Sunday, May 02, 2010


I was kind of off the grid for a couple days. Just recuperating. Yesterday was back to Pearl Vision day. The sun was trying to peek out...

...but it lost the morning battle with the clouds. It was raining lightly when Dagan and Leah picked me up. Turned out Dagan checked into their insurance and Pearl Vision isn't an approved place, so he had to cancel his appointment and I was the only one buying glasses, too.
I did get a few shots of these wild frames I was calling the craft lady frames...see the flowers on the side of this pair? But then Dagan said there was a skull on the other side!!??
And here's another pair. They have several of these crazy frames.
This pair had artwork on the inside of the frames! A tiger.
I had to try to be careful how loudly we were talking as we were snapping pictures because I saw a lady last time who worked there was wearing a pair! And guess who helped me with my glasses? hehe!
Anyways, I had my glaucoma testing done. Things have changed from back when they put yellow drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils and sent you home with paper sunglasses. Now the drops are clear (don't stain your eyes like a tan raccoon) and they don't even dilate anymore. My pressures were a little less than the air poof screening, but the left eye is higher in pressure than the right. (Same thing Dagan has and will have checked.) I did this button pressing stare at a small orange light and press when you see the pinpoints of light test. I had one small area in the left eye where I apparently missed all the light flashes, so they want to watch that, too. Could be from my weaker eye being lazy and we'll see after I have my new glasses when I come back in a year. I have to have these tests every year now.
I am borderline glaucoma or "glaucoma suspect". Doesn't that sound sinister? Don't have it for sure, so no medications or anything. I really, really needed new glasses. Not so much for the nearsightedness--but for the bifocals. In my weaker left eye she said it went up four levels! So--no wonder I have had headaches! I may still be getting headaches from the fibro, but I definitely could have been getting them from my glasses and eye strain. So, we'll find out which which was the worst or the culprit. I should have my glasses by the end of next week.
I got frames that are very similar to the ones I have now. A bit more copper-colored wire rims with the clip-on sunglasses I can keep in my car. I also got the anti-glare, too. Can hardly wait! Even tho I usually have a really bad headache for the first few days with new glasses because of the shift for my very weak eyes. Glasses never sit in the exact same position and distance from your eyes. And my eyes always protest...for a little while. :)
Another gray day. I have been basically on days again, tho--tada! Have a terrible headache this morning--due to all the eyestrain yesterday, I imagine. Am looking forward to having new glasses, tho!! Oh! And--I hit a sale of $125.00 off on a new pair of glasses!! So I have about that to start off with toward Dagan's TV/computer setup. So happy I didn't end up one step backwards or broke. Nice! Nice! Nice! :)
Today I can put in my order for groceries. Big order! Switching over to vegetarian this month--tada! (Dagan and Leah took away the last of my hamburger and chicken from the freezer yesterday.) Last half a pain pill tonight. And today--probably laundry day. We'll see after I thaw out--hehe!


  1. They sure do have some wild and crazy frames to choose from these days. I stick with the wire frames.

    I need an eye exam, but I'm another one of those people who have a hard time adjusting to new glasses, so I've been putting it off. It usually takes a couple of trips back to the eye doctor for adjustments before she gets them right.

    I was going nuts the first time I went to this doctor I go to now. She took over my other doctor's patients because he was having some health problems and needed to sell his practice. I have 20/15 vision so they have to correct to that. Seems she didn't notice that in my records that first time she examed me. When I got my new glasses, I kept telling her I couldn't see very well with them, but she didn't know why. She put me thru a number of tests and still couldn't figure out why. Then she brought in the old eye doctor (he was available for consults when needed that first year) and he saw the problem right away. I asked him what 20/15 vision was and he told me Superman vision....and left it at that. LOL

    I hope your headache goes away soon, and the clouds go away with it.

  2. Hi AliceKay of the Superman vision--hehe!
    That set was the very wildest, but many of them have carvings and rhinestones, etc--even some of the wire rims! I've really got my fingers crossed that the headaches are more due to the glasses--or maybe all due to the glasses? That would be very nice. I have trouble getting them fitted right, too--ears and nose. Can hardly wait till I am used to them. :) You should go in and get those super eyes checked. ;)

  3. Yay for new glasses! :) I love those crazy ones that Leah tried on...all except for the skull on the other side. I really liked them until you uncovered the skull...haha! :) At any rate, the look really cool on Leah!

  4. I hope your new glasses lead to less eye strain and less headaches - and if they do, it won't take long!


    I have wire frames too. I was never the fashion plate - I even wore those big black ugly frames like they use in the Army for years. I just want to be able to see what I'm looking out.

  5. I wondered what happened to you.

    I used to be the major problem child when it came to fitting my glasses. My head width or whatever it is was too short for a lot of adult frames and I have almost no bridge to my nose. If they got it to fit right across the temples, it would be too tight for my ears and the nose would have to be adjusted numerous times, so that's another reason I'm so glad not to have to wear glasses for the most part. I have trifocals still, but the middle section is clear and the bottom is very weak. I mostly need the top part for seeing sharp at a distance.

    Good luck on your diet and let us know how it goes.

    I love Kashi multi graincooked cereal and make salads and pilafs with it. If they have it there, it will most likely be in a health food store. I don't like their dry cereals because most of them have soy pieces in them and I don't eat soy, so I only get the kind you can cook.

    I'm going to see if I can download some photos and finally put some on facebook of the cats.

  6. I can get terrible headaches from eye-strain too...sorry you are dealing with that at the moment. I kinda like the glasses Leah had on but I probably wouldn't wear them...I tend to stick to the thin metal frames.

    I hope you enjoy your new vegetarian fare ~ :)

  7. I like the glasses you called crazy...the one after the ones with the skull. I've got glasses with a design on the side like that. I really do need new ones as well but need to look for a deal like the one you got. I'm sure my vision has changed since the last time I got my glasses.
    Sorry to hear you have a headache today. Hope you recover from it very soon. Although I hate to do it, I take a couple of excedrin migraine and most of the time it works. Whatever is in that, it does work for me but leaves me feeling lightheaded like cold medicine.
    Where do you order your groceries from? Is it from a local store? When you get veggies are they nice and fresh? I've never thought about doing this so I'm just curious.

  8. Jennifer,
    Ya! We're looking at the flowers & do-dads all over the side, Leah puts them on, I'm taking a picture, and Dagan says--there's a skull on this side. We thought he was joking! OMG! They must have had around 8-10 pairs of these really wild ones. Blew me away! :)

  9. Iggy--I hope the headaches go away, too. I go for the plainer frames, too. I wouldn't mind having a wild pair to wear when I felt like it--if they didn't cost $400 and if switching glasses didn't give me a headache--ROFL!!

  10. Sue--I do a lot of my own bending and adjusting after they do the main part. But if I can't get them myself, I go back. I've got a big old Swedish nose for them to park on--hehe!

    I've never had kashi that I remember. Sounds like something to try this winter. That's when I love hot cereals. Thanks! :)

  11. Serena--I'm with you--wire rims--plain. They even had wire rims with rhinestones! Not for me. For one thing--mine would probably fall out anyways--hehe! Nothing tackier than rhinestone designs with missing rhinestones--ROFL!

    I'm going to have to learn a whole new way of cooking. I grew up in a household that never saw lettuce (except what I talked my mother into buying for my all my rodents) and where salt and pepper were the only spices in the house. Garlic was an exotic food. Meat, potatoes, pasta, and breads--lots of baked goods. And everything was covered with cheese, sauces, and/or butter. Typical Scandinavian/Swedish white food fare. I think the only vegetables I saw as a kid were peas, carrots, corn, and green beans--often covered in sauce or cheese or soup. ROFL!! No wonder I look like I do!! :):) I've been experimenting with new things the last decade or so, but now it is time to get serious, I guess. ;)

  12. Barb--I preferred the ones that had less rhinestones and more all floral--hehe! I'd never seen anything like them! Times have certainly changed since I bought my last pair 8-9 years ago. :)

    I have some migraine over the counter pills, too...can't remember the brand off-hand. Hasn't helped, so I quit bothering to take them. But if it is because of eyestrain, I don't suppose they would help much. Maybe that is a good sign that they might be from needed new glasses--hummmm...:)

    We have a store in town that is set up online so that you can order and have food delivered. It costs me $7.00 for the delivery, but it is worth it for me. Even Dagan and Leah use them. Saves you all that shopping time in the store, all the carrying, and you are less likely to add things you don't need, you know? I can keep a running list going all month.

    They do have fresh produce, but I only order once a month (because of the $7.00 shopping and delivery fee). There's a $50 minimum or you pay an additional $5.00 shopping fee, too. No trouble spending $50 in a grocery store, sadly. Everything keeps going up.

    I started because of my bum arm. Dagan and Leah heard about it. They used to bring me (no car) and carried most everything in for me (bum arm). They tried it out for me to see how it worked, etc--and never quit! :):) They love it, too! I've been using it over four years now, I think. We just noticed the delivery trucks in the parking lot and checked into it. I don't know how you'd find out if there was anyone in your area, but there has to be a way. Ask around? :)

  13. I mostly use the Kashi for salads or pilaf rather than as a hot cereal. I put all kinds of vegetables in it and use an oil based dressing.

    I don't think they deliver groceries here, but they have Love, Inc and other church based places that help out.

    I try to challenge myself to get by as cheaply as possible, but $50 goes pretty quickly most times.


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