Thursday, May 13, 2010


Puttering around with cards yesterday. First I trimmed down the embossed aluminum foil and the snowflake embossed cardstock. Not all that impressed with using the heavy duty aluminum foil--especially with more intricate designs--because little holes break thru the foil. The more sparse designs seemed to fare better.
Then I took our template for the front piece on the Christmas cards and punched the holes.
Even tho I could punch right on the large mat, I guess I still use smaller mats to try to save the surface of my big mat. I didn't like getting the carved holes all over it.
Then I used our template for punching the holes on the inside greeting strip of cardstock.
Karma dozed as I worked.
Dagan and Leah were here after work. I worked on putting the large burgundy snowflakes together on the fronts with a white snowflake brad. Had miscounted with the white fronts and was two short.
Leah worked on stamping and embossing the greeting (with embossing powder and a heat gun). She got them all done. :)
I got filled in on the funeral as we worked. Dagan and Leah left around 8pm and I continued on with the cards. I made the two more white snowflake embossed fronts--ran them thru the "bug". Then put the burgundy and white snowflakes together and attached them to the inside greeting with a round white brad. Now they're all ready to tape together--tada! When I get around to it--hehe!
Got several comments on my refrigerator magnets. Thought I'd give you a closer look. A lot of these were gifts, some I bought, and some I made.
Same with the ones on the "angel" side of the frig. :)
My current favorite of the "angel" magnets.
My current favorite on the front of the frig.
Tonight Leah is picking me up after work to go shopping at Target. (I still have a Target gift card from my brother and his wife from my birthday.) Want to look and see what they have for hanging pots and plants. :)
Since I'll be out and about, I won't work on cards today. Want to be in good shape for walking around at the store. ;)
Still raining. Might stay like this till Sunday. Makes for good sleeping weather--cool and dark. Have a wonderful day!! :):)


  1. Would you believe I have a similar "kitchen" magnet? Mine reads "Alice's Kitchen". (they usually don't make two word first name things and i have a two word first name) I also have a magnet similar to your "Cape Cod Rita" magnet but mine says "Amish Country - Alice". I thought it was pretty neat that we have similar magnets. I've taken pics of my refrigerator door, but I don't think I ever blogged them. I intended to at one point. The angels are very nice.

    You do beautiful work with your cards. Looks like a lot of work is involved in making them.

    I hope you had a good time shopping today. And I hope you get some sunshine soon. We had a little sun today, but it disappeared this afternoon and started sprinkling.

  2. I hope you are living "wide" today!

  3. AliceKay--I would imagine it is as impossible to find a readymade "AliceKay" as it is a "Dagan"--hehe! It is hard enough to find a "Rita"--hehe! The ones with my name on were gifts from people. That's cool that we have similar magnets. :)

    Yup--the cards are a lot of work--time. We never seem to think of things to mass produce that are simpler or quicker--ROFL!

  4. Iggy--Every day is a "wide" day for me. I have no choice--ROFL!!! :):)

  5. what kind of foil do you use to do the embossed foil?

    Been busy working on the census and I was completely pooped the other night and had to take a long nap the next day to catch up. I've been doing apartments, which means climbing up and down lots of stairs, so I've been getting more exercise than usual.

  6. Sue--Usually you'd use a craft foil that is a lot thicker. I saw a video about using heavy duty aluminum kitchen foil. bit I wasn't that impressed with it.

    Doing the door to door census check would be exhausting work! When I was young and healthy I suppose I wouldn't have thought so as much--but now!! Just hearing about it I can almost feel the pain from the walking and stair climbing. Rest up, Lady! You are really earning your money. Take care of yourself. :)


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