Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday-9pm-Update from Leah

Hello all, Rita is doing fine and recovering well.  She was relieved when the surgery was complete.  They put her to sleep then shot up her face and eye with numbing medication so pretty much her whole left side of her face was numb then woke her up again before starting the surgery.  It was the left eye this time then right eye next week, Thursday the 23rd.  So, she has pictures that she took with the bruising and such, that she will post once she's ready to get back online.  

She is able to watch TV, but even that is challenging with one eye being much improved vision-wise and the other the same.  Right now her right eye is around 20/1000 and her new and improved left eye is around 20/40 which means her glasses are useless with both eyes.  She can watch TV with her left eye and no glasses but with her right eye covered with her hand or something.  Or she can watch TV with her right eye with her glasses on and her left eye covered.  

Using the computer, writing a letter, or reading is similar too, her left eye is pretty much useless because she still needs correction for the reading but not as much as her glasses are currently.  So, she usually uses her right eye with her glasses but her left eye is no help there and she has to close it.  So, typing and updating everyone on her blog or even checking email is REALLY difficult for her and will continue to be so until her right eye is complete and then a few days at least after that, for it to adjust.  

I will say this though, it was really impressive the day after her surgery driving her to her day after checkup she could read street signs with her left eye and no glasses, since she got glasses when she was in the 3rd grade it has been a LONG time since she's been able to see things that far away, which is something I understand as well, getting glasses in the 8th grade and now my vision is very poor at any distance, so it was just impressive to see that amount of improvement without laser eye surgery!  I dare say amazing!!!  :D  

Her left eye is still very sore as well, looking around far left and any other directions is a little painful and she still has a bruise under her left eye.  Headaches and soreness is "normal" for her right now.  

Hopefully that's enough of an update for now, I imagine I'll be updating you again before she's ready to get back to the computer in a more full capacity.  For now though, I hope you all have a wonderful day and here's a picture of Ian from a recent shopping trip.  :)  

PS. I hope I didn't, but if I messed up saying left eye when I meant right eye, I'm sorry, her left eye can see far away now quite well, and her right eye still can't see far away but can see close with her glasses.  Please correct the above in your head if I miss typed something.