Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I am going to see if this will publish properly. Suddenly I have a bunch of code instead of pictures?? Blogger has been acting up today. I was working on the Stories blog and I suddenly lost the options to choose a font or a color? On any of my blogs? Strange.

Anyways, I am trying to post pictures of my farm on the "My Farm" game I play on Facebook. There are several farm games now and this is the one I use. This is my fantasy farm. I can't see the pictures to comment on them. Maybe after I post I can edit? Oh well--if nothing else I hope the pictures show up? :):) And good morning! Just thought I'd pop in before I go to bed--hehe! :)

P.S. Can't see the pictures. After they were posted and showed up--when I came here to edit they reverted back to just a bunch of code. I hope this problem will heal itself while I sleep today. ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since my sleeping naturally around the clock got interrupted I went right back to going to bed at dawn in a matter of three days. It's like once my body decides it wants to be on nights for a while there's little I can do about it. When I fight it I spend a lot of time lying in bed unable to sleep and awake but half alive. When I don't fight it I sleep like a baby (by comparison)--albeit strange hours. The crazy sleep patterns all started when I hit menopause. How long can menopause possibly last? hehe! It is happening much less often so that's a blessing. But every time I think it is over with...
So--since I am back on nights and have felt better lately--I started working on making bookcards out of the handmade paper I made before the papermaking supplies hit the road over to West Fargo--ROFL! I got 11 out of 13 started and then realized I should save the last two for a youtube video.
I put the eleven of them together during the night.
Also put together these two made from this cool embossed paper that I had already cut to size for covers.
Then--I also started a new blog--SoulComfort's Stories. You'll see the link up in the lefthand corner under My Other Web Spots. I know it is nearly impossible for people to find the actual short stories or poems or cogitations or life stories hidden away in my main blog here. Decided that since I have an art blog--I'd have a writing blog, too. But anything in either of the other blogs will also be posted here. So you don't need to go to the others if you follow this one. :) Some people have no interest in anything but the arts & crafts and some aren't interested in anything but the stories. (I think Miss Kama has her own following!) It's hard for me to tell anyone where to find something particular on this blog--hehe! So now that problem is kinda solved--tada!

All I have to do is go thru this blog and copy those certain memory writings and post them over on the new writing blog with a title. Might encourage me to cogitate more, eh? hehe! I started it off by posting Baby Girl.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me with the writing of my life stories--whatever form they take. :):)

I think doing youtube videos is on the agenda for today. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My baby girl rolling and rubbing her head on the rug.

She knows I have her back. But when danger comes--Karma's under the furniture--hehe!
At least I got all the paperwork done yesterday--checkbook, budgeting, bills, and weekly schedules. Ahhh!
Around 70, cloudy, with chance of rain for the next two days. It is so odd to have it in the 50s at night in July! Not that I'm complaining, by any means. I love it! :):)

Wednesday-midnight--Baby Girl

Well, technically it is Wednesday. This post is a request from Barbara Carpenter--an author I met on line several years ago. She's written and published a trilogy about a young teenage girl. Awesome!
We lost touch and she just found me again on Facebook!
Here's the poem you asked for, Barbara. :):)
Baby Girl

“Yes, ma’am. Cold outside to-day,”
He grins with large white teeth
Pulling his collar up against
His salt and pepper beard
And the frigid, gray morning.

“It’s the wind,” I reply,
Arriving at the bus stop
Flipping back my errant scarf.

“Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am.
It’s the wind cuts through ya,” he nods,
Cupping his white breath into his black hands.
He buries those hands pocket-deep
Braces his shoulders in his tattered navy pea coat.

I lean against frozen bark.
We settle into bus stop silence.
Shift in our boots with shrunken necks
Huffing white, crystal clouds.
Tree and corner lamppost our only cover
Beside the insurance company parking lot.
He checks his watch
Swivels a glance behind the post
And cries to the parking lot,
“Baby Girl! You come here now.
Bus be comin’ soon!”

She explodes from beside a parked car
Where he had tucked her safely from the wind,
Flailing the long arms of a
Bursting neon pink coat,
New, three sizes too big.
Under her hand-knit rainbow colored hat
Blooms an identical wide, white grin
Framed by deeply dented, caramel apple cheeks.

“Come on, Baby Girl. Don’t you be playin’ with me, now.”

Gingerly she hobbles across the slick, packed snow
But as he extends his hand
She chortles and hides behind the lamppost
Giggling and rocking foot to foot.

“Okay,” he smiles and slides his back down the pole
Curls up on his haunches and covers his eyes.
Laughing, she swings her vacant neon sleeves
Slaps at his huddled form
Until his baseball cap is whacked into the wind.

“Uh, oh,” I say in mock dismay.

She freezes, eyes wide.

“No, that’s okay,” he grunts with pride
As he hand-crawls his back up the pole.
“It’s Baby Girl.”
As if by right of birth and love
She was forever vindicated from sin.

The cap was luck-caught
On a snowbank ice shard
As he swoops it up he boasts
“I take Baby Girl with me everywhere I go,”
He places his hand on her back.
“She’s my only Baby Girl.”

He lifts a stiff pink sleeve and peers in.
“You got your gloves, Baby Girl? Where your gloves?”
She grins, scrunching her chin into her neck.
“They in your pocket, Baby Girl?”

Squealing brakes startle us
As the bus sighs to a stop.
He lifts her in.
I follow.
Rattling heater, coins clinking,
Murmuring conversation,
Deep-chest coughing,
And the winter fragrance of wet boots.

He blocks me in the isle
Greeting a burly blonde man
With intricate handshakes.
I sideways past them
Settle in against a foggy, splattered window
As the bus driver sighs into his mirror,
“You gotta siddown back there.”

He turns and puts his hand on her small back
Her grin returns
Automatic to his touch.
He places her against the window
In the seat opposite mine
And the big blonde perches sideways
On my seat.
They whisper
Head-to-head and knee-to-knee
As the blurry buildings slide past.
I sway and vibrate with the road.
Baby Girl and I are like bookends
Silent and still.
I close my eyes.

At her age
I remember panic
In a department store downtown
Straining to keep sight of my mother’s blonde hair
And brightly flowered blouse.
Neck arched,
My heart in my throat,
A maze of counters and racks,
Weaving through the Amazon shoppers.
A sudden bottleneck of legs,
And I lost her.
That was my job.
To keep up with her.

I had failed.

A clerk finally noticed me
Huddled under a clothing rack.

As she led me behind the counter
She told me not to worry
And put her hand on my back.

They called my mother’s name.
From the ceiling.
Three times.

In the car on the way home,
With her eyes on the road,
My mother told me
That she didn’t bother to hurry,
Took her sweet time with her purchase.
She said,
“That’ll teach you.”

This is little me with my pin-curled hair.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is Karma's idea of helping me with paperwork. :)
I never finished. Leah stopped by for the whole afternoon--tada!! If I feel up to it today, we are probably going to go look for a wired headset for my cell phone. My blue tooth (and Leah's) are starting to have a lot of problems. I decided I could definitely go cheaper and wired--hehe!
Caroline will be coming over shortly, so this will be quick. I'll be doing paperwork until I am done--probably for the next couple days. I was over-tired I think last night. When I laid down about 7:30pm I couldn't even fall asleep for a long time (last I looked it was about 9pm but I was too tired to get up). I did fall asleep for a few hours--but then was up at 1am. I finished another of Caroline's books as long as I couldn't sleep. (I'm reading the Leslie Caine Domestic Bliss mystery series.) Then I slept again this morning for a few hours (wanted to stay in bed and not get up by the time the alarm went off. Isn't that always the way?)--so I am a bit spacey. Not that some people might not say I am bit spacey all the time--hehe! Maybe I should say spacey-er? :)
Well, I'd best get moving here. Maybe get in a little paperwork. Get a feel as to how the day is going. Later.... :):)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Washing clothes yesterday I couldn't help but notice the huge blank spot where all the papermaking supplies used to be. *sniff-sniff*
Guess I have room to do some more cleaning, organizing, and rearranging, eh?
I am in the middle of making up more of my weekly schedule sheets (my motivators). Yesterday I printed off for the whole rest of the year. Now I am just dating them and filling in what is already scheduled.
Also printed off my bank statement--got to balance the checkbook and figure out the budget for August. Some of the more boring things one has to do in life, eh? Oh-and I have the paperwork for the oral surgery bill--need to make copies of all that proof I am poor--hehe! That's what the day looks like for me this Monday.
I am making my way around the clock. Just got up about an hour ago. So weird. But the nighttime is sooooo very peaceful and quiet. My floor lamp is fixed and great to write letters or read by in the dead of night.
But--when Miss Karma thinks it is time for a cuddle she'll sit on the arm of my chair, purr loudly, and rub her head against my lapdesk so violently that it's impossible to read or write. As soon as I remove the bookcard or book and the lapdesk she climbs up on the other lap pillow and rubs her head against my face.
But she still keeps a sharp eye out for moths that might appear under the lamp light--hehe!
Thank goodness my ear is clean--ROFL! Never know when you're going to have an ear close-up, I guess, eh? :)

Well, here's to finishing up all the paperwork today! Hope you are doing something more fun. I'll just kind of zen-out and I can make almost any chore a pleasant experience. But it's still not really "fun-fun"--hehe!

I've managed to keep the place open so far. Low 80's but not very humid. The humidity makes all the difference.

Welcome to a new week! :):)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Greetings from the middle of the night in Fargo. (I've only been up for about 5 hours--round the clock I go.) I never did have to turn the AC on yesterday. Maybe never did hit 80? I slept so well--ahhh! Today they are talking mid-80s, tho. We'll see. I hate to shut the place up until I really have to. :)
My folks are coming up to visit on Wednesday August 5th. When they were here last year I think Dagan and Leah only had boxes and their bedroom set moved into their place in West Fargo. So we are definitely going to spend some time over there. :) Leah wants to make dinner for them. They'll be happy as pigs in mud with that--hehe!
Miss Karma has discovered a new favorite place with a new hard pillow!

I took those over the last couple of days. What a goomba!
Uh-oh! Evidence that I haven't been painting--the chair hasn't been moved--ROFL!
Just been attending to the usual daily stuff. Today I need to wash clothes, but I didn't think they'd appreciate me running the washer and dryer until at least 7 or 8am--you think? hehe!
Note to self: don't use the new black plate for an English muffin--corn meal looks like a terrific case of plate dandruff. :)
I have finally caught up online!! TaDa!!! Emails, posts, blogs, Flickr...took me days and days. And I'll promptly fall behind again--but it feels soooo good right now--tonight--this minute. :):)
Happy Sunday out there! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Been a crazy year for algae in my aquarium. Growing like crazy this summer! I have to keep scrubbing down the front of the tank so I can see the fish--hehe! Cleaned it up again last night.
I'm sleeping my way around the clock again. Been up since 4:30pm Thursday and it throws my routine off. I actually forgot to blog. (I usually blog within the first couple hours I am up--no matter what time of day that happens to be.) Thought I'd blog now before I go to sleep instead today. :)
Since Karma has a violent streak, ever since she was a kitten I have allowed her to "attack" my hand through a sheet or blanket--but she can't bite too hard or the game is over. She was comfortably parked under the old sheet...
...but the second I covered her up she knew the game was on! Ears go back, she does a low snarly, growly thing, and I know her mouth is open under there--hehe! When I touch the sheet anywhere--she tries to wrap her clawless paws around my hand and bites like she is pretending to be king of the jungle!
I will play for a while. But Karma inevitably gets too rough and bites a little too hard--and then the game is over.
I took the sheet off the back of the chair and rolled her over by the fish tank. Can you tell she was really disgusted with me calling a halt to the game? Chuckle!
Let's see--I watched Grey Gardens -2009 a couple days ago:
Based on a true story, this made-for-TV drama stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as the aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jeanne Tripplehorn) -- both named Edie Beale -- who retreat from tony Manhattan society to a mansion in East Hampton, N.Y. After years in isolation, the women are thrust into the spotlight when journalists report on a series of health inspections that find the house -- and its owners -- in shocking disarray.
This movie was based on the documentaries I watched (I think I mentioned them in here, too?)--Grey Gardens -1975:
Documentary pioneers the Maysles brothers (Gimme Shelter) capture poignant moments in the lives of Edith Bouvier Beale (Big Edie) and her middle-aged daughter, Little Edie -- relatives of Jackie O -- at their decaying estate, Grey Gardens. The ladies shut out their bleak present by recalling richer times and lost loves, and while Little Edie confides that she'd like to leave, the camera captures a co-dependency destined to continue.
And The Beales of Grey Gardens -1975:
The ladies of the Beale manse -- Big Edie and Little Edie, kin of Jackie Onassis and stars of the cult classic documentary Grey Gardens -- return in previously unseen footage culled from the filmmakers' archives. Mother and daughter are as weirdly riveting as ever as they hold forth on everything from God to war, and Little Edie models a series of arresting ensembles amid the trash and critters that share the women's crumbling East Hampton home.
Having seen the two documentaries (the first one was the best), I was delighted at how well they portrayed these two eccentric women! Especially Drew Barrymore! I guess she stayed in character all during the shooting of the film and the crew called her Edie all the time. Drew was truly amazing! I would recommend that you watch the real women in the original documentary before you watch the new movie. Drew and Jessica did an excellent job.
I also got the first DVD in the newly released 6th season of the British series Wire In The Blood:
Season 6 of this British crime series, set in the fictional town of Bradfield, continues to follow clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) and his partner, DI Alex Fielding (Simone Lahbib), as they investigate complicated murders and capture cold-blooded killers. And although he's often eccentric, Tony excels at his job, thanks to incredible perceptive abilities. The series is based on the best-selling novels of Val McDermid.
I really enjoy the program, but it is an acquired taste, I suppose. Very dark side of human nature and violent murders, etc. A lot of the investigations are along the lines of more Silence Of The Lambs type murders--sick, sick stuff. I am fascinated by humanity's shadow side, I guess.
I will also be getting the second season of Doc Martin--another British series that is coming out on DVD on Tuesday. Just watched the end of season one:
Frozen by a newfound fear of blood, once-brilliant London surgeon Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is forced to abandon his city practice and start anew as a small-town country doctor in the Cornish hamlet of Portwenn. As the first season of this English sitcom unfolds, Doc Martin opens his office, only to find his waiting room impossibly full. But nobody in town is really sick … they just want to meet their new neighbor.
It is both funny and sad/touching with lots of local "characters". Love those kinds of series!
Anyways, it's a sunny morning and 63 degrees right now. Supposed to get up to 80s today and the next couple days. Will probably have to turn on the AC before I finally go to sleep, I suppose. Karma likes it when I am up all night with her, I think. She can sleep all day in peace and quiet--hehe!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Karma's been loving these last couple hotter days.
Didn't get caught up on anything online yesterday. Read and puttered a little and watched the last DVD of Mad Men season two--such a good show!
As changes mount within New York advertising agency Sterling Cooper, brilliant executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm) finds that he must work harder at staying ahead of the competition -- which includes the young execs within his own firm who are eyeing his job. Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser and January Jones also star in this Golden Globe-winning drama, which centers on Draper's dealings both inside and outside the agency.
I was eleven years old in 1962 when these things were happening in season two--the cold war, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the space race, the beginnings of women's lib and the civil rights movement. I remember. And even by eleven you are quite aware of a "woman's place" when you are a young girl. I don't remember when it happened, but I remember it was a big deal when a wife could have a store credit card on her own without her husband's signature (permission). Women were still legally just extensions of their men. Girls went to college to "find a good husband" or have something to do in the meantime before they got married. Totally felt like a man's world when I was a child.
The majority of the moms were home with the kids in our suburban Minneapolis neighborhood when I was little. Commercialism and materialism started to permeate the culture more and more (with the spread of television and advertising--a la Mad Men--hehe!). Mom's started going to work for the extras--the automatic washers and dryers--the new color console TV and stereo record player. And then they had to work to afford the second car to get to the job for all those extras. I always felt that is what the hippies were against--the keeping up with the Joneses--how the world was becoming disposable (just like plastic diapers and Kleenexes)--and the family units were drifting apart. The main focus was becoming things and not people--and we were forgetting about the earth, you know? Well, that's how I felt as a Midwestern flower child. :)
Anyways, they will be showing when President Kennedy was shot (if they don't get cancelled, of course) and I'll be fascinated to see how the characters react. Everyone was glued to the TV for days. I remember it felt like the death of idealism and hope to me. The flower children believed in love, hope, community, sharing, conservation, equality, and ideals. No wonder I am still a flower child at heart. :):)
Now--a long wait until the next season of Mad Men comes out on DVD. :)
Miss Karma holds vigil at night--sits and looks up at the lamp for moths.
Even cats cling to hope, eh? :):)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here's the paper I made--all dried and buckled. These were done our old way--just lay them naked on the table-top plastic--hehe!
Interesting! Look how this bled even more. These red roses must have been dyed.
Karma says hi.
Believe it or not, this is all of the papermaking supplies. From the left: folding table, my old iron, spray starch,two banker boxes...
...(dried plants & color paper scraps and packing paper) and the two papermill boxes (which are filled with supplies and all the paper moulds).
The top banker box in this stack (blender, rose petals, and pressed flowers), canvas sheeting (they use for painting to protect rugs), and a white plastic colander hidden under some felt.
Sponges, a bag of pre-cut paper (my calling cards you couldn't read), cotton linter squares, and two more banker boxes (paper additives and the white/cream paper scraps).
All the equipment I had cleaned from the day before--ready to be packed up.
Our new larger tub for the new 8 1/2 X 11 inch papermill. Plastic trays and the now stained red ironing cloths (good for rags if nothing else).
All the used couch papers--some still drying from yesterday--and the red paper we are using for the Christmas cards. Whew!
Leah came over with their huge rolling cart and we packed all of that on the one cart! Nice! But I wasn't feeling well enough to leave the house. So we cut up some of the grey felt, layered it, and placed it under the cover on the centerof the ironing board. No more ironing board holes on our paper!
Then Leah decided to see if we could iron the dry buckled paper. What the heck--we've never tried that before.
Well, it worked!
They came out just as flat as when we book press them for a day or two--maybe even flatter! So she tried ironing the fold for cards, too. Voila!!
We use a little trick with folding handmade paper that helps avoid having them cracking along the fold. Mist a little water along the area where the fold will be before you bend. Makes the paper pliable and not so stiff. Then just let it dry again folded. I finger pressed the cat hair ones (we didn't dare iron those because we were afraid the cat hair would burn or curl up or something--hehe!). You can either iron or finger press the fold.
We are so excited! Now we can mass produce easily! Just let them lie out to dry like we always did and then iron them flat! TaDa!!
Something good actually came out of me not feeling good enough to go anywhere--and we didn't have to move the ironing board and iron after all. Our cards are all made over here at my place, so we can just bring all the dried paper over here to iron. :)

Leah also showed me all about Picasa and started me up an account. It's kind of like Flickr--a place to put your pictures online--but Leah swears it is easier to use and better. I won't leave Flickr, tho--that's for my art stuff and art groups. But I will use Picasa for other kinds of pictures. It is sooo easy to send a link to entire albums of pictures! And you can have some picture albums private and some public. Awesome!
We had all afternoon to chat and laugh and discuss plans. All of the supplies fit in Leah's hatchback, too--so, later on, off they went to West Fargo.
R&R day today. Maybe I will get to some of my emails and such today? Good grief! I was behind before the computer was incapacitated--hehe! And haven't felt good enough to sit down and spend time here at the computer yet. Blogging is probably still enough today, I don't know. We'll see how the day goes. I may be very slow--but I am persistent--hehe!
Oh--BTW--I never did hear from Daniel Smith.
And it is not like I have never purchased tube paints before.
These are all my watercolors and a few goauche tubes. My 2 cents: I have ordered online from Dick Blick, Art Supply Warehouse, Cheap Joe's, and Jerry's Artarama. I have purchased tubes from the local art store and Concordia College bookstore, too. (I also have some acrylic and oil tubes.) But Daniel Smith has been THE only company that sent me "new" tubes that had been opened and were a mess. AND then refused to accept any responsibility for it. Talk about poor customer service! So--that's it. I have nothing else to say about them unless I have something good to say.
We've still have spring-like weather here. 50s at night and 70s during the day (joy! joy!). We might hit low 80s today and tomorrow, I guess. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I had computer troubles and was offline for a couple days. Dagan stopped by after work last night and fixed things for me. It was a virus scam actually. I clicked on an application of Facebook (for a pillow fight game) and all kinds of flashing boxes came up telling me I had gotten trojan and worm viruses. Appeared to be from Microsoft and looked very official--do this--download that. I didn't download anything, but I did the computer scan and that ended up giving me about 5-6 viruses right there, I guess. Can you imagine if I had downloaded whatever the fake Microsoft stuff was? So--FYI--it's a fake warning telling you you have viruses and how to get rid of them and it looks like it is official from Microsoft.
Anyways, Dagan cleaned out the computer and I am up and running again--virus free.
Note to anybody I know on Facebook: I am not doing any other kinds of games or applications on Facebook--period. I am just sticking with the "My Farm" game I have been doing for months.
Anyways, so what did I do while I was gone for two days? Made some paper! Since we are moving all the supplies over to Dagan and Leah's today, I wanted to make up a few sheets before it all goes out the door.
You're going to laugh! The three on the bottom there in the front are made from packing paper and Karma's fur! ROFL!! I won't do that again, but I had to try it--and I figured that would gross out Leah--hehe! I found out that fur doesn't chop up in a blender--wrapped around the blender blade--hehe! Not the best idea I ever came up with, but it did actually work. Then the next six are what I got out of that bag of 12 X 12 inch paper brand name strips that I cut into squares recently.
Here's a shot from the other end of the table.
This is the Karma fur and packing paper.
This one is white computer paper and aquarium plant.
White computer paper and red rose petals from a couple of Mother's Days ago.
Used the cut up calling cards and some plants from Mother's day this year that I sprinkled on top of the wet pulp. These look like they might fall off, tho--at least some of them?
These were pink roses from this last Mother's Day and they dried this golden color? Dagan thought it looked like baby poop--ROFL! I said--no! no! Gold flakes! hehe!
I tried setting some of the pink (golden) petals into the paper like Arnold Grummer showed in his video. I must have gotten them too far down because they were kind of completely covered. Oh well, we can throw this back in the blender if we want and try again. Not sure if I like it or not--or if there's anything I could add to it to make it look better?
And what was Miss Karma up to while I worked away on paper here and there? Fell asleep in the chair.
Let's see--what else? Oh--I forgot to mention that I asked at the regular dentist's if they had any idea how much more I would be billed on the sliding scale program I'm on? Nothing! Finally I am poor enough, eh? I just have to pay the $25 every visit. And re-apply every year. :)
So, I made the appointment to have my two cavities filled on August 3rd (after I have money again--hehe!). And then I just have to go get my teeth cleaned every six months--tada! Next thing--find an eyedoctor who will see me with no insurance coverage. :)
That was the good news.
The bad news--got a letter Saturday about the oral surgeon bill saying it was "past due" and threatening me with a collection agency!? I have been making my $25.00 payments every single month! So, I had to call them yesterday. The lady told me that the billing had already been through Medicare, they don't cover my procedure, and I owe $2,864.00--and they expected at least $120.00 a month! I told her I am only living on $778.00 on disability and can't pay much more than what I am already paying because I have no coverage for eyedoctor/glasses and have to pay cash for the doctor and regular dentist. She is sending me financial forms to fill out to see if they can accept lower payments or possibly get some help for me on the bill. I sure hope so! I don't want to be sharing cat food with Karma! ROFL!!
Really--it is not funny. I am dealing with the same thing as the seniors are in this country. Some are forced to choose between their medications and food. And if they insist on $120 payments from me...
Anyways, Leah is coming over this afternoon and we are moving all the papermaking supplies over to their place. That's the big project for today. Looks like a perfect day for it, too! 70s and partly cloudy--not expected to rain. :)
Glad to be back out in cyberspace!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Made it over to my dentist appointment. Found out I may have been my own worst enemy all these years by being a vigorous tooth brusher! Can cause the teeth to become sensitive and actually the gums to recede. I'll be danged. She told me to floss, brush gently in circles, and use a good antiseptic mouthwash and that I might see that my teeth are less sensitive in a month or two. Interesting! Probably everybody else out there knows not to brush hard and I am the last to know--hehe! I do use a soft toothbrush, tho--tada! Got that right. She gave me an extra-soft. So now even brushing my teeth has turned into a meditative exercise--ROFL!
Here's the results of the couch paper experiment after they had dried.
They peeled right off--no problem.
The one on the bottom where the couch paper was on the top--looks as buckly as when we just dried them by themselves on the table. The other one looked smooth, but curled. Interesting.
They are now sitting under books--separately, though. Not stacked.
The experiment continues. :)
Late afternoon.
Karma enjoying the Kid Channel on CatTV.
BTW--I now have 50 subscribers to my YouTube channel! Who'da thunk it!?
Another beautiful 70s day with blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Awesome!!