Sunday, May 09, 2010


I went over to visit Sammy and Annie yesterday. They both gravitated to the sliding glass door (screen) on the deck when I opened it...all those scents and sounds. No turkey gobbling, tho?
After I cleaned the catbox and got them more food and fresh water, I sat down with my laptop and caught up a bit online for a while. Let them get used to me being there. Talked to both of them.
By the time I was ready for a stretch break they were ready to play!

Sammy--ready to pounce.
I didn't get a non-blurry close up of Annie, but figured I would later. Went back to the laptop.
BUT...then I got a call from Country Greenery! They were over at my apartment with a flower delivery! That Leah is such a stinker! I had told her that if they were planning on getting me flowers (which Leah has done for years now), that this year I'd really rather have a hanging plant for the porch (since I killed my three with over-fertilizing them). We had talked about it and were going to make a trip to Target this coming week because Leah said she saw the perfect hanging pots for me (since I bring them inside and don't want ones that let the water run thru). So I wasn't expecting a delivery--at all!!
I asked the delivery man to check and see if the office was still open. He called me back and said no. I asked him to just leave the delivery inside the door there at the office and I'd be there in about 15 minutes...and I flew out of Dagan and Leah's. Well, as fast as I could hobble out of there. Can't say as I can fly anymore--hehe!
I parked the car over by the office and went to retrieve my package. WOW! There sat this gorgeous, huge philodendron plant in a hanging basket!! OMGosh!! And there was another tall, small package, too!
I went back to the car, carefully carrying my treasures, to get my laptop and bag and surprised Miss Karma with my grand entrance!
She immediately started burying her head in the plant as if it were some bush and she was trying to see what was under it. She wasn't trying to chew on it or anything--just sticking her head in it?
Too cold yet to hang it outside. (Was supposed to be in the 20's last night!) Hung it up in the living room behind my chair there. It is just beautiful!! Huge! Thanks Dagan and Leah!!! :):)
And what was in the smaller package? A single rose!! So I even got a rose, too. (Love roses.) My goodness! Thanks so much, guys!! :):)
Karma is so funny. Hoping for baby's breath (which she gobbles up) she cried and cried for me to give her the rose. After I got the rose in a vase I set it on the craft table to take a picture--she leapt into the chair nearby...feigning total disinterest...
...and hoping beyond hope that I would forget and leave the rose on the table.
Well, I haven't lost all reason yet. Her act didn't fool me one bit. I set it up by the TV--and she blew her cover--followed and cried and begged for it. I had to move it before I went to bed, too, because she could have still gotten to it during the night in this spot--hehe!
Karma did get to hide under the paper the rose came in, tho. :)
(That's my table easel leaning against the dresser and the Reynolds wrap that props it up the perfect couple of inches just waiting there on the floor for the art table to be cleared off one day--hehe!)
She smelled every inch of that paper, I think. Stayed under there like she was in a fort for a couple of hours. Pleasure all around, eh?
We are having another sunny, cool day today.
Happy Mother's Day!!! :):)


  1. I could be wrong, but I think philodendren is one of the plants that is poisonous to cats, so I was worried for a minute when she had her head in there. I agree though, it IS a beautiful plant and one of those that you only need to water once a week. We had a restaurant here, that had them growing all over the ceiling for quite a while. It was like being in a garden.

    When I was in Hawaii, they grew all over the ground as a ground cover. It was funny to see them in their wild state. Also, the poinsettias are 20 foot tall trees over there. Makes you feel like you're in another world, which you are.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Yes--they are supposed to poisonous to cats and dogs. I have had cats before that ate them and never even barfed. ?? For all her wanting to eat baby's breath, Karma left the philodendron alone that used to sit on top of my desk hutch. ?? Not sure why--but that's good. She didn't try to bite this one, either. If it had been the smallest piece of baby's breath..she would have grabbed it and run for the hills to devour it. For so many years the roses came with baby's breath, so Karma thinks they still do--even tho Leah stopped sending it a couple years ago and switched to other fillers. Miss Karma's mind is hard to change. I don't know if she'd eat the roses, because I've never let her get to them--but she won't eat the leaves--I checked--hehe!

    I can't imagine poinsettias 20 feet tall! Wow! Happy mother's day to you, too! :)

  3. What a beautiful big plant and pretty red rose. Dagan and Leah did good. :)

    Loved the pics of Sammy and Annie...and Karma, of course. Cats are fun to watch.

    I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Sammy and Annie....and, of course, Karma, are sooooo cute!

    What a gorgeous Mother's Day gift! Philodendron in all its forms makes for a striking plant. Poor Karma surely had her eyes on that rose, didn't she? lol

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. LOVELY! I got paper flowers yesterday, that my nine-year-old son made for me... that is all.

    Reading about yours (especially your red rose) was almost like getting flowers myself!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Maybe Philodendron has some ear-pain killing properties... Karma... you could just use a softer pillow you know.... or even a balled up bag...

    Looks like the "other" cat (the two make one Karma-sized cat) play nicely with each other. :)

  7. AliceKay,
    It's a huge plant! What a surprise! Was a nice day. Sounds like you had a good one, too. :) :)

  8. Serena,
    They were both really gorgeous--are really gorgeous, I should say, as they still are. :) I'm sure glad that when I get the rose (or bouquets in the past) up where she can't reach them, then she forgets about them--or gives up on the idea--hehe! ;)

  9. Hi Julie!
    If it wasn't for Leah I likely wouldn't get a thing--not even paper flowers--hehe! Dagan was never good at remembering Mother's Day or my birthday--dates of any kind--ROFL! I think he remembered my birthday 2-3 times and the same for Mother's Day (after grade school when they made they make things in art, of course--hehe!) He loves me--and does things all year round, but he wasn't good at remembering dates--like Leah is--bless her heart! She's a treasure! :)

  10. Hi Iggy,
    I don't know what she was thrusting her head in there for? Silly girl! And we'll never know why she likes hard pillows. It's just the mystery of Karma--ROFL!

    Sammy and Annie were playing nicely together. I was a little surprised. Maybe they do that all the time, but I hadn't seen it before. Loneliness might have played a part--hehe! Annie is pretty aloof usually. It was nice to see them both playing, even if she got my foot good--hehe! :)

  11. Wow! What lovely gifts from Leah and Dagan! The hanging plant is beautiful, as well as your lovely single rose! :)

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks! Leah couldn't resist still sending me a rose, she said. They're both gorgeous. :)


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