Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Belly warming this morning--hehe!
I decided to get out one of the unfinished projects to work on--the extra Christmas cards from last year. These have all the parts finished, but they're not put together...
...and these are more extra parts. Obviously not enough.
Got out the cuttlebug...
...but remembered why I had stopped. Ran out of the green cardstock. So, if this is a good day, I might go out on this sunny May day to buy green paper at one of the craft stores in town. :)
Had to take pictures of the biggest bag pile ever--hehe!
Karma likes me to pile them on her, but leave her able to watch me in the kitchen.
She likes to spy on me...
...while her fear of being stepped on keeps her out of the kitchen--hehe!
I have never tried "healthier" cookies.
Yes. I do have a sweet tooth. Figured I was eliminating quite enough at this time--so thought I'd try organic cookies.
Got Caroline some new good-for-the-earth stuff for cleaning the bathroom.
Took me over an hour to put everything away. (I transfer dried lentils/beans/grains to my jars.) That blank half shelf is now filled with all types of vegetable soups. This will be my go-to spot when I'm not up to making anything on my pain/noodle days. :)
My frig was almost empty before--lots of fresh veggies, yogurt, and even range free organic eggs!
The freezer was empty.
Yes--I splurged and got fancy cheese pizzas. Pizzas I have never even tried before--ever. Thought I needed something familiar for Dagan and Leah when they come on Wednesdays--and some decadent comfort food while I go thru withdrawal with this huge shift--hehe! Fruits, veggies, and boca burgers & crumbles. I am all set!
I know--doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but it does to me. And to the Cashwise delivery guy...who assured me he could never live without meat...several times...shaking his head. He wished me luck as he rolled the dolly cart away down the hallway...still shaking his head.
Okay. Speaking of. I tried to watch Earthlings last night. And the DVD was not working right. It had English subtitles, so I went to go back to the menu to change that and it would go to a blank, black screen...I'd push play--a sheep being killed in a slaughterhouse (but obviously not the beginning of the DVD)...menu--blank...play--some other animals...skipped all over and I couldn't get it to go back to the beginning. I tried taking it out and putting it back in, but it remembered what it was doing and continued leaping about the DVD and refusing to show the disc menu main page.
I took it out and watched a DVD on Chinese brush painting. Took it as a sign that I wasn't ready yet.
I'll try once more later today to see if I can get it to start over--now that I know the problems, I can just watch it with subtitles. But--whew! I really have to work up to it. The few seconds I watched...jolting! Immediately brought me back to watching the news as a teenager--Vietnam--when that man matter-of-factly just shot this prisoner in the head and he fell to the earth...
Yes. I think these DVDs are going to help me not want to eat meat.
Anyways--later...later...I want to try to make it out into the big wide world to find green paper on this sunny cooler day. Also on the lookout for some Tim Holtz products. Not that I can probably buy much today...but one can always window shop, right? I hope the force is with me today--hehe! :):)


  1. The truth comes out... Karma is a bag lady.

  2. Good one Iggy!

    Have you tried the Progresso Lentil soup? I really love it and will use it until I can find a good recipe of my own. The Progresso chunky tomato (not official name) is really good too.
    Your cookies look good. I think I'm going to make some *healthy* cookies today and if they come put good, I'll put the recipe on my blog.
    Ohhhh I see lots of brussell sprouts. Way to go! Have you tried soy milk? I personally love the stuff.
    Have you tried cleaning the Earthling dvd off? Just wash it with some mild dish detergent and dry off with a napkin or soft cloth. That's what I have to do sometimes.
    The pizza looks good. I got tons of Nutrisystem pizzas I could have given you. They would give you severe gas but hey....free is good right? ;)

  3. Rita, if it's a Netflix DVD, just report a problem through Netflix, you've probably done this before, but if not, it's really easy and they'll send you out a replacement disc right away, Dagan and I have had to do that only a few times since we've had Netflix, but every once and a while you get a disc that has been horribly abused, we even received one that was cracked right through half of the DVD, obviously that one wasn't going to work, we reported it and they sent us a replecement right away. :D

    Thank you kindly,

  4. My first suggestion would be to clean the DVD...check for obvious scratches and if this doesn't work, send it back for a replacement. You are braver than I for watching Earthlings. I've heard it leaves a very deep impression. Your analogy sounds pretty much right...how man can desensitise so much to the point of showing no respect or care in taking the life of another, be it human or animal, is devastating to me. I'm proud of you for your strong efforts in changing to a vegetarian diet, Rita! I hope you reap the benefits ~ xo

  5. That's a lot of stash. I hope you enjoy your new foods and find most very tasty and satisfying.

    Karma looked cute looking out from all of those bags. (i think iggy was right) LOL

    I hope you were able to go shopping for that green card stock you needed. We've had crazy weather today. Several thunderstorms and some hail poured down from one of them. The sun was out a few minutes later. It's shining brightly outside at the moment, but it could change at any time. Been doing that on and off all day today.

  6. Iggy! Iggy! You crack me up! :):):) Karma is a bag lady in more bag ways than one--hehe!

  7. Hi Barb,
    Yes--I love Progresso lentil soup. Love lentil soup-period--hehe! I haven't ever tried it with the red lentils, tho. I bought some to make soup with later. I have tried soy milks. I am not crazy about drinking it and if I use it on cereal I like the vanilla flavored--don't mind it on cereal or in cooking. Maybe I can get more used to it. I bought two plain and two vanilla for after my organic milk is gone, but I will probably still buy some organic milk, too.

    I did wash off the DVD. I always do that first when I am having DVD troubles. It often does the trick. Didn't work that night--nothing did. But the next afternoon...weird. Was supposed to wait, I guess.

    If we lived closer I would take them off your hands--hehe! You could try freecycle.com for your area if you have anything to give away. Leah and I use freecycle regularly. :)

  8. Hi Leah,
    Yes--I know. I have gotten a few bad DVDs over the years. They're very good about replacing them. And do try cleaning it off with a soft cloth and window cleaner or something mild first. LY :):)

  9. Hi Serena,
    It was hard to watch. I had to turn it off a couple of times just to cry. Reminded me of how cruel human beings can be to each other, too--genocides and such. I watched every bit of it, tho. I have always been the type who would rather know the truth, no matter how awful it is. But I am going to wait a while to watch Food Inc. Have had no desire to eat meat yet...altho I'm sure that I'll have cravings I'll just have to ignore. All I'd have to do is rent Earthlings again...hehe!

  10. Hi AliceKay,
    Got the green cardstock and have cut and folded it already since I've been away from the computer so much this last week and taking so long to answer. :) We just had snow to the south west of us up here. Very random weather patterns, it seems. Hard for the farmers if spring doesn't settle in proper pretty soon.

    Yup! I'll be learning how to cook differently, I guess. Good for me, tho. :)


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