Saturday, May 08, 2010


Queen Karma--hehe!

I forgot to make a link to Iggy's blog yesterday:
I don't know how to accomplish that so that you can just click on their name. Too complex for the computer limited--hehe!
On Serena's blog...
...she was asking people to show pictures of their bedside tables. My nightstand isn't too cluttered, I guess.
I always have pen and paper handy, extra pens/scissors, and tissues. The angel jar holds odds and ends: a bit of jewelry, watch, safety pins, buttons, etc. Remotes for TV and VCR, but I rarely watch in the bedroom--just record. Coasters--I set my water thermos on there every night before I go to bed. The big blank space is for my glasses--hehe!
The only reason my nightstand isn't so packed is because I have my entire cheap bed frame with a headboard to fill up--hehe! I removed the big boom box quite a while ago (put it in the living room) and threw the jewelry box up on the top instead, but I still have the collection of mellow cassettes and CDs you could go to sleep by in the right hand shelves.
By my little reading lamp I plug in my cell phone and blue tooth to charge. The gray round thing is my sound machine. Then my huge-awesome-crystal rock and a small sleeping angel figurine.
Center lower shelf--left side--I just put all these lotions and creams in there recently to remind myself that I am getting old and my skin is drying out--ROFL! I am not good about remembering to put lotions on and wanted to use them up. Thought that odds were I might remember occasionally when I get up or go to sleep--and I do--"occasionally"--hehe!
Right side--a crystal wand and that round flowered box has crystals and my pendulums in it. Like to keep them nearby when I sleep--the energy field thing. :)
Left lower shelves--alarm clock, razor, aromatherapy spray--books, post-it notes, more paper, and the window fan remote control.
That was fun, Serena!
I had no idea we had a band of gypsies (Roma) living in Fargo. On the news they said they have been having trouble with truancy. They had one child who never attended school at all from Aug-Nov and they fined the parents $500. Said parents could be legally charged in future, too--I didn't catch what the charge would be. I guess they have had to do something more drastic because they said the gypsies apparently don't care whether their kids attend school or not. I wonder why it took the authorities till now in May to fine them? But--the thing I found most interesting was that we have gypsies living up here! Cool!
Sunny, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and still cooler. I'll be heading over to visit with Sammy and Annie today--and I'll try to remember the camera. :)


  1. Karma looks quite content there. I think she knows she's a queen. :)

    You have some very interesting items on your headboard. I don't have a night stand or a headboard. I have a dresser on the other side of the room, tho. It has a lot of stuff on it. LOL

    We have mostly sunny skies outside right now, but the wind is ripping (we are under a high wind warning) and it's shaking the trailer and rattling the roof. I was out taking pictures when I got home from work a little earlier and thought I was gonna be blown away.

    I hope Sammy and Annie are behaving. Looking forward to some pics.

  2. Hi AliceKay!
    I have angels everywhere in my apartment. And some new agey stuff, that's for sure. :)

    We have that horrible shake the floors, rattling wind here pretty regularly--and all year round--so I can totally relate! I hope it dies down and you have a beautiful day tomorrow.

    Remembered the camera and I'll post pictures of Sammy and Annie tomorrow!! :):)

  3. I like your crystal. Your headboard is a good place to keep it....I heard that it can give off energy while you sleep. Your stuff looks nice and neat. I like Angels too but don't really have much Angel stuff. Maybe cause I don't like to dust?

    Queen Karma looks like she should be sitting on top of a throne with a tiara on her head. :)

  4. Hi Barb,
    I found that huge crystal, believe it or not! It was mysteriously placed outside my door in a spot of dirt next to the driveway--crystal side down, so it looked like a big old lumpy rock--that hadn't been there when I left? I got this intense feeling "pick up the rock" (ait was ugly, but I've learned to trust those pushes). I noticed a glint and brought it in the house. Low and behold--hidden under a layer of dirt was this gorgeous, huge, brilliantly white geode!!! Nobody who lived nearby knew anything about the rock. I've always thought it was a gift from GA and the angels. ;)

    Haha! A tiara would really piss Karma off! :):)

  5. Karma certainly has an air of royalty in that pic! lol

    Thanks for showing your bedside table, Rita. You and I have similar things or needs. I'm not the best at applying hand lotion in our warmer months unless I've been frequently in and out of water. However, in our cooler months when the air is so much drier, my hands feel so dry and I can't bear that so I use hand cream often. LOVE your crystals and pendulums!

  6. Hi Serena,
    Yes-I thought Karma looked quite royal--hehe!

    I do love crystals and like the have some by my bed. One of my pendulums is a crystal, too. That was fun! :)

  7. Ach, a mere "queen"??? Surely, she is at least an Empress.

  8. Hi Iggy--Empress it is!! :):)


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