on our larger TV.

    Iggy, I don't know about Rita, but I know that neither Dagan or myself understand it, but she will usually set her head on something really hard and take a nap, the metal base of a floor lamp, wooden chair arms, plastic chair arms, a stack of Rita's books, etc. In fact I'm a little surprised she likes that kitty/dog bed as it's all soft no wooden arm, maybe she'd like it better if we tossed a block of wood in there for her to use as a pillow... lol

    PS. Rita it's nice not having to do that word recognition anymore when leaving a comment! :D

    Anyway all, have a great day!

    Thank you kindly,

  6. AliceKay--If you liked The Wrestler, you would like Crazy Heart, I think. Thanks! My favorite is probably harder to see, but the flowers are real pressed flowers on that small recycled card. :)

    Barb--It was AWESOME! :) Loved it! I agree with you--one of the best I've seen in a long time. :)

    Toriz--Totally agree! Great movie! The recycled cards--when I worked at the senior building they recycled card all the time and sold them for cheap down in the library. Made just enough money to keep themselves in cardstock and glue--hehe! The card committee had great fun!

    Iggy--no--the finale did not answer all my questions! :( Who knows why Karma likes hard pillows? Maybe a troubled childhood? Or a hard head? :):)

    Leah--Yes! I'll be over to see Avatar again! I didn't even realize I had that word recognition thing on my blog. I guess it was on there automatically.


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