Monday, May 10, 2010


Karma and her hard pillows.

I forgot to tell you about Where The Wild Things Are yesterday.
Max (Max Records) imagines running away from his mom and sailing to a far-off land where large talking beasts -- Ira, Carol, Douglas, the Bull, Judith and Alexander -- crown him as their king, play rumpus, build forts and discover secret hideaways. Producer Tom Hanks and director Spike Jonze bring Maurice Sendak's whimsical story to life; James Gandolfini,Catherine Keener, Forest Whitaker and Catherine O'Hara lend their talents.
I guess it just wasn't my day for good movies that day. Now, like I said, I haven't read the book--maybe the book is more cohesive? The movie seemed very disjointed to me. I assume the boy was supposed to learn something about his violent outbreaks and nasty temper during the course of the movie, but it wasn't very obvious--at least, not to me. He runs away from home to this island with all these creatures--who are irrationally violent and act like a schoolyard full of bullies and mean kids. He lies to be crowned king, thinks up cruel and violent games--then they are going to make this big round fort-like home, but he leaves with this one creature to meet her two friends (the biggest bully is jealous of)...which are owls she smacks out of the sky with rocks!!? One big bird-like creature gets his arm pulled off when they are went on and on. I found it all pretty confusing. And in the end the boy just decided to go back home. His mother greets him and they basically don't say a word to each other and she falls asleep at the table while he eats cereal. Huh??
I guess I didn't miss out on much by never reading the book? Or is the book WAY, WAY better than this movie?
I am headed over to visit again with Sammy and Annie. Dagan and Leah should be home really late tonight. Cloudy day today and supposed to rain.
I basically spent the entire weekend catching up online. I'm still not caught up, but have made great inroads--hehe! I really do enjoy all my online groups and activities and emails and videos, tho. But--letting things slide for a week or two or...not the best idea--hehe! Can't always help it, tho. I am glad you are all patient with me. :)
Guess what!! They just called me to pick up my new glasses today! TaDa! So--I'll stop over there, too. Guess I had better get in gear here. Later....:):)


  1. That book sounds familiar....I think it's one I read to my son. I read so many it's hard to tell though. I think I'll skip the movie.

    Glad to hear your glasses are coming in! I hope they don't give you headaches this time.

  2. It doesn't sound like a movie I'd be interested in....not keen on disjointed movie plots.

    YAY for your new glasses being ready for collection!

  3. I've never heard of the book/movie.


    I am ignert - or maybe it comes from sleeping on rock hard pillows...

    Hope your new specs are spectacular.

  4. I heard the movie was definitely not for children because of the violence. I don't think I'll buy it, but if it comes on HBO or Cinemax, I'll probably watch it. Thanks for the review.

    And glasses. I hope you can adjust to them quickly. Good luck!

    Karma looks comfortable anywhere she lays her head. LOL

  5. Barb,
    I had heard of the title, but I guess I'm glad I never got it for Dagan (if it was around then--don't know when it was written). I don't think he missed much if you can't remember it--hehe! ;)

    Not sure what I think of the new glasses yet. Eyes still getting used to them. But the headache hasn't been super bad. :)

  6. Serena,
    I still think the book has to be better. I hope. They usually are. Maybe it would have seem less disjointed if I had read the book. But they shouldn't assume everyone has read the book when they make a movie. Duh!

  7. Iggy--I don't think it is a great loss for you to catch up on--hehe! :)

    New copper frames. Caroline liked them. :)

  8. AliceKay,
    I wouldn't have brought Dagan when he was little for that reason. Even tho when they tore the wing off the bird it didn't bleed--how cruel! Next time you saw it--there was a branch stuck in his side as a replacement. If you watch it--let me know what you think of it. :)


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