Monday, May 17, 2010


Leah and Amber got here in the late afternoon. I had already put together the 25 red and white snowflake cards, but hadn't started on the burgundy ones. Leah showed Amber how to do eyelets first.
They played around with some of the prepped scrap cards to practice eyelets on.
BTW--the green crocheted object on the table is a french press cozy that Amber was making for Chuck and Michal (Leah's sister and BIL). It's a monster has a name (that I forgot, of course). They all recognize and know this monster (gaming?). Amber was working on the tentacle mouth last night, too. It is oddly cute--hehe!
Anyways, Amber picked out some cards to make on her own, too. :) I grabbed a quick shot before they left. Except for the bottom one with the paper oval on the front, these are the cards that Amber was working on by herself. Face it! She has caught the cardmaker disease--hehe! She's been buying supplies. It's all over now--she's one of us--ROFL!
Leah got to using the misting box for the first time on some white paper flowers, too.
They had the Cuttlebug out for a little while, but time got away from us.
Dagan showed up for the last couple of hours. He and I watched some of Season Three Supernatural while Leah and Amber worked on cards. Amber took her unfinished cards with her to finish at home and Leah left hers here.
Well, Amber and Leah both worked on these together.
Leah can finish playing on Wednesday if she wants to. ;)
They all left somewhere around 10pm. Were gong to go out for a late supper for Dagan and Leah's wedding anniversary--8 years yesterday!!! :):)
I was all wound up and couldn't sleep. Finally fell asleep around 5am. Slept late, obviously--hehe! I'm all ready to go shopping with Leah after work. Bringing a book for if I decide to sit in the car while she goes into some stores without me. (I can only do so much walking and that works great for us.) It is a gorgeous day!! 74 degrees--blue skies, white clouds, green grass, birds singing, and leaves on the trees!
I may dip into my "savings" tonight that I give to Leah every month (since I don't have a debit card anymore due to identity theft and my own subsequent fears--saving toward the new TV/computer set up right now). We are going to try to find where the Natural Pet Food store has moved to and I am planning on getting a couple small bags for you-know-who! I'll wait till she has eaten up the rest of her old food first, so she has nothing else to choose from--hehe!
We're planning on going to Target and Lowe's and I'm not sure where else...but I'm set...have my book...and--so far--it looks like a go today. Later! :):)


  1. I was wondering what that green thing sitting on the table was. I'm glad you told us. LOL

    The cards look great. Looks like you're right...Amber is "one" of you now.

    Happy 8th Anniversary to Leah and Dagan. :)

    Sure sounds like you had beautiful weather out your way today. It was mostly grey here, highs in the 60s. Rain will be here tomorrow.

    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon with Leah.

  2. I too was wondering about the green thing. lol

    It looks like a fair bit was accomplished and yes, it certainly does appear that Amber has joined the ranks. :)

    Happy 8th Anniversary to Leah and Dagan! I hope you all your late supper in celebration.

    My son, Beau, is big into Supernatural and watches all the seasons. As for me, I enjoyed the first couple of seasons but then it was screened too late at night and I couldn't be bothered waiting up.

  3. Hi, I'm just letting you know I'm returning the visit. Had hubby help me do the word verification thing so I could let you know I came to look. I can't do word verification, see, and the listen and type thing often doesn't work, so I don't generally stick around on blogs with it on. No offence, it's just frustrating when you have a comment you would like to leave, and can't. If I don't comment, I prefer it to be because I have no comment, not because I can't comment. But I wanted to let you know that I visited... Especially since you came and visited mine and are following it.

  4. Cthulhu(Pronounced Cathulu)...That's the name of the monster, the French Press Coffee Cozy that Amber was making. :) Chuck my brother-in-law really likes that monster, and Amber had made him a little Cthulhu doll I guess you'd call it, I believe he keeps it at work, she crochets and make all kinds of things. Mice, elephants, doggie toys, pigs, bats, and much much more, she's very talented.

    Thanks everyone, we had a nice dinner, was a little hard to find a place still open, but Applebees was and they had half price appetizers so it was even cheap! :)

    Thank you kindly,

  5. AliceKay--Yup! Amber is one of us now--hehe! I had no clue what that green thing was. Leah wrote down the name in her comment. :)

    Serena--I've been watching Supernatural because I've been getting it from Netflix. Dagan and Leah told me about the show. Been pretty good. :)

    Toriz--I changed the word verification. Didn't even know I had it--was automatic I guess. Hope to see you again. :)

    Leah--I'm glad you guys found a restaurant that was still open at 10pm. Happy 8th year!! :):)

  6. :) Look at all the pretty crafters!

    Happy 8th Anniversary to Leah and Dagan!

  7. Iggy--When I thought--8 years! In a way it seems like they just got married, but in another way it seems like I have known Leah forever and they have been a couple forever.

    I never cared what Dagan wanted to do for a job--things like that. I just wanted him to be happy and a good person. And then I prayed that if he married that he found somebody he truly loved and was happy with (even if she wasn't crazy about me cause I know I am a bit outside the box--hehe!) My prayers as a mother were answered--and better than I ever could have imagined! That saying--let go and let God--well, God can have bigger, better plans than we might have been able to think of or expected ourselves. ;)


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