Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Spring is definitely here.
Construction...from left...

...to right. 
So many clouds...but no rain.  Nothing but a little drizzle a couple times...well, and snowflakes in the air one day. 
Now, since this weekend, we are supposed to be back to 60s and 70s all week.  Nice to be able to open the windows...even if it is dusty from all the trucks and equipment.  ;)
My cat-sitting days are over.  McFamily made it home last night.  
Annie, the shy skittish one, would run over and wait by her favorite toy while I scooped and got them food and water. 
What was odd was that Sammy, who's usually the people friendly cat, became more distant with me.  He'd mostly just watch Annie play while I was there. 
I made a point of going over and petting him and talking to him, but I could tell Annie didn't like it. 
If Sammy hid in Ian's crawl-tube and I flicked the long string toy over it so Sammy could attack it through the nylon... 
...Annie would go grab the string in her teeth and carry it away from Sammy. 
She'd been a rescue cat in her young life.  Had lived on the streets.  So she was more confident being left alone for weeks, I think.  Annie took over being the more dominant cat when they were alone so long. 
Sammy sat and looked out the window a lot.  He missed his buddy Dagan. 
The view out their windows is not all that much different than my view.  There's a field and the same sky... 
...but you can see the back yards of all the new homes that have popped up in the past two years. 
Dagan and Leah's patio was put in last fall.  This spring they are supposed to install the sprinkler system and the lawn will finally arrive.  :)  There's so much building going on everywhere around them.  
So there's the sound of construction at their place, too--LOL!  The main road is blocked off all summer now so I had to learn a back route. 
Sammy was so happy to see his Dagan.  
(He really is Dagan's cat.) 
Annie was very lonesome, too.  After the first week she spent most of her time by me and let me pet her even. 
McFamily arrived in Fargo about 4:30pm yesterday.  Had a quick video chat early last night with the tired family while Ian was happily eating in his high chair.  (Sammy was right next to Dagan.) 
They have all been sick with colds and coughs for the past week.  Ian was good and slept a lot on the plane ride back home again.  Was all night long for them on their Japan time schedule, but Dagan and Leah didn't sleep.  I hope they all slept well and long last night.  Just so good to have them home safe and sound.  :) :)  I hope to be over to visit later on in the week. 
I received a beautiful handmade gift from Annemarie!  
Annemarie's an avid tangler, as you can see by the post card that came with it.  She lives in The Netherlands.
Look at the striking pendant she made!  Totally unique and one-of-a-kind!  Thanks so much, Annemarie!!  That was so very sweet of you.  :)
For what I am drinking for the T Stands For Tuesday group over at Elizabeth's...I thought I would at least show you this box.  Leah got this Mighty Mug--the mug that won't fall over--for me after I spilled my coffee twice in a row, if you recall.  
I had all intentions of making a short video to show you the mug and how it works...but I have been a little bit, shall we say, useless all month.  ;)  Once I get back to my normal self (funny, I am recovering from their vacation, too-LOL!) I will have to show you.  Leave it to Leah, eh?  She found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  And it's red, too!  LOL!
Miss Karma will be glad that life goes back to normal, too.  She doesn't sleep well when I am gone...actually waits right by the door, believe it or not.  (I think she was a dog in her last life.)  So she's catching up on her sleep, too--LOL!  
Ian's 10 month pictures...all taken in Japan, of course.  This was in their Tokyo hotel room they had all month.  He loved standing against the headboard and looking out the window. 
Ian was doing some "walking" at the park between mom and dad holding their hands.  Dagan said he was trying to run--LOL! 
He was a good traveler.  
(How I've missed that smile!) 
He spent most of his days in the stroller or strapped onto mom, so he's really happy to be home where he's free to roam about the house...and he has his activity table again!! 
Mama said she had just rubbed a little coconut oil on his face.  That's why he has shiny cheeks--LOL! 
He got his second top tooth on my birthday before they left.
So, McFamily is home!!  We are all recovering from the trip--LOL!  I hope they all get well soon and back on Fargo hours.  Dagan will have to quickly because he goes back to work tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday, everybody!!  :):)
"And you will know exactly who you are, forever, by knowing what it is that you love."
Mark Helprin

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday-10:15am: pictures from Japan and a video

Good Morning!  
I'll get the "local" news out of the way first--LOL!
We did have some 70s and sun the last week.  Even hit 80!  And yet yesterday I saw a few snowflakes dancing in the updraft beside the building.  Yoyo weather still prevails.
Clouds teased us...
...but never produced moisture until during the night Saturday night.
Just light drizzle, but we'll take anything we can get.  Instead of our annual flood watch up here we've been on a fire watch instead.  Karma loves snoozing on a rainy day...well, any day, let's be honest.
I went to drive over to McFamily's on Sunday and discovered that the automatic windshield wipers don't work at all on any setting!  The manual button on the end still works for a swipe...but then you have to press that button all the time on your entire trip (which you can't really do while taking corners--awk!)  Luckily for me it was just drizzle most of the time and I made it there and back.  But I am due to go back today and this is what it looks like this morning.

Hope there's nothing but light drizzle or no rain at all.  I know.  I'm being very selfish.  We need rain so badly.  
I had another evening video hangout with my favorite people in Tokyo. 
Can you tell they were a little tired that morning?  LOL!
I love the video chats!  
Even get Gramma-smiles.
The bit of rain has caused...can you see it?...
...the grass to finally start turning green!  TaDa!!
Last but not least...Dagan and Leah both sent me all their pics and videos yesterday!  OMG!!  I spent yesterday going through hundreds of pictures!  What fun!  (Not that I know where they were all the time or what they were looking at--LOL!)  
There was this stray picture of Ian before they left home.  He's standing by their coffee table and (in weird large perspective) that's his new water bottle he took on the trip.  
I realized I forgot my coffee mug shot so I am counting the water bottle and shots of them eating and drinking in Japan for T-Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's.  :):)
Don't worry--you're not going to see hundreds of pictures today--LOL!  Just the beginning of the trip and one extra place they stayed that fascinated me (because I have a video).
Ian did a lot of napping on the long flight.  Mama has on her nursing coverup, in case you're wondering.
Someone took this picture of McFamily on the plane.
And here they are...back on the ground in Japan!!
Leah's brother, Aaron, met them at the airport.  The first night they were totally exhausted so Aaron went and picked up some food and they crashed.  But the next day they were off wandering about Tokyo.  Here's Leah with Ian in the stroller and Aaron out on the sidewalk ready to roll.

Remember the one picture I got of Ian in the bouncy bee?  I thought this was funny--Dagan taking a picture of Leah taking a picture of Ian.
They wandered the busy city.
There are, quite literally, hundreds of pictures.
But I wanted to share this video Leah made for me of their hotel room when they went on one of their two-day tours.  (She said I could.)  I'm not sure if this was when they went to Mt. Fuji or Kyoto, but I was fascinated!!
Here they are all dressed in their special robes (I can't remember the name of them, either, Leah) and ready for dinner.
Ian LOVED this room with the furniture that was just his size--LOL!
Nice family picture before dinner...
...and, yes, they did set up the beds on the floor while they were eating their meal.
Anyways, McFamily will be home in less than a week!
I'll include more pictures here and there along the way.  What an adventure!!  But I will be so glad to see them home so I can hug Dagan and Leah and hold that little Ian in my arms again.  Doesn't Ian seem so much older already?  I know.  He's only been gone 2 1/2 weeks...and he's just now turned 10 months old...but baby time passes much faster than gramma time.  ;)
Have a wonderful week!!  :):)
“Love is the substance of all life. Everything is connected in love, absolutely everything.” 
Julia Cameron