Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Mornin'!  Mornin'!
We've had hot, windy, mostly sunny days all weekend in the 80s.  Miss Karma still often enjoys a hard pillow...
...like the door frame. 
Since I've been gradually getting back to my normal...I got the bug to work on the fauxdori booklets.  Ah!  Did you forget about my leather fauxdori covers with the too much coconut oil rubbed in?  LOL!  Well, I've been patiently leeching out the oil and am getting closer to being able to use them.  So I went through my various tablets and loose paper I had in the bookcase and began cutting...watercolor paper, drawing paper, marker paper, and writing paper...for both the smaller and larger fauxdori.
Notice my beloved, battered thermal mug of coffee is back by my side all the live-long day for the T Stands for Tuesday folks.  ;)
I even cut up some old filler paper to have lined paper for the small one. 
Karma kept me company...using the craft table for a pillow... 
...with one eye out for sparrows and swallows. 
 She hadn't even noticed I had picked up the camera...
...at first--LOL!  What a poser.  ;) 
I've been following Jennibellie on youtube for some time.  Jennibellie is an avid recycler and mixed media artist.  She started a Ning channel back in April and I joined...and signed up for the monthly challenge group (which I haven't managed to participate in yet).  Anyways, she put up a video for some prep work to do before the June challenge where you take watered down glue and kind of paste together your used artwork paper towels.  
I glued together my paper towels (select-a-size Viva so they aren't square)...
...and I tried the used baby wipes, too, even though she didn't think they'd work as well.  Those took forever to dry and I'm not sure they are holding together as well as the paper towels--but, then again, I'm not sure what we are going to do with them. 
I think my mod podge might have been a little too watered down--LOL!  Instead of ending up like a thick paper, mine came out more like glue-scented, leathery plastic.  I have no idea what we are supposed to do with these, but I can already imagine using them as soft, floppy bookcard covers or small journal covers.  I'll let you know what the challenge is.
Meanwhile...I got out what was left of an old 12 X 12" paper tablet and cut covers for the fauxdori booklets.  
Then I matched up the inside papers with covers.  Had four extra covers for the large fauxdori so cut up some business paper to fill those. 
Poked holes for a simple pamphlet binding, used dental floss, and sewed them all together. 
 You use two or three booklets at a time and I have ten for the larger one and eleven for the smaller one all set to go.  I am thinking that I might wax the inside of the leather covers to see if that would prevent any more leeching of coconut oil onto the booklets.  That might work, right?  I'll try it on the smaller one first.
Don't worry.  I'm not overdoing it.  These two projects took me four days.  :)  It sure felt good to be back doing something creative, though--even if it was just gluing, cutting, folding, and hand sewing.
This afternoon Caroline comes to clean.  I plan to ask her to help me bring my fans in from the garage.  I think I should be okay to do something like that now.  I have somebody coming to pick up all the older writer's magazines today, too (freecycle).  Hopefully I'll make it over to help Leah this week.  :):)  Things are slowly getting back to normal around here.
Have a truly fulfilling day!
Keep smiling!  :):)
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

Friday, May 23, 2014


Well, since we last spoke there have been some serene cloud days...

...Karma has been on swallow patrol... 
...and I quit The Plan on Wednesday.
Yup.  Simply could not do that to my body any longer.  I could take the jaw pain, the feeling like I had the flu all the time, drinking water in bursts all day long, her food plan not working for me (could have been in the 10%), and even the eating things I didn't like...but the diarrhea--OMG!  I do not think this diet is meant for anyone who already has, shall we say, "bowel issues" in the first place.  
Warning: TMI for some folks.
Obviously, having IBS, I have dealt with diarrhea for many years.  I do know what it's like to sometimes have less than 60 seconds warning.  But I have never had to deal with no warning at all!  I was afraid to cough, fart, bend over, or even laugh for heaven's sake!  That is why I was forced to quit.  Couldn't take it anymore.  Was making me much worse than I ever was in the first place.
I am now in recovery from The Plan.
 After all the time, effort, money...and hope I put into this...
Disappointing...to say the very least.
I missed this whole week with Leah, too.  Glad her dear friend, Amber, drove up to visit from southern Minnesota, though.  (Leah's birthday was Wednesday.)  Hopefully I will be able to visit this next week after Memorial Day.  I'm not sure how long it is going to take me to trust leaving the bathroom, let alone the apartment.
I guess I will stick to my own regular diet.  Vegetarian--little or no processed foods--few sweets--little dairy.  Oh and BTW--I have not gained or lost one iota since I quit the diet on Wednesday despite not drinking all that water and eating wheat bread and pasta?  Kind of funny.  :)
Anyways, just wanted to pop in and let you know what's going on up here.  I tried.  I gave it my best shot.  I guess I will just be the grandma I was meant to be, eh?  Even as an achy, partially mobile grandma...I can smile, tell stories, observe accomplishments, listen, give hugs, do art & crafts...and love goes way beyond playing blocks on the floor, right?  ;)
R&R up here.
Just waiting for life to get back to normal.  :)
Thanks for all the comments and emails and well wishes.
I'm sure I'll feel better soon. 
Oh, and we've had 70s up here the past couple days.  Gorgeous!  Supposed to stay like this all week--with occasional rain--and even supposed to reach the 80s.  (Could be too hot for me!)  Good recovery, read-on-the-porch weather.  Gratitude time!  Nothing like having things get tremendously worse for you to fully appreciate your own personal brand of crummy--LOL!  :) :)
 "Gratitude is liberating. It is subversive. It helps us to realize that we are sufficient, and that realization frees us."
Joanna Macy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I know.  I am not usually up this early.  Been a whole week since we've chatted, so grab a cuppa.  ;)  
Woke up at 4:30am and could not get back to sleep so I finally gave up.  Up before dawn for once.  Was a misty morning with a low blue cloud bank.  So humid that the windows were wet with condensation.  (Probably why I was so sore I couldn't sleep.)
Then the sun rose and has been dissipating the low fog. 
We've had some beautiful days this past week with lots of interesting clouds against blue skies... 
...blanketed skies and even thunderstorms. 
We've had clouds racing across the sky...
...and a mix of wispy and fluffy clouds meandering. 
The swallows are joyously dipping and soaring.  They take such delight in a windy day and keep Miss Karma entertained. 
 When Twinkle-Toes is not sleeping, of course.
"Oh, please...leave me be." 
The sun hits different spots during the warmer months.  Karma's been catching rays inside... 
...and outside. 
And stealing my spot on the porch chair as soon as I pack up my book and go inside. 
No art again this week.  *sigh*  This diet has literally taken over my life!  Although in this picture I was doing morning journaling and letter writing. 
On the 4th day I could have one cup of coffee in the mornings.  So, for all of you over at Elizabeth's at T-Stands For Tuesday, I got out my favorite big old mug (pre-thermal mug days) and this has been my companion every morning.  I can't use the thermal mug because it takes too long to drink--LOL!  I have way to much water to drink every day in short periods of time and coffee doesn't count in your water total. 
But tea does.  So I have been getting out my few old mugs I haven't used for years for cups of tea. 
Honestly...The Plan has not been easy for me...at all.  Now granted, I grew up in a household where basically the only spices were salt and pepper...and pepper was way too hot for me.  I only used salt on fried eggs and vegetables...if I even remembered.  We had lots of potatoes--covered with butter, gravy, or cheese sauce. (Au-gratin are still my favorite!)  We had broccoli and cauliflower floating in cheese sauce.  Green beans, corn, and carrots dripping in butter.  (I never liked carrots --hardly took any--none if I could get away with it--and by the time I am done with with them in The Plan I may never want to see another carrot as long as I live...unless it's covered in brown sugar glaze or cheese or something--LOL!)  Fruit was apples and bananas.  (My mom was really the more adventurous eater who liked peaches and beets and such.) 
We had bread with meals most of the time and a tall glass or two of milk.  Meat and potatoes type of cooking...and lots of hotdishes (or casseroles, as they are known in other parts of the country).  I remember thinking french style green beans were exotic--LOL!  Our goulash was hamburger, pasta, and Campbell's tomato soup--that's it.  Nothing else.  Plain, plain cooking when I was a kid.  I remember being in Home Ec class in high school and finding out about Italian Seasoning!  I talked mom into buying a bottle and our goulash was forever changed.
It took me years before I could eat broccoli or cauliflower without the cheese sauce (only glistening with butter).  I don't remember ever seeing garlic cloves until I was in my 20s.  Never tried to use it in cooking or actually eat it until I was in my 40s maybe.  Still can only use minute, minute amounts.  Way to strong for me--but keep in mind, I don't even like carrots because they are not team players.  They are so strong and overpower everything else (which actually came in handy eating the raw carrots and beets--LOL!).
Okay.  I already have IBS, right?  That is THE reason I am doing this diet--to get rid of inflammation and the IBS.  But the diet with all its seeds and alien-to-me veggies and spices...well, let's just say maybe things have to get much worse before they get better?  Please Lord, I hope that is the case.  Only time will tell. *sigh*
I had been eating all kinds of things for multiple last hurrahs the couple of weeks before I started the diet and was up about five pounds, so it was not a surprise that the first two days of the diet I lost them.  I didn't even really count that, to be honest.  And after that...I was exactly the same...every day.  Exactly.  (Have my new digital scale, you know.)  Which doesn't really tell me if I was eating foods that were actually good when it came to the inflammation because I wasn't losing anything.  According to the book, I should be losing...even if it was .2 lb a day.  Nope.  Not me.  Nothing.  Nada.  I have remained at my "normal" weight of the past few years.  Despite all this effort and water drinking and 80% foods I am not crazy about or dislike.
Then yesterday I gained a little.  BUT--what caused it?  Which food was the culprit?  God only knows!  If it can take up to 72 hours to react--there were half a dozen new things in three days.  (She adds a lot of new things fast in the first 20 days--but they are all the least reactive foods for the majority of people.)  If it was just the last 24 hours--well, I had four new-to-me things, I think (my bet is on dairy as the culprit).  I'll have to test the new foods from those days again, I guess.  It was a non-test day yesterday so I didn't eat anything brand new and lost again today.  Almost back to ground zero.  This is not working like the book says, that's for sure.
If I was not "reacting" to foods weight-wise (inflammation flag) all this past week...well, I can sure tell you that my body was sure reacting!!  Was it just strange foods?  Could be.  But that makes this all very confusing to tell what is going on and which foods to eat or not eat.  If I go by my body--I shouldn't be eating any of this stuff--ROFL!  
Oh, and eventually the light bulb went off as to why I was extra bummed about the not being able to have liquids with meals and the endless chewing.  
Okay--some of you may remember five years ago when the side of my face swelled up and I finally had to go to a dentist (no coverage, but have had after that happened).  Found out I had an impacted wisdom tooth, badly abscessed molar next to it, a cyst, and my jawbone was literally disintegrating.  Had to have surgery where they removed both teeth and had to shave down my jawbone and give me some kind of bone transplant (took me five years to pay that off).  They were absolutely, totally flabbergasted that I hadn't noticed the pain.  But I explained to them that I hurt all over--all the time--and my back (disintegrating spine) hurt worse than my jaw ever had.  Besides which my jaw is bone-on-bone from arthritis so it hurts all the time regardless.  I really do sound like I have fallen apart, don't I?  LOL!
Well, from chewing and chewing and chewing 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day just to finish these "dry" meals...well, my jaw finally hurts worse than my back--ROFL!! 
I've lost chewing teeth on the one side to boot!  
Lordy!  Lordy!  
You just have to laugh.
But I was not laughing yesterday morning.
This diet has been almost like having the flu.  Diarrhea coming and going, aching all over (as usual), stomach rolling and queasy (which it does after most of these meals).  But yesterday I hadn't even eaten the flax granola yet, my stomach was dancing, and the diarrhea decided to show up as soon as my feet hit the floor.  I knew it was going to be another BBD (bad bathroom day) and I wasn't going to be able to go over to Leah's to help her clean and organize the baby's things.  Was so bummed.  I've been waiting for this week with great anticipation because Leah said she'd come and get me every day if I wanted.  I'd gained for the first time and had no clue what caused it because I had too many new things.  The Plan hasn't been working like it is supposed to for me...the IBS has been worse since I started instead of better...I felt just totally defeated and fed up.  Almost cried.
  I am not a cryer. 
I did whine to Leah on the phone for over half an hour, though.  :( 
(Sorry, Leah.) 
Couldn't face another bowl of flax seeds.  
Skipped breakfast.
Had a second cup of black coffee for comfort food.
(First time I cheated on The Plan--could have been much worse.) 
I can assure you, I was feeling immensely sorry for myself.  
Then the mailman called me down for a package?  Wasn't expecting anything.  (Luckily he called right after I had been in the bathroom so I was good for a few minutes--LOL!) 
Here there was a package from Tracey Fletcher King!! 
Now Tracey had mentioned a while back that she had a little something for my birthday, but she hadn't been able to get to the post office.  OMG!!!  I told her not to even think about my silly birthday!!  Good Lord!!  Those of you who follow Tracey know she's gone through the worst many months of surgeries, aggressive chemo and radiation--just finished up and is slowly regaining her strength and healing and growing her hair back.  She's a talented artist living in Australia with a brilliant, clever daughter who just started college (or "university") this year, a sweetie-pie puppy, and a devoted hubby.  She retained her sense of humor and positive outlook on life throughout this entire ordeal and has been an inspiration to so many people. 
This lady took the time to think of me?!
I opened the package and found a little graph notebook with original artwork on the cover!  Wow!  (Yes, she LOVES tea!)  
And then I saw baby books!!  
Well, that did me in!  
I was wiping away tears!  
Possum Magic is an Australian storybook about a grandma possum and her gradnchild...with magic and Aussie foods for cures.  This was her daughter Phoebe's favorite when she was little.  Awww!
And The Grandmother Book is an entire book for me to fill in the blanks to tell my grandchild all about me--LOL!  From family tree to where I went to school to favorite movies.  :):) 
And then--the piece de resistance...
I had written Tracey a letter in one of my bookcards...and she made me a bookcard!!  I have never gotten one myself.  What a treat!  The cardstock cover is a copy of her original artwork.
Brown sheets of paper sewn inside... 
...that she discovered she could only write on one side of--LOL!  Yes, that takes some experimentation (how well I know), but do you think I cared?!  :):):) 
 I loved it!  
And I was feeling so very low all morning, too.  This fabulous package arrived on the absolute perfect day.   Thank you Tracey and Phoebe!!  :):)
Anyways, I have not given up on The Plan.  I still stuck with it yesterday after skipping breakfast.  My day is all off kilter this morning.  I guess it's time to have water and pills and start my day.  At least I haven't been in the bathroom yet--ROFL!  Maybe I might make it over to Leah's today.  Her best friend, Amber is there this week, too.  Leah's birthday tomorrow!  :)  Well, only time and meals will tell--LOL!  Wish me luck as I shoulder on.  At least we've suddenly had some beautiful weather in the 70s!!  I can read on the porch, if nothing else.  ;)
Oh, and I discovered this last week that naughty Blogger had randomly sent a few of my blog comments to spam!?  I have been trying to remember to check every once in a while.  I already know that feedburner doesn't always deliver everyones blog posts to my email.  *sigh*  All I can do is try to keep up the best I can.  One way or the other, this is going to be a busy week--so I am not sure if I'll be back before next Tuesday or not.  I hope so.  And I hope I have better news on the food front...and the bathroom front--LOL!  ;)
May you have a day with memories to last a lifetime.  :):)
“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” 
Pierre Corneille  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Good Morning!
Been a busy last couple days cooking up recipes for The Plan.  It takes me a long time to peel and chop veggies when I have to do it a little at a time.  I worked at it Sunday until my back couldn't take any more and my sciatic right leg was icky numb--quit, and continued on yesterday.  I made sure I had everything done on Sunday for Monday up till dinner. (Accidentally blended a recipe that didn't need to be blended, but it might go down easier that way, I guess--ROFL!)  Now I am pretty much set for a good week with not too much more cooking.
My frig has never been this packed full!  Mostly veggies and nuts! 
I've already used up about 7 lbs. of carrots and 14 small zucchinis and 10 heads of broccoli so you can tell what I am mostly eating for the three days of detox...and beyond.  I peeled and shredded beets.  OMG!  My kitchen looked like a scene from Dexter!!  This has been quite the experience for me already.
Yup--started on the program Monday morning.  I can tell you right now that this has not been easy for me.  The only recipe I really liked was the steamed broccoli (love broccoli, thank goodness).  I was very cautious with the alien-to-me spices (like turmeric, cumin and ginger) and I am not used to putting cinnamon in soup, either.  This is not bland, comfort-food fare for my Swedish taste buds, that's for sure. 
Well, except for the flax granola--LOL!  I'm supposed to eat a cup of that with a half a cup of blueberries and coconut milk in the morning.  Yesterday I made 3/4 of a cup with maybe a generous 1/4 cup of blueberries and it took me half an hour to get it down!  Never fear, it did not get soggy because flax seed doesn't apparently absorb anything--ROFL!  Half a cup and a sprinkling of blueberries went down faster this morning.  ;)  (I hope it doesn't take me an hour and a half to finish lunch again today.)
One of the aspects I have found out that is really difficult for me is the not drinking anything with meals--or for 45 minutes before and after meals.  So you can't even have water to wash some of this down--LOL!  Like romaine, pears, and pumpkin seeds--dry salad is something I have never eaten.  Shredded raw beets & carrots and pumpkin seeds--that's it.  I really realized how much I am used to having something to drink when I eat AND having something on my food to hold it together and make it go down easier...like salad dressing, butter, sauces.  And when a soup is called "creamed" my mouth expects it to be creamy and not just watery-pulverized-spicy veggies.  This may be nothing new to many of you, but it is a whole new world for me.  A healthier one--true...true.  But I will be more than ready to test breads, potatoes, pasta, sauces, dressings. etc...and will be praying mightily they will test okay for me.
At least she said you can have lemon water--no sweeteners.  I remembered these True Lemon packets I bought several years ago that have no sweetener in them.  Found them on Amazon and got a big box of them!    
Keep a bunch handy in a little bowl. 
Makes drinking all that water a lot easier for me.
I have alarms going off on my cell phone all day long...for meals, when to start drinking water and when to stop.  But that part was easier than I thought.  (Well, one can be really thirsty after eating a dry dinner and having to wait 45 minutes to drink water--ROFL!)  I have to remove my water thermos--keep it away from me--or I will automatically sip.  I am reaching over all day long out of habit.  I confess--I am a sipper.  It's also hard not to drink anything after 8pm.  But last night I was so exhausted, sore, and stiff from being on my feet for two days that I was in bed at 9:30pm--LOL!
Well, the alien foods won't be as alien now today (but there's no looking forward to meals, either).  I am surprised I don't have a worse headache from lack of caffeine.  Maybe all the water I have to drink during the day is helping with that--who knows?  And I did have some tea after dinner last night.  So--how did this all go in the end?  Well, this morning I was down 1.4 pounds.  So the first day was apparently a success.  I didn't react badly to anything I ate yesterday, I guess.
Karma?  Well, she was not crazy about the loud Cuisinart shredding and blending for two days or the alarm going off all day or every time she's all comfy-dozing on my lap I boot her off because I have to pee...but she has been really happy that I took the time to cut and tape her up a cat fort from the Amazon box.  I haven't done that for a long time.  She's in there right now watching me type.
Many of you wanted to know how The Plan is going.  There you have it.  Harder to eat this food than I thought...for me, anyways.  Maybe it will get easier as I go along.  If you have any questions just ask.  I'm excited for day four when I can have an ounce of dark chocolate for dessert!  ;)  I'd better test okay for chocolate!
Caroline comes today.  I'd best get moving here.  Happy T-Day to all the folks over at Elizabeth's.  Lots of lemon water for me right now.  ;)  
Wish me luck!  I'll keep you posted.  :):)
"Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties."
Sarah Ban Breathnach      

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Quick hello today.
We get some gorgeous peeks at the sun here and there.  But there's been a lot of cloudy and/or rainy days.  More to come all week, I guess.   
But as long as the sun stops by now and again for a visit, I do like the cooler days rather than the heat and humidity so I'm not complaining.  :)
Dagan and Leah stopped by briefly on Wednesday.   
She had actually let her hair go curly!   
She's been straightening it for about five years now.
I'm glad she had her last day of work yesterday.  She seemed tired and they were still heading over to Costco.  (They picked up a few food items for me, too, that they are dropping off tomorrow morning.)
The "Plan Friendly" flax granola had arrived from Columbia Country Bread.
Talk about "settling" in the bag, eh?  We all tried a little chunk...and all agreed that it was basically dry and tasteless like cardboard.
But what do you expect with no salt, oats, or sweeteners.  Maybe it will be better with the coconut milk on it?  They do make regular granola there, too, which probably tastes quite good.
Everything else has arrived--digital scale and all.  My Cashwise grocery order is coming this afternoon.  I am doing prep work and cooking for the first three days tomorrow.  Starting The Plan on Monday.  So strange to see things like chia seed, hemp seed, beets, pears, kale...coming into my kitchen--LOL!  The countdown has begun!  I shall keep you apprised during this adventure.
Oh, and the swallows have returned! 
Karma is happy!
The swallows are pretty darn happy, too.
My laptop has been acting up now, too--very slow and pages won't always open.  (What next, eh?)  And blogger has been giving me trouble about leaving comments on blogs.  Sometimes I think the universe is trying to tell me to just unplug altogether.  *sigh*  I keep getting error notices all the while I am writing this so I hope it will post.  Anyways, I am too busy at the moment to worry over it much.  Just wanted to put it out there in case you don't hear from me for a while.  It would be technical issues and not by my choice--just so you know.  ;)
I have a new stack of library books to read.  (A couple of them are interlibrary loans that are due already on the19th--some fun reading, though!)  A new crazy diet to follow.  Cleaning and organizing up the ying-yang.  A cloudy fish bowl that won't clear up.  (Dagan says maybe it's the snails--wouldn't that be unpoetic justice?)  Christmas cards to stamp.  Letters to write.  Several unfinished projects...and a little red-legged art table still patiently calling to me.  If the laptop keeps working I'll be back Tuesday.  ;)
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
Thomas Alva Edison 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Good Morning!  Good Morning!
Grab a cuppa.  
Lots of pictures today.  :)
We had a fascinating cloud day... 
...can't remember now which day I took so many pictures... 
...but here are a few.  
Saturday maybe?   
The wind created...
 ...an ever-changing panorama.  
Quite a beautiful sight while I took my many breaks on my quest to rearrange the entryway.  I emptied the dusty bookcase... 
...and removed everything from the walls. 
Had books and magazines stashed everyplace!  On the bench... 
...in the bedroom... 
...on my desk... 
...on the floor. 
I went through the shelf of magazines and have more I am going to post on freecycle.  Old Vegetarian Times and four different writing magazines. 
(I became a vegetarian four years ago last Sunday after watching "Earthlings"...well, with admitted chicken lapses 2-4 times a year. )
Cleaned off the bookcase and "walked" it across to the other wall.
As soon as I put the new shoe bench against the wall... 
...Karma invited herself up for a close examination.  (Well, she climbed into the empty bookcase, too, for that matter.) 
Never noticed this before. 
Well, maybe she had--but Karma never had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wall door stopper before.  
She smelled every inch of the bench..again.  The odor must have changed from having things piled on it for a couple days. 
The world looks so different with a shift in perspective. 
Meanwhile...I gradually finished putting together the rest of the black IKEA boxes.  The largest ones have rectangular holes in the ends for handles.  I didn't get the camera out fast enough when I set the first one on the floor but Karma, the queen of optimism (or denial), thought she could climb inside the box through that little hole!  She actually was trying to squeeze her head in there--ROFL!  She was quite annoyed.  
She stuck her front legs in--one at a time--and pawed around.  Tried to push the box around.  Climbed on top of it.  Cats hate to be denied access. 
Here's the completed stack of boxes!  TaDa!! 
All set for the cleaning and reorganizing to come.
I hung the poinsettia painting back in the entryway, but needed a level to hang the magnetic blackboard up straight because it needed two nails in very specific spots. 
I emailed our tool girl, Leah, about bringing over a level on Wednesday.  She texted me back with a link to an app!  Yes, "they have an app for that"!  ROFL!!  I now have a level on my cell phone...  
...and was able to hang the blackboard--no problem! 
All clean and shiny now! 
Decided to move my rainbow art piece while I had hammer in hand, too. 
Oh...speaking of hanging pictures...some of you who have been with me from the beginning of this blog (June 10, 2006) may remember when I hung this small canvas board outside my apartment door (on June 28, 2006--rest assured I had to look up these dates--LOL!).  A coreopsis wildflower I painted but didn't like how it turned out (messed up the center).  
I had already lived here over a year so I fully expected it to be stolen or defaced.  That's why I hung something I didn't care about losing, right?  Well, it was finally stolen just recently.  Gone.  Not a big loss or anything, but I am surprised how much I miss that cheery spot of color coming home.  I might have to make something else I won't care about losing, eh?  
Oh!  And the Cashwise website is fixed!!  Not that they would admit to me there was anything wrong with it--LOL!  Dagan said that he thought it was related to their program because it had not been booting people off after idle time lately.  (You could stay logging in for days!)  I think he was right.  Now it is kicking you out when you've been idle again and the login is working quite properly--tada!  Nice to have something fixed, eh?
I have to say--I am very, very happy that the sciatica has subsided so that I can usually do my hour at a time again these days and am able to get more done.  Really does make me extra grateful for what I can do.  Don't ever complain, right?  It could always be worse.  ;)
Oh--and Serena told me which tetras I have! 
Red Serpae Tetras.
( from google images)
They are quite handsome fish.
Last, but not least, for the folks over at T Stands For Tuesday at Elizabeth's...my trusty thermal coffee mug. 
When I begin The Plan (maybe as soon as next Monday if all my orders arrive) I will lovingly scrub this down and put it away...for who knows how long.  Since I am only allowed to test drinking a cup in the morning on the 4th day (and they expect me to stick to one small morning cup if I test okay to drink coffee), I am going to have to get down my few regular cups from the top shelf in the cupboard, eh?  You may not see my thermal mug for a good while.  I know it is boring to look at for you, anyways...but not to me--LOL!
Adios, dear warm friend!  ;)
Well, have a happy, happy day!  Do something that makes you smile.  Hope somebody has some sunshine today.  ;)
"I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."
Joseph Campbell