Saturday, January 20, 2018


This will be quick.  I've been sick since Tuesday.  Luckily I am running a reverse temp so they aren't as bad (97 to 98 degrees).  Nothing bad, just exhausting.
Anyways, I had been working on setting up my bullet for a few days.  Will continue when I'm feeling better.
Also, had to cancel dentist cleaning & checkup, eye doctor checkup, and Caroline for cleaning this past week.  Will reschedule when I'm well. 
We had some snow...
...that made it difficult... 
...for Annie to spy on (or scare) the birds. 
Even trying her alternative spy spot on the art table by the studio window didn't work well due to snow stuck to the screen there, too. 
Was a frustrating day for Annie--LOL!
But the critters are all still out there.  And hungry.
I asked Dagan if he could help out his sick old mom.  ;)  He came over with a smile after work, took out my trash for me, and brought in a whole lot of wild bird seed so I am good for a while.  :)   
That was it even on pictures, so you know I haven't been feeling up to par--LOL!  BUT--Serena was curious as to what my lapdesk set up was that bothered Annie so much (and did Miss Karma, too).  Imagine this pillow and lapdesk on my lap when I'm in the chair.
With my bum arm I can't even press down to hold the paper in place for very long so I put velcro strips on top of the lapdesk... 
...and on the back of this clipboard so I don't have to use my left hand to hold the paper down. 
So --if you can picture it--Annie figured out the best spot is to climb up on the arm of the chair and she lays down with her back against that light colored throw pillow under the lapdesk (which is the right height when I am sitting in there, of course) and then I can put my left arm around her and pet her while I write.
Annie still had quite a time adjusting to my hand coming and going from where she wanted it--to the terrible, scary, velcro-ripping noises moving the clipboard--flipping sheets--generally moving things about and sipping on coffee.  These frights and slights took a while for Annie to adjust to, but she kept coming back...until now she pays them little mind and she has even fallen asleep there--LOL!  :)
Anyways, while I have been under the weather I have watched the new seasons of Peaky Blinders and The Ranch and am now working on Colony (all on Netflix streaming) watched a few documentaries and movies.  Caught up on letters owed and slept a lot here and there.  Hope to feel back to my normal pretty soon.  Just wanted to let you know what was happening up here.  ;)  Later...
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well...for there is a Force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go."
Julian of Norwich

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


We had our Christmas on Friday the 6th of January.
Leah and the boys came first while Dagan stopped off at Fleet Farm on the way over to pick up more wild bird seed for me.  :)
First we just hung out.  Ian ran right over to get those toys--what do you call them?
 Flip and drain?  LOL!
Liam watched Gramma... 
 ...and Ian. 
Liam pays a lot of attention to what is going on.
 Just had a no fuss dinner--salad, pizza, and frozen yogurt.  But before dinner we opened presents.  The Bristle blocks were the biggest hit.

Ian got to help Liam open his presents.  (I noticed he even picked a present for Liam first.)  Ian wanted to help me open mine, too, and Gramma agreed.  
(I get awfully excited, too--LOL!)  

Just a wonderful day!  Even though poor Leah was getting over a cough/cold that Ian had already had.  Was such a nice time.  :)
Otherwise--been pretty quiet around here.  Had been terrifically cold for so long that when it suddenly got to 30-some degrees yesterday it felt like spring!  Leah dropped some stuff off for me yesterday and I only needed a sweater to run out to her car.  It's 37 degrees right now today--whoohoo!  Snow is melting and it does feel like a change in the seasons.  Of course we have a snowstorm coming through tomorrow and we're supposed to be back in the deep freeze again by Thursday.  It's just a little Mother Nature tease.  ;)
A couple times I have seen a regular cottontail rabbit here late in the evening when it is almost dark, but almost every afternoon/early evening the jackrabbits dominate.
 They do not seem bothered by Annie...
 She can be inches away on the other side of the glass and they could care less and just chew away.
I actually suddenly shifted over to very early hours for several days.  We're talking waking up before dawn.  Crazy ridiculous for me.
 I often see the five girls parked someplace nearby in the mornings.
 One freezing morning after a fresh snow the seven girls were all tucked into nice warm holes across the way...
 ...waiting for the five to eat their fill and get out of Dodge.  See them in the background?
 The seven have flown or run in by accident when they haven't seen the five already tucked into the patio...and they must be feeling quite feisty in the springlike weather because in the past two days they've boldly tried to usurp the territory.  This has created grouse chases all over the lawn out there.  There is a lot of flapping of wings, bodies popping into the air, squawking, and brief general mayhem 2 or 3 times a day.  More like what I see in the actual spring--so maybe they have spring fever, too?
I tried to catch it yesterday, but by the time I get the camera ready to go most of it was over with.  Figures!  Oh well--I tried.
Anyways, that is what's been happening up here.  Since we're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow I switched my eye doctor checkup to next week.  So now I have both the dentist and eye doctor checkups next week.  If the weather is okay Dagan and Ian plan to come over Friday for Gramma Day.  You know it will be all about the Bristle Blocks.  ;)
While I was typing there was another grouse covey flapping-chasing event that lasted a couple minutes.  The five are chowing down--alongside a ton of small birds.  It's almost time for the jackrabbits to show up, too.  Have a beautiful day!!  :)
"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."