Monday, February 27, 2023

February 27, 2023 Monday--12:30am

Early morning again!

This week is mostly a ton of pictures.  Leah sent me a bunch of them from their trip to Vegas and I just picked random ones...don't ask me where they were--lol!  I was married (briefly) in Vegas at the justice of the peace--second marriage (only lasted a year).  Let's just say it was a long, long time ago.  I was 30 years old--1981.  Vegas looks just as bizarre but even flashier and more colorful!!  I didn't think that was possible--LOL!

I think Leah might have made sure she got a close up of these finches for me, but I don't know.
What a fancy aviary!

Even the ceilings were all movement and lights--so very flashy!
I didn't know Boba Fett was in Vegas--LOL!

Leah got a selfie with mini-Liberty.

At home we were having snow storms, wind chill advisories, and blizzards--LOL!

Michal on the left, Amber on the right poolside and Leah in a lounge chair.

Besides seeing Penn & Teller and eating at a fancy restaurant they drove very expensive cars around a track (got deals on Black Friday--lol!).
There was a better pic of Michal and Amber smiling but this picture was the one that cracked me up.  I love the spontaneous shots.

Another pic when not expecting it--concentration.  Not sure what they were doing.

Anyways, Leah said she had a really great time...even though she wasn't expecting people smoking everywhere...both cigarettes and grass (legal there).  Her asthma really kicked up a storm and she slept a lot when she got home...but she was better in a day or so.

Before she left--Liam would definitely think this was more important--Liam had a very loose tooth.  
Pictures were sent to Gramma.
The tooth didn't come out until Mama was home again.
The one next to it is loose now, too.  The tooth fairy will be busy.  :)

Now, my pics from this week will seem pretty dull after Las Vegas and first tooth coming out...but I just took pics this week of the things that make me happy.  
The Critter Cafe, of course.
And the critters really did need some help this last week with the cold temps and the snowstorms and blizzard winds.
Blooming flowers...
...always bring a smile in the dead of winter.
Really lifted my spirits this week, Janie!
More snow drifting on the patio.
Arctic hares stopping by for a nibble, too.
A small covey of six huddled behind a big snow clump up on the snowbank to protect themselves against the high winds.
More flower pics.
The whole place smells like spring!
And Miss Allie never fails to cheer my soul.
I got a notice that my Medicaid card was going to be canceled the end of the month because I never turned in my forms.  Was on hold for 45 minutes to find out that the Fargo office is at least six weeks behind...but yes, they did get my paperwork...BUT I no longer have a not only are they six weeks behind, but I will just get the next available worker who is free to deal with my forms.  This also means I probably won't have any money in my EBT account for food, either, in March.  That stack of paperwork was for both my Medicaid and EBT.  But it will get straightened out eventually.  Going to be fun to explain to Sanford that they will just have to wait and send bills through again in a month or two.  Luckily all places seem to work at a snail's pace--so they might not even notice. ??  Always something, eh?

I have basically felt pretty much the same--as far as both shingles and the side effects go.  So just hanging in there.  Watching shows.  Resting.  Waiting.  Enduring.  Feeding the critters.

I did eat the candy bars and cut out the fronts of the packages to put them on the frig.
So, for me it was a quiet, rather immobile week.
Waiting for all the shingles scabs to be gone.
Still have a rash, though...
...and the biting, stabbing, prickly pain.
So, I take it easy...and let the partridges be on alert.

I am soooo glad that I don't have any appointments to go to until March 20th!!  It still feels like I should have something soon.  After over a year and a half it is hard to change gears.  But I am so grateful to be left alone to just endure this crazy shingles stuff and that I don't have to do too much.  Laundry, nuking meals (Leah has dropped off foods!), feeding critters, and scooping the litter box.  That's about it for me.  Mostly watching shows and writing letters or, honestly, trying not to move.  The darn shingles could last for weeks, I guess.  I'm surprised at how even when most of the scabs are gone I still have a rash and all the pain.  I guess I just knew very little about shingles.  Wish I still didn't--LOL!

Anyways, it was a quiet week.  Keanna came to clean on Tuesday.  Leah is stopping by tomorrow with the boys to help me with a few things.  One of these days I'll be able to wear clothes again--lol!  Until on R&R in Fargo.  :) :)  Till next week, my friends.