Monday, June 26, 2023

June 26, 2023 Monday--1:15pm

Good morning!

I started moving things on Monday to be ready for the sauna to leave and finished up on Tuesday.  I moved the red end table into the studio and used my cart to move the stack of boxes in the bedroom to make another U-Haul end table.

Got the bedroom as cleared away as I could.
I even moved the rolly carts into the pantry.
Tuesday Leah and the boys came right after they dropped her friend's boys at their classes and the guy was already here waiting for her at 9:30am.  She moved the empty bookcase out of the hallway and they got busy taking the sauna apart (after he tested it) while the boys and I watched a cartoon show with a grizzly bear.  Then they started to haul it out to his SUV.
No wife or friend to help so Leah had to.  It was really hot and sticky (86F)
Leah had to be back to pick up her friend's boys at 10:30am so they rushed away as soon as the guy was done and just made it in time!

The sauna is gone!
I had been worried about the sauna selling and it will probably be the bedroom furniture I should have worried about--lol!  Not a nibble.  Annie was baffled by the missing sauna.
She exhausted herself crying in the bedroom and pacing around the apartment.  It reminded me of when she first got here.  Cried and cried...paced and paced.
Her life has been torn apart before so I think she was afraid she was going to be abandoned again.  She'd conk out on her new favorite end table...but then resume again.  
By the next day she had calmed down a lot.  Imagine how she's going to feel when the bedroom furniture disappears.

This is one reason why I want things done on my end ASAP...even if we might not move till next year.  Both Allie and I need some down time to relax...and so she'll feel safe again...and so I can recover for a good long time before the actual last packing and move.  :)

Thursday I made it over to McFamily's for the first visit in ages!  Early birthday present for Ian.  So funny--he started to rip it open and I said--stop!stop!  I want to take a picture.  So they patted the paper back--LOL!
I actually took a short video of the opening.
He was sooo excited!  

While he started putting it together, Dagan and Leah and I went downstairs so I could see the progress myself!  
The floor looks better in person.  The living room/kitchen look bigger and the studio looks smaller--lol!
They got the walls up around where the washer and dryer will be going under the stairs.  They bought plumbing pipes and laid them out.
Now you can see where some pipe will go down and across the cat tunnel.
They laid out all the plumbing pipes that will get attached to the the existing pipes in the maintenance room.
I got a tour downstairs with descriptions of the apartment and how the lights and such will go, etc.  My kitchenette will look like a smaller version of theirs.  The same cabinetmaker is still around and I have always loved theirs.  My ceilings are lower so mine will go to the ceiling and won't be staggered, of course.  On the left hand side of the sink I will have a skinny microwave like theirs.
Over the sink I will have a bigger, lower cabinet like they have with a light underneath...
Not way up high like mine is here--so I'll have more storage.
(Oops!  That pic was a little more crooked than I thought--lol!)

Leah has this little flip down thingie in front of her sink where you can hold scrubbers and such.  I said okay to that, too!
I will have a similar frig to theirs with an ice maker and water you can access from the front!  Never had that before.  
And drawers instead of shelves--how fancy!  And much easier to get to everything.  Big drawers will be new to me, too.
I can hardly imagine it all.  Sweet!!

 Then we went up to the second floor so I could see the cabinet in the hallway bathroom.  Mine will look similar to this but shorter and I haven't decided on a sink yet.
I will get a tall skinny cupboard like this one in their master bathroom but in mine it will go to the ceiling.  And I'll have just a mirror, also, with some kind of lights over it. 
The cupboard will be my medicine cabinet and more!
When Leah asked me if I would like one of these--I didn't hesitate.

Still a lot of decisions to make.  But less all the time.  :)

Me--I worked for two days--most all of Friday and Saturday--on trying to figure out the floor plan for the studio now that there won't be a closet and I have more wall space for the IKEA Billy bookcases.  It was quite a project.  I had to find the measurements online to the Havsta bookcases, take the measurements of everything that is coming with me, and search out the way to configure as many Billy bookcases as I could fit in the room.  (And there's an endless way to configure Billy bookcases!)  The Havsta bookcases are deeper.  Leah suggested not to put them on the wall adjacent to the living room--so I could have as much room as possible to get around the table in the center of the room.  Smart!  So I needed the narrower Billy bookcases down that wall...but I also needed a spot for the two skinny drawer units (I have one now by the door in the studio and have ordered another one)...and it was difficult to figure out how to utilize that corner piece of the Billy can add bigger or smaller bookcases on either side if you want many options.

But I finally figured it out about 4:30pm on Saturday!  TaDa!!
I know the sketch is not proportioned correctly at all, but the measurements are good.  Leah re-measured once the walls were framed (I whited out the old measurements on the sheet Leah gave me long ago)...just needed to make an adjustment for the sheet rock.  Took many attempts, a lot of scribbling out, and crumbling paper--lol!  But I ended up with three smaller bookcases in the corner and three larger ones down that side wall.  The two drawer units will fit between the die cutting table and my art table on the other side.  I will even have some room in the far left top corner for the big awkward stuff I have in the closet now (table easel, large cutting mats, etc) and even two choices for where to park the two rolly carts!  

Anyways, I am so relieved to have that done.  Now we know what is left to order.  I needed to know how high the ceiling is going to be, too, as far as which bookcases will fit...but Leah says the tallest ones will fit.  Nice!  

Anyways, Ian was so focused on getting his Lego Minecraft land together that he was up till 10:30pm!  They sent me this picture!  He is really into Minecraft!  Loved his gift this year.  :)

Several of you remarked at how much stuff I have in the studio.  Those who have followed me for years know how in my last one-bedroom apartment I lived in the midst of all of that right in my living room--lol!  It was definitely like I lived in a craft store.  When I recently purged those rubber stamps I donated, most of my oldest stamps I had left from when I was a teenager are finally gone.  I have been collecting writing, craft, and art stuff since the 60s.  It's the one area I have always had a terrible time letting go of anything.  In the very beginning of the 90s I took adult classes at night in watercolors, pastels, and card making.  That was when the gathering of supplies got a bit more varied.  (Previously I had made ceramic plant pots and macramé holders--built my own planter boxes with a macramé trellis--built stacking wooden toybox shelves for Dagan when he was a toddler, things like that.)  

After I moved from Minneapolis to Fargo in 1999...took art classes in college (pastels, drawing, acrylics, book binding), went regularly to local cardmaking classes, joined a watercolor painting group, took adult watercolor classes at the Plains Art Museum, and went to local beading classes...oh, and also decided to try paper making, mixed media, art journaling, oil painting (Bob Ross), and polymer clay when I discovered YouTube.  My problem--I loved it all!! 

My health has not been good for some time, as you know, so I haven't been able to play as much as I was there in the early 2000s.  My energy/spoons have been limited for over two decades due to fibro.  By the time I had to quit school I could no longer stay up all night long making cards or painting or doodling or being lost in creative writing.  I couldn't spend an entire weekend making 100 Christmas cards or handmade paper for bookcards or making art journals.  For the first time in my life I had to learn to do everything steps.  But, with my time juggling, I still managed to get some things done.  

The past three years (or is it closer to four?)...well, however long it has been since my left leg swelled up for no apparent reason that time...hadn't been feeling well.  I think it was about a year later or so that I started having bloody urine and they thought it was UTI issues...a couple of times over several months.  Till I was told out of the blue (didn't know my doctor had even ordered that in the urine test "just to be on the safe side") that it was cancer and then...well, you know the rest.

I am slow to recover from all of that...but I am recovering.  I do plan to get back to my creative side again--before I move--once I am done with the P&P on my end.  I know I will have some spoons.  Obviously--because I have been having spoons off and on to be able to do all this P&P work.  I wouldn't have been able to do all of this even a few months ago.  :)  

Going through all the studio stuff is going to be the hardest (and there's more in the hall closet and out in the garage--lol!).  I have only done some very minor sorting and purging--ever!  I have managed to do it in every other area of my life--even books and nostalgia stuff--lol!  But this time...this move...I am not just basically moving all the art/craft stuff as is.  Not again.  I managed to get rid of all those rubber stamps already...a box full.  Like I said--some were from when I was in high school.  Some from the 80s and 90s.  It will get easier as I go along, I think.  But this will be the very first time I have ever truly purged my art and craft stuff.  A lifetime's worth.  Especially have accumulated the majority in the past 35-40 years.  

I know I'm thinking of it because  The donation pickup is supposed to be this Thursday.  So then we can tackle the kitchen and pantry (which will be pretty easy and Leah will be helping).  After the studio.  It is coming.  Will be huge for me...and probably the slowest purge ever--ROFL!  I wonder how many paints will be dried up?  How many sprays will be clogged beyond repair?  But the rest should be good.  Just have to decide what to keep and what to donate and what to toss.  


Let's change the subject.

Got pics and short videos from Leah.  Since Daddy had to work on the previous weekend he had a day off and went with to the morning classes.  Here he and Liam were being silly while Ian was playing tennis.

Ian at tennis lessons.  Looks like he is getting the hang of it.
Liam at his tennis lessons.
Later in the day Liam has the Junior All Stars where they do something different every time, I think.  Here's Liam and a little girl practicing catch.
Liam and a little boy practicing bowling.  Liam got distracted but they were doing a great job learning about sharing, having patience, and taking turns.  lol! 
Ian went to this same group when he was younger.  Here he's waiting for Liam's class to be done.
Liam has now graduated from his Junior All-Stars classes.
He and Ian racing to play on that jungle gym.
Ian had his birthday party on Saturday.  Nine years old!!  Mama made a Minecraft birthday cake.  This is apparently a Creeper from that game.  She told me that he sneaks up behind you and explodes.
I'm sure I will learn more about these things they are so interested in when I am living there--lol!

So that was this last week.  We had a few days with rain.  One day a lot of rain and wind--light and heavy off and on most of the day--even battered my geraniums pretty good.  (Luckily not raining when the guy came for the sauna, though.)  Cooled off a little when the rains came--ahhh!  But now we're supposed to remain back in the 80s again for a good while.  

Keanna comes tomorrow.  I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday if I make it.  (I still have mucositis/mouth pain, feel crummy, and deal with sudden diarrhea--but I haven't been to the dentist since before cancer so I need to try to make it to at least find out if I have actual cavities or just the same random mouth pain I've had ever since chemo.)  Thursday is the donation pickup.  Going to be a busy one, I think. 

Have a really great week!  Till next time...stay positive and know you always have somebody on your side.  Me.  :) :)

Monday, June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023 Monday--11am

Good morning!

Well, we don't have a donation pickup until June 29th.  So I really have been taking it easy!  Found out I was more shot than I had realized.  Had several nights where I have slept 9 or 10 hours.  So I guess I am reluctantly glad to have some time off from the heavy duty P&P work.

I did set up letters finally!  When I was so busy with P&P I'd collapse after and be too tired (and sore) to even write I got very behind.  I had 16 set up and now I have 9 left there stacked up.  So that's the silver lining to not being able to do any P&P right now...been doing paper chatting all week.  :)

You may notice I have actual CatTV on with squirrels at a bird feeder for Miss Allie.  Now that I am not feeding the birds this summer, we only have occasional bathers to watch.  The robins are true water lovers and usually come mornings.  Anyways, now Allie gets real CatTV shows to watch sometimes.

I got the results of the CTScan and urine analysis (looking for cancer cells) and I am still free and clear!  SOOO very nice to hear.

Wednesday the small barrister bookcase sold in the living room!!

A lot of dead philodendron leaves behind there--lol!

I did manage to empty the other two end tables in the living room.  Just had to do a little something...even if I just emptied them and stuck stuff in plastic baskets to sort through later--lol!

When I am sitting in my chair on R&R this is what I am looking at.  The studio.
I said I should take some before pictures in there.
Kind of overwhelming.

The tall skinny IKEA drawer unit by the door will be going with me.  You already know the bottom half is full of ink and pens--lol!  The top half is currently full of clear stamps--but I will decide what I really need to have with me till I move.
So much to go through.  
Can hardly see the surface of my art table.
Those two IKEA drawer units under the die cutting table will be coming with me, too.  I will also be reorganizing them both to hold lots of goodies to tide me over until I move.  ;)
My little red-legged glass table will stay until I move and then be sold.  I'll need it to hold a few things for me in the meantime.
And then there's the closet!
I really do have my work cut out for me.
There are even ink pads behind the door on the wall!
Oh, and I didn't even get a good picture of the opposite corner walls.  

Okay--just did.  The wall by the window has punches and scissors hanging and a couple of shelves with gesso and glue and odds and ends.  Above the die cutting table is my shelf unit... glorious, colorful shelf unit...filled with mostly paints and sprays.
I got it on sale many years ago on Amazon.  It is made for CDs!  This narrow set of shelves was one of my better purchases.  I want to be able to look into my studio after I move and gaze upon these shelves over the die cutting table through the door.  (Now that I won't have a closet in there, that can actually happen--whoohoo!)

I'm saving the studio for the last P&P inside.  Going to be the hardest for me to purge.  But I have gotten better at letting go since I first started in my bathroom and will be as good as I am going to get by the time I hit the studio--LOL!

Anyways, Miss Allie cracks me up.  I haven't had the bird seed containers on the end table by the patio door since the warm weather got here and the birds had easy access to food and weren't coming around very much.  But I had left the cloth piece there (an old arm cover for a couch) that I had under them.  I finally removed it and Allie suddenly loves to park herself on that end table.  She is so funny about what she will not step on!  She didn't want to step on that fabric on the empty end table.  

She is also freaked out over that middle end table now being U-Haul boxes.  She used to get to "her" chair from my chair by using the folding table and then stepping on the corner of the end table.  She will not step on the cardboard box.  She either retreats altogether or she works up to a leap from the folding table.  So silly!  But that is Allie.

Anyways, ever since the end table has been completely emptied it is her favorite place now.

Silly girl!  But a happy girl!

Gerald slid the owner's manual for the sauna under my door this week.

I did order some new micron drawing pens...but had no extra spoons to sit down and make some stationery...yet.  But here's the books I didn't pack away.  

This one just has drawn flowers and that's it.
Most are black and white...
...but some are colored.
I like these two because...
...they have step by step drawings.
One book has flowers.
The other has cacti and succulents.
I thought some of the step by steps may have kind of leapt a bit at the end. 
Then I got this book...
...where I saw how far... 
 ...and fast...  
...a step-by-step...
...can leap!  LOL!
I still appreciate having the steps, regardless.

In the meantime, when I have some energy...I now have these baskets on the kitchen counter to sort through from drawers and end tables.
And I found a bunch of old writer's magazines I haven't read in one end table--lol!
I can skim through those little by little.  Whatever my eyes will tolerate.  Don't want to just toss them without going through them, you know?

Miss Allie wants you to know she still does use her various cat beds...
...even if the end table is her favorite spot during the day.
I love that the geraniums are bright spots of red out there now.

Put all my new drawing pens and some not so new ones together in a couple of my pen cups.
I hope these will last me the next 15-20 years like the last ones did.  
As of this weekend they have all been delivered...sets of blacks in different sizes and colored pens.  I am all set!
They are living on top of a rolly cart by the pantry next to my daily journals...
...and the drawing books reside on the bottom shelf.
All set to go.  Just need to feel refreshed and energized.  :) :)

You realize how old you are when some things you purchase are probably going to last you the rest of your life.  Kind of a sobering yet funny thought.  Well it makes me chuckle, anyways.  ;)

Turned out Dagan had to work this last Saturday and Trent was busy so nothing done on the build.  I think we all needed a break anyways.  


 Last but not of yesterday...the possibly exciting news is...the sauna is probably sold!  A couple is supposed to drive up from Minneapolis tomorrow to pick it up.  On Facebook Marketplace you never know until they have actually shown up with the cash, but it looks quite promising.  I would be so happy if it was sold.  That's my biggest ticket item, so I was willing to lower the price.  Fingers crossed!

I'm not going to worry about getting anything done this week...or at least try not to--lol!  Still on vacation from P&P.  Might do nothing extra but catch up with more paper chats.  Slept nine hours again last night.  Enjoying this forced break once I surrendered to it--lol!  ;)  And I think my body needed this break. 

Have a wonderful, sweet, precious week, my friends!  :)  :)