Monday, May 29, 2023

May 29, 2023 Monday--4am

Good morning!

I have practically no pictures this week, but there are extra from Leah from their vacation.  If you don't want to feel like you spent a week in beautiful Itasca State Park seeing the headwaters of the Mississippi River feel free to skip those--LOL!  Gramma loves to see what they have been doing, of they must be included in my weekly newsletter.  ;)

What did I do all week?  Well, every day was in the mid-to-high 80s so I could only have it opened up in the mornings. Wednesday I slept most of the day and woke up about 6pm...and then couldn't sleep all night and all the next day until 7pm.  I was awake 25 hours...and that flipped my hours to where I was going to bed really early and up in the middle of the night.  Therefore was awake and could open up early in the morning while it was still cooler...which made Allie (and I) very happy.  She couldn't keep her eyes off the great outdoors.

I have not been feeding the birds ever since Leah and the boys planted the geraniums.  The critters weren't coming very often and I was only putting out about a cup a day after everything turned green, anyways.  I will put out the water dish if I can remember to get it from the garage.  I got the pen case (really a tool chest) ready to wheel out there.
When Dagan was here he wasn't keen on hauling that out to the garage for me and I completely spaced on why I wanted it out there until after he left.  (I really hope the brain fog clears up along with the inflammation issues...maybe that is also an inflammation issue, come to think of it--lol!)  I wanted it out there because I want the dressers as cleared off as possible so I can get some better pictures of them for selling.

Anyways, Dagan moved two smaller boxes for me from the bedroom to the living room.  The one was quite heavy for me--filled with white card stock reams Leah and I got on sale on Amazon for such a deal we stocked up...before covid and cancer, so I still have them all--lol!  (Enough to last me the rest of my life probably...which is good!)
Dagan hauled out to the garage a big black bag full of donations and then three bins full of winter clothes.  The one bin left with clothes in there was just waiting for me to wash clothes so I could add a couple things.  (Got laundry done yesterday.)
Those empty bins will be used to hold all my underwear, pjs, etc from my clothes dresser until I move.  Kind of like living out of a suitcase but it will be bin-living--lol!

And before you think my bedroom is looking pretty's the other side.
Yes, I made progress, but that's what I am working on now that I finished the seasonal clothes switching...the rest of the mess all around in the bedroom.  Plus I need to clear off the dressers and nightstand as much as I can so I can take pictures of them for when we put them up for sale.  Need to sell the hallway bookcases before we can sell the bedroom we can get it all out down the hallway--lol!  Feels like a jigsaw puzzle around here sometimes.  :)

Let's see--what else.  Oh, my laptop had some kind of chrome or microsoft change it wanted me to make--might have been an update but they wanted me to switch browsers and who knows??  Was fine when I went to sleep but when I woke up I had all these boxes over my screen.  Managed to delete (X out of) the 4-5 boxes but then couldn't use the keyboard--at all.  Couldn't type anything at all.  This happened the night after McFamily came home.  Talk about timing!  That's why Dagan came over (when he helped me haul stuff about) but it was not an easy fix.  Had to take it home with him.  But he did manage to fix it and brought it back--hurray!!  Or he would have had to mail it back to them (under warranty) and I might not have been writing to you this week.  (Dagan said he had a laptop I could have borrowed...but who knows if I could have figured out how to get to my blog--ROFL!)  I am so lucky that Dagan and Leah keep me online, that's for sure.  :)  

 So, I've been on different hours for several days.  Going to bed between 4-8:30pm and waking up between far.  I'm delighted to be anywhere close to my normal hours...well, to be sleeping at night (or evening) and not during the day.  :) :)  So this time my very early hour posting is not because I have been awake all night long.  Hurray!

I shall continue to work on the bedroom this week.  Sounds like Leah will be seeing if she can set up a donation pick up and be putting a few things for sale on Facebook Marketplace.  Good!  Fingers crossed things start leaving here.  Leah's in charge of all that, but at least I can be awake and dressed if strangers are coming over.  

I washed clothes so I have added that last winter bin on top of the pen case.  They're waiting for me by the door. 
Need to haul that to the garage today (supposed to rain) or tomorrow morning before Keanna comes to clean on Tuesday afternoon.  She uses my cart to haul my trash out to the dumpster for me.  Leah and the boys are extra busy on Tuesday so Leah is doing the grocery and errands run on Wednesday this week.  

Making progress.  Making progress.  :)

McFamily vacation!!
Looks like they had the best time!  
There was a playground nearby.  See all their bikes there?  Ian's, Dagan's, and Leah's with the carrier for Liam.   
Those boys are always thinking of things to do--lol!

They covered the tree stump with dandelions.
Found places to insert the stems...and there were plenty of dandelions to spare--lol!

I think it is because they don't have a lot of screen time.  Less than I did in the 50s.  But when we were kids we were always thinking of things to do and make and playing games...even though we certainly had plenty of TV time.  Was limited with only five channels but I managed to be a TV baby regardless.  The older I got the less I watched--especially in the summer because we were outside all day if it wasn't raining.  I was a sucker for the afternoon matinee movies, though.  Evenings--prime time--you could watch with Mom and Dad if you wanted to.  One TV for many years and the parents were in charge of what was on.  Things have changed so much.  But Ian and Liam do not have access to the internet and they have certain kids programs and movies they watch.  They are not growing up glued to their phones or the TV.  I'm glad of that.

I digress--back to their vacation. 

One vacation note--collecting ticks--just in case. 
 Something we do up north.  If you live where you have ticks it is good to have the tick body if you get sick later so they can test it for Lymes.

They went on a lot of bike rides.  Dagan told me they rode from one end of the park to the other and Ian has really taken to his bike now.  Loves riding it! 
Liam is a bit young to be able to keep up on long bike rides so he rode in the carrier.
Liam did get in practice on his scooter, though. 
There were many hiking trails, too.
So beautiful!  I do love the woods...despite the ticks and mosquitoes--lol!
I wondered where they had such a view!

Way up on top of an observation tower.
My legs wouldn't be able to climb that anymore...
...and I am afraid of heights!  But in my younger days I would have climbed it regardless.  Can almost feel my stomach doing flip-flops as I think about it--lol!

They had lake time, too!

You can see Ian has these bug bite patches all over him.
Liam had some, too, but Leah said Ian really reacts to mosquito bites.  The patches keep them from itching, I guess.   Cool!  I wish we had those when I was a kid.
Ian and Liam found snail shells.
They brought them home.  I told Leah I still have shells from vacations to Florida when I was a kid.  They are out in a box of memorabilia in the garage.  Should be.  Been a very long time since I looked at them.  Leah said they used to bring home shells and rocks from the lake when they visited her Grandparent's lake home.  Did any of you collect rocks or shells when you were a kid?  Do you still have them?  (Leah doesn't.)

Having fun eating out.
Their cabin had a kitchen.  That really saves you some money being able to make your own meals.

This crossing was before the headwaters.
I don't remember that being there...but I remember the headwaters!
Rock hopping on slippery rocks.
Dagan waving on a rock 40 years later--lol!
Short video.  This will make you feel like you are there!
Selfie of the family with the headwaters behind them.
Lots of hiking.  The boys resting on a rock.  
Candid shot of the boys by the cabin.
Family selfie with...
...the big white pine behind them.
They also saw the largest red pine that is dead now...but would have been alive 40 years ago when Dagan was there.  (We never saw it.)  The red pine lived to be 300 years old!
Family selfie by the now dead red pine.
They did see a woodpecker and the boys were excited.  Leah caught a shot of it flying away.
Just beautiful trails to bike or walk.
There was a guest book at the cabin.
The boys dictated their thoughts on the vacation and signed it.  So cute!
They even saw a porcupine near the road on the way home!
What an adventure!!  It was Leah's birthday on Sunday while they were gone, too.  This actually brought back fun memories for me.  :)

So, there you have it!  Another week has flown by.  I swear they go faster and faster the older I get.  Next time we chat it will be into June already.  Middle of the year in no time!  Goodness!  I hope you are enjoying the change in seasons if you get them.  Fingers crossed I'll have some flowers to show you next week.  Bless you!!!  :) :)  

Monday, May 22, 2023

May 22, 2023 Monday--1:45 am

Good early morning again!

Yup--I'm still on opposite hours.  Oh well.  I'm sleeping longer, so that's good.  No ear drops ever came in the mail.  I found the name of them on the sheet I got after the visit--so Leah picked me up a bottle when she was out shopping on Tuesday.  I didn't bother to call or follow up because I had a bottle and it sounded like something I might need to be using so I figured an extra bottle wouldn't hurt.  None ever came so I don't know if she actually did call in a prescription or not.  Didn't care enough to find out--lol!

I don't have my bone density scan until July 21st.  I have my CTscan, lab work, and visit with the oncologist coming up beginning of June.  So very nice to have appointments so far apart.  :)

Leah and the boys came on Monday to plant my Tango Red Geraniums from Costco. 

They brought my chair from the garage, too.
Each planter has a geranium on either end.
We'll be making a trip to Baker Nursery after they are back from vacation to buy a few more plants.  The petunias did fantastic last year, so some of those for sure.
Monday night McFamily went to visit a farm.  The chiropractor's receptionist (Leah's been going there for years since a car accident--and the whole family goes there sometimes) invited McFamily to come in the evening at feeding time.  Both Ian and Liam got to bottle feed the calves.
They bought the calves from another farm where the mama had triplets!  So rare!  But the mother only has milk for one calf so they bought these two and are bottle feeding them.  Brownie and Blackie.  No, I can't tell the difference--lol!  :)

They saw the adult chickens.  Ian held one but Liam wasn't quite up to that.
Then they went to see the little chicks!
When these chicks are old enough to start laying Leah can buy eggs from her!  Nice!
Liam was brave enough to pick up a chick.
You can tell they are not used to being around farm critters.  But they really enjoyed them!
Looks like a lovely little farm.  
Great picture of McFamily.
What did I get done this week?  The hallway bookcases are all emptied and the tops cleared off!
Just meant a lot of shuffling into the bedroom--LOL!  But they are ready to go!
I made beef soup.  Miscalculated and thawed out three packages of beef stew meat and could only fit two in the big crock I also made an actual beef stew with carrots, peas, and potatoes on the stove, too.  Leah also dropped off some foods before they left.  Well, she sent Dagan over with them because she was busy packing and getting ready to leave.  Anyways, I am all set for stuff to eat for a while--nice!!

Thursday McFamily were off to Itasca...bikes and all!
What a charming little cabin!

Looks like the boys will share a bed.
They were excited about having a fireplace and wanted a real fire.  It was a little chilly for a couple of days there but bounced back to 80s again here, anyways.
Leah said she'd have pictures after they came back...but she sent those in a text the day they arrived.  Luckily I have figured out how to get pictures from a text to my computer.  Love this one of the family in front of the fireplace.
And Sunday I got this one of the boys on the beach.
Happy Birthday to Leah (Sunday).  She got a whole entire birthday week escape!!  I hope they have just the very best time.

OMGoodness!  Leah has the rotating photos on my TV and I just saw the picture of when I started purging in the bathroom and had the washer and dryer piled with stuff...and there was that Murine ear cleaning kit box.  ROFL!  I had bought it way back long before covid due to my hearing loss getting worse over the years and people telling me it could be wax build up.  But--truth--I was too scared to use it--lol!  Eventually went to the walk-in clinic instead where he told me my ears were clean as a whistle...forgot all about that kit.  Found it when I was purging and tossed it.  Guess I should have kept it, eh?  Probably was expired.  I'd had it 4-5 years.  LOL!

Oh, and I never stick the Q-tips down into my ears.  Kind of swirl them around the outer edge of the top of the inside.  Anyways, I think it is just another thing that has been effected by the inflammation from head to toe.  One day I will be free of it...I hope.

Meanwhile, Ian went to the eye doctor (for the first time, I think) and found out he is colorblind.  Red and green.  I think they said Leah's Grandpa is (brain fog memory).  My uncle was, too.  My Mom bought a purple couch when we were kids and I remember her brother was totally shocked to find out it wasn't a green couch--LOL!  I know I see shades of green-blues, teals, and turquoise differently than Dagan and Leah I might have a touch of it myself.  Mine seems to be seeing shades of greens and blues differently.  But I remember I could see the numbers when I was tested as a kid with those cards with all the colored circles or bubbles.  Are any of you colorblind?  

I remember being tested in grade school for hearing notes.  I was one of two kids in all of Parkview school who was told they had perfect pitch.  Which just had me set upon by choir and music teachers...and I had zero interest.  Got pushed into playing clarinet for a year.  I was horrible at it.  Having perfect pitch doesn't make you musically talented--lol!  I never notice anything different except on those occasions when I hear someone sing off key or hear an instrument played off is a bit like chalk on a blackboard--lol!  I wonder if they test kids anymore for that?  Probably not.  Cripe!  They don't even teach kids cursive handwriting in most schools anymore, I heard.  

You can bet I will teach Ian and Liam cursive.  I already ordered a class with a set of videos and worksheets plus I bought a book all about cursive.  They didn't teach us till 5th grade, if I recall.  Or was it 6th?  Do you remember when you learned?  I loved handwriting assignments!  Seems to me it was somewhere around the same time that they first allowed to use pens in school, too...and my love affair with pens & paper began.  They asked if anyone was interested in having an international pen pal...and I began writing to Valerio in Italy...that's a story in itself!  Yes, I do think that was 5th grade.

Anyways, I'm going to post extra early once again because I just woke up at 6pm.  Yup--days and nights totally flipped.  They'll flip back eventually.  I did get to the bookcases this last week...hopefully I will get through switching clothes this coming week.  As long as I get to one big project I am happy.  My days of flying through projects are long gone--LOL!  No Energizer Bunny these days.  I am more like the tortoise in The Tortoise and The Hare--LOL!  But plodding away in a direction will still get you somewhere.  ;)

Whether you are sprinting or plodding along slowly...have a great week!!  Till next newsletter, my friends...have a good one!  :) :)