Tuesday, January 27, 2015


And Tuesday morning it is!
I captured the pre-dawn horizon glow...
(was it Monday? Sunday?)...
...before all the automatic lights... 
...retired for the day. 
We had sun for a couple hours before the clouds rolled in... 
...and took over the day. 
This morning we have thick fog.
You can see its been above freezing.  Again--not even a dusting of snow.  Brown grass.  
Yet I hear you are getting super dumped on again out east in the US.  We haven't had one good snowstorm up here yet this winter.  Strange.
Well, since I finally finished the tote, I wanted to finish with my planners, too.  So I worked on the Franklin Covey...got all the addresses transferred and the Christmas card list, etc.  Just need a set of alphabet tags to move all my passwords.  My "Information Station" is coming along quite nicely.  Then I do have a red filofax that I organized for art and craft stuff and as a kind of catch all for anything that doesn't go in the Franklin.  Got that done.  Whoohoo!
Since I have decided, after using it for almost a month now, how I think I want to set up my Bullet I thought I may as well set up February.  Not until I was almost done did I realize that the days were all wrong!  I had only used 1-31 for January on the big task list page and hadn't marked days of the week next to the numbers--but I decided I wanted to add the days from now on, right?  And what the heck!?  They were all wrong.  ??
I brought over my laptop and checked the calendar online...and the monthly stickers I bought on Amazon and were using as my reference...were not right!?  (And--yes--they came wrinkled like this, too.) 
I finally see on the back...2012!!! 
Who would buy 2012 stickers in 2015?  Why were they even selling 2012 calendar stickers?  It never occurred to me they wouldn't be current!!
Buyer beware.
What a mess!!
Silver lining...I had used my FriXion pens and highlighters so that I could erase.  But...in addition...my thin .38 blue I've been using a lot...ran out of ink.  So I had to repair with my 0.5 blue which is much fatter, as you can see.  (This drives my OCD side up the wall--won't be rid of this sloppy view till March--sigh.)
Now I know that the slim .38s that have the thin line I so love...well, they have refills less than half the size of the 0.5s...so they will run out of ink a lot faster.  But they do sell refills for all sizes at JetPens.  So you know I will have to make an order in February.  Oh, and they sell washi tape...  ;)
Meanwhile...I searched online to find a free one-page calendar I could print--tada!
Cut apart the months and I can add them with skinny tapes. 
Yes!  Guess what?  I forgot I had this set of tiny tapes (on the left hand side of the box) that I bought years ago!   
They were all these plain colors in a variety of thicknesses for super cheap--who could resist?  But they got shoved away and I actually forgot about them until I ordered washi tapes this month.  
And then--yes!--see the two rows of plain-colored, even smaller tapes?  They just arrived from Japan!    
Super cheap...around two dollars each for ten rolls, I believe...with no shipped costs...from two different places in Japan (Amazon).  They took almost a month to get here...but now I had to find a box home for my budding collection of washi tapes and tiny tapes--tada!  I think I need more of the pretty, decorated ones, dontcha think?  LOL!  Yes, I have had washi tape on the brain for about a month.  ;)
Now I know the big difference with washi, too.  You can see how thin the Japanese tape is I used to attach January.  You can see through it even.   
But the old (but still good) non-washi skinny tape I used to attach February is thicker and opaque.  Kind of like teeny tiny matt duct tape--LOL!  It's a lot heavier and I'm not sure it will come off like the washi tape does (quite easily repositionable).  I love the washi!  Amiee's pretty washi tape is also very thin, but not as totally transparent. 
Anyways, as long as I had the Bullet journal and my camera out and people have been asking me how I use my Bullet...so thought I'd show you what has been working for me.  I have two pages at the beginning of each month.  (They weren't even on the same page spread in January and in the opposite order--which doesn't matter to me, just so I have them both.)
One page has the mini calendar, goal/project list for the month, and the writing list for the month--letters, birthday cards, etc, will be listed there.  (Yes, I do quite a bit of letter writing most months).  Then the other page is the monthly task check-chart for things that repeat every day or weekly.  (The highlighting is to help me remember T Stands For Tuesday.)
Then I set up about a week on a page for the month.  I want to fit only that month in that month's section so some "weeks" are longer and some shorter.  Like the first page in February will go Sunday to Sunday.  I can have up to 9-10 days on a page or 3 days...however I feel like dividing up the month. 
I drew some checklist boxes about 2/3rds the way down the sides of the pages, but have left the rest of the page blank.  On the bottom I can list specific days I am supposed to go somewhere or someone is supposed to come over.  Could jot notes down there if I need to--whatever.   
As you can see, this works for me because I seldom have appointments and don't leave the house much--LOL!  I can add more checkboxes for that week if I need them, too.  I color code instead of using the actual bullet symbol system because I have been color coding on my desk calendars for years so that works best for me.  (I do love the little additions of color with the tapes!!) 
This works well for me because any and all plans in my life are tentative.  If I have a bad day...or two...or three...I don't have to rewrite everything over and over.  I have a longer period of time to get the things done on my list.  Less stress.  Less time spent.  Less paper used.  
I am loving it!!
Oh, before I forget...here's my red coffee cup for T-Day.  My trusted companion while I struggled to repair the Bullet as best I could.  Oh, and--Note--when you are erasing with FriXion pens the heat will also start to make whatever is on the backside disappear, too.  Especially if you are aggravated and really pressing hard and fast and furious--LOL!  (Just ended up making more work for myself.)  
BTW--I did write a very negative review warning people not to buy the stickers because they were for 2012.  And other calendar stickers from that company did say 2015 but the one I bought didn't say a year (tricky).  I only paid $2.13, I believe, for them--but they were now up to $7.98!  Last I looked, anyways.  They're still selling two kinds from 2012, though.  Now I can tell when I know how January is supposed to start...not on a Sunday.
When I plopped down in my chair in disgust over the stickers...I looked over and saw Miss Karma looking totally relaxed.  She didn't want her picture taken, though.  Wouldn't give me the time of day. 
Speaking of pictures.  :):) 
I love my rotating picture frame! 
Ian with food all over his face. 
They jump all over in time...from smiling on the couch...  
...to his first hours in the hospital... 
...to sitting up by himself.  :):)
For those of you who asked what T Stands For Tuesday is...you can click here or on one of the other links in this post.  We just get together (with links) on Tuesdays to share whatever it is we have been drinking and doing.  I'm the boring black coffee drinker with the same old cups--LOL!  I am drinking Starbucks House Blend today.  It's easy to join us or you could just come over and check out what everyone else has been up to without joining anything.  Nice group of ladies.  Well, all ladies so far.  :)
Anyways, I am usually one of the last people to link up on Tuesdays.  Guess I should go see what they have been up to, eh?  Have a great week...from foggy in Fargo.  ;)
Don't take any wooden nickels...or old calendars!  LOL!  :):)
"The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are."
Marcus Aurelius

Friday, January 23, 2015


Good Afternoon!  
Almost evening.  
On this National Handwriting Day it is 45 degrees here in Fargo and there is no snow left out my window.
Puddles everywhere...that will likely turn to ice tonight..but what a warm day for January! 
Karma would say hi but she's out like a light.
Totally unexpected happy mail from Jeannie in Germany!!  Was all gift wrapped just beautifully from Amazon...but I was so excited and curious I tore into it and never got pictures.  A "Corner Angel" is what the box said.  Isn't she beautiful?!
The gift note said: "Here's a new angel to replace the one that 'attacked' you and broke!  She's under orders to play nicely!!!  :D"   
This newer corner angel attaches with one of those triangular hooks for a nail, too!!  Not like my door angels that attached with double sided tape.  I'll have Dagan (our resident tall person) get her up on the bathroom door next time he's over.  OMG!  I was so surprised and delighted!  That was just so thoughtful, Jeannie!!  Thanks so much!  :):)  Hooked on a nail...well, she will probably be guarding my door the rest of my life!
Meanwhile...I have been working on the (now) toy tote.  Total comedy of errors, I tell you.  I didn't know if I would ever get this baby together...between Miss Brother and then myself--OMG!  But here it is.
I was working away with needle and thimble while I watched another Battlestar Galactica DVD a few days ago.  I leave the doors open to prevent overheating the various boxes--you may note there is one shelf with nothing on it yet.
Well, except Miss Karma who doesn't miss an opportunity to claim an empty spot (pardon her bathing in front of you). 
Anyways, I am sewing away on the thick layers...twice as thick now as anything Miss Brother attempted...diligently poking my fingers and thumbs everywhere and drawing pin-points of blood with alarming regularity...slowly making my way around the bag, right?  When I am finally coming up to the last side with great relief...when I realize I have been sewing it ON TO THE TOP!!!  ROFL!
I have to rip out every single stitch and start over.  
Out they came...little by little.
Since I was sewing in my chair I had the thread, scissors, and thimble next to me.  After a long break I came back to start sewing all over again.  I stuck the needle..the one and only very long, very thin needle I have...in my mouth and was standing there pulling out a length of thread...and the needle dropped out of my mouth into the nearly full wastebasket by my chair.  Okay--you just have to laugh.  It took me a good fifteen minutes to dig slowly and carefully through all the thread pieces and Puffs (been having a bit of a runny nose, too) and scraps papers and such till I found the needle again.  So silly!  But this is how things have been going since I started this project--LOL!
So, I tacked down the centers of all the sides and started over again...on the bottom!!  LOL!  Finally finished last night--tada!!  I am bringing it over to McFamily's tomorrow afternoon.  My fingers and I needed a day of rest.  
And that was more true than I thought.  I hadn't been sleeping well all week and I truly collapsed last night.  Slept almost 11 hours--OMG!  Slept half the day away...which is why I am posting so late.  Sure felt good!!  :)
 But since I am moving so slowly, I also get to show you what came in the mail today.  First a confession to all you artsy-crafty people out there...I have never bought washi tape.  I know, it's a shock.  The one colorful washi tape I thought to myself "if I ever buy washi tape I will start with hers" was from Artsyville on Etsy.  You know how I have been loving bright colors lately--and these are hand made, too.
Well, she's discontinuing them!  (Found out because I also follow her blog/website.)  AND, shock--I had just enough money left this month to get in on the 2 for 1 deal on her big six packs!!  OMG!  I rarely ever have more than ten dollars left after the beginning of the month, folks!  So exciting! 
Aimee also sent with this cute card on what you can do with washi tape... 
...and this "Creative mess in progress" card... 
...and some other little cards she makes. 
I just love her artwork because...well, it is just plain happy!  If anyone is still interested she is getting rid of the last of her washi tapes while supplies last.  Just click on the links and you'll get there.  
So, I have my very first washi tapes.  May have started something?  LOL!  I see people use them in their planners all the time...  ;)
Another very exciting first was just this afternoon!!  Leah surprised me with a google video chat!!  
Yup!  Got to see Ian and chat with Dagan and Leah. 
What a world, eh?  How can you not love the internet!!
Well, I have bread and 13 bean soup both almost done and the whole place smells so good!!  Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!  :):)
Since it's National Handwriting Day...if nothing else...
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Good Morning!
It doesn't look this nice out there right now.  
It's 30 degrees, totally light grey sky, almost looks foggy, and so dark I have to have a light on to type this.  Says we could have light snow.  I believe them.    
We have had some sun and a few days in the low 30s.  Warm enough to melt during the day a little and then freeze into ice every evening. 
Most mornings look like this for me.  Coffee, laptop, stack of letters to be answered, my Quo Vadis journal (yes, I have a bulldog clip to hold it open--another one of the little things I never think about until I take a picture that I do to save the bum arm from having fits)...and now the red bullet journal with a box of FriXion pens and highlighters on top, Miss Brother, and the untouched tote (which I hope to finally get to hand sewing the bottom on today if my back is in a better mood). 
It's T Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's and I have a couple shots today of my favorite red thermos cup, actually.  Can you believe that I have posted three times in four days!?  Goodness!
Karma takes it all in stride. 
Good news!  I forgot to show you how I got ink all over my shirt--LOL!  I was finishing off the rest of the ink sample in the dish on a blank page in the journal (using a prescription bottle which works so cool--like a circle with a built in handle you can toss away)...    
...and splatted orange ink all over a lavender t-shirt, right?   Thought I had just created another art paint shirt...but it all disappeared in the washing machine--tada!  Obviously not permanent ink.  Wish I remembered which ink sample that was--LOL!  But good news!  The shirt was saved!  Now I just have to remember to put on a paint shirt before I start playing at the art table.  ;)  Hey, maybe I should just drape one over the chair to remind me--duh!
Okay...I have to show you this!!  I grabbed this old pillow cover (Leah's mom was throwing a set of them away and Leah grabbed them for me for craft projects or whatever) and decided to see how badly Miss Brother was going to sew on more regular fabric with regular thread, right?
No really...take a closer look!  
No wiggly, looped stitches!
No clumps of jammed thread!  
Looks perfect--front and back!!  
Proof that Miss Brother is not, in fact, out of alignment.  She was just not created to handle heavy duty anything, I guess.
So, maybe I have been too hard on her?  Maybe it is not her fault she did such a crappy job on the tote?  There really is barely room to fit layers of heavy fabric under her pressure foot...takes a lot of manipulation, pushing, and shoving.  The powers that be did not create her to do heavy duty anything.  She's a delicate, lightweight creature...meant to float over fabrics that glide easily beneath her robotic fingers.  Maybe I have misjudged her.  Yes, she is still a fussy, temperamental little diva...but she can't help it if that's the way the Brother Gods created her, right?
     If I accept her limitations...truly accept her as she is...and if she can behave like this if I don't ask too much of her...and keep my hand off her wheel unless she jams...there exists the potential that we may finally become colleagues...maybe even, dare I say it, friends.  
Time will tell.
Last night my back wasn't throwing the nasty hissy fits, so I was feeling up to short visits to the art table--tada! 
Yes, crazy me--I found out that if I signed up for the DLP's (Documented Life Project) blog that I can get the challenges that way.  (I still don't have permission to read the challenge archives on their website even though I deleted my membership and can read everything else?)  Doesn't matter to me because I am not on facebook or any of those other social sites and do these challenges more for my own amusement...so I also dedicated another junk journal to the DLP group challenges.  I really do want to use up these journals I made with the crappy cheap unsatisfactory, student grade paper, anyways.  ;)
So the first DLP challenge you were supposed to use book paper and the prompt is about being your own goal keeper.  (Remember I am three weeks behind on all challenges--LOL!)  I got the torn page pieces glued down (have a couple paperbacks I have sacrificed to art journaling).  
I even slapped on some gesso to dry overnight...was still wet here. 
So, now I have two weekly challenge groups "on which to be behind" (been watching Downton Abbey)--ROFL!  Hey, I'll just do what I can or want to.  I don't actually participate in the groups online so what does it matter, right?  (You know I am talking to my OCD-self--lol!)  I do not want to just give up this year.  I'm going to continue to putter with them.  Keeps me out of trouble, right?  ;)
Anyways, have a great day!!  :):)  
Might be back sooner than I think--lol!  
"Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past."
James Joyce