Friday, February 25, 2011


Okay, I know it looks like a big bowl of baby food and you may not like pureed soups, but I think it is really good. ;)
Flemish Carrot Soup
4 large pared carrots, cut up
2 medium onions, cut into chunks
1/2 cup celery chunks
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup chicken or vegetable broth
1 cup milk
1/2 cup cooked rice
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon seasoned pepper
1 cup light cream (half and half)

Lightly saute carrots, onions, and celery in hot butter.
Add broth and milk.
Simmer until carrots are tender.
Let cool off a bit.
Put into blender or food processor with other ingredients.
Blend until smooth.
Heat and serve.
Makes about 6 cups.

I got this recipe from my mom when Dagan was little. I think she got it out of a cooking magazine, but I don't know which one. I usually add a little more rice than they ask for and I used brown rice this time instead of my usual jasmine. I think I prefer jasmine, but it is still good.
My friend, Ruby, gave me this sign years ago. I used to have it hanging on the wall in my office at the senior building. :):)
Well, let's see...I've been listening to a lot of audio talks. First--the tapping series.
You do these series of taps cycling on the above body parts while you focus on what you want to release. (Karate chop point, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone, under arm, and top of head--around and around.) I am not sure what I think of tapping, to be honest. What doesn't feel right to me is that at first they have you saying negative things...and I really wonder about that.
For example, the last session was about love relationships and they had you start out saying "even though I don't feel worthy of love, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway", etc. You tap on different spots and say things like; "I am unworthy of love"..."nobody good would possibly be interested in me"..."I'm just not lovable", etc. You keep cycling around your body tapping on those spots and what you say does get better and better until eventually you are saying things like; "all children are beautiful beings of light and that includes me"..."what if somebody found my quirks endearing and could see my heart inside"..."what if we could each see and accept our own issues and challenges"..."I am worthy of love"..."my future partner is also worthy of love"..."and we will come together".
Well, I guess the idea is that you are first getting in touch with the blockages and negatives you carry around--but it feels wrong to be saying those things out loud to myself as I am tapping away, you know? Maybe that is just my own prejudices, but it seems to me that maybe you are first reinforcing the negatives? Or that they kind of negate the positives you end up saying later, you know? Well, I am not sure what I think yet about tapping. I guess I will reserve final judgment.
There are ten days of tapping....tap, tap, tap. So far they have had sessions on money/finances, pain, weight loss, and love relationships--two sessions by two different people on each subject. I didn't do the first ones about money. Frankly, it put me off that they started out with that subject, I guess. But, then I thought I should give it a fair shot and have done the following three. The next ones are on anxiety and anger. Tap, tap, tap.
Hey--if my pain goes away, I lose weight, and my soul mate comes knocking at my door, I take it all back--ROFL!!;)
The speakers on the Kabbalah are going to be the first three Tuesdays every month and start on March 1st. I'm not sure how many months it goes, but I am thinking it might have been May? I'll let you know if those are interesting.
The other series I am listening to right now is called Quantum Healing, Consciousness, and Soul. This series is all about transformation. They have 2-3 speakers every week for about 90 minutes each and will continue thru April, I think. This week was Mon-Tues-Weds. The first guy I enjoyed--Gregg Braden. The second guy--Brian Clement--a lot of holes in his ideas, if you ask me. And the third guy--Chunyi Lin (who teaches Spring Forest QiGong in Minneapolis)--I loved! I might talk more about what they had to say later. Lots of information to digest. :):)
Anyways, we're back to 8 below and light snow. I had to cancel on Sacred Circle with Dagan and Leah this week because of my hours being so crazy--was just plain too tired and sore. We'll try for next Tuesday. I finally collapsed yesterday--slept from afternoon till about midnight. Today--just washing clothes right now. I'll be quite ready to climb into fresh sheets later on this afternoon when they come out of the dryer. Karma is sound asleep in her blue suede bed. :)
Life is good.
"May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder."
John O'Donohue

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Karma says hi.
I thought I should say--please, don't worry about me. I am perfectly fine, in good spirits, happy, and grateful. People who don't know me well might assume that digging around picking at old wounds might get me down in the dumps, but I want to assure everyone that this is all a positive thing for me. :) I have been here before. And I know it is always a healing process and for the better in the end.

My personal spiritual path has always seemed to be a series of mining missions. I have always been one to eventually seek out places most people would avoid--with a pick, a magnifying glass, and a huge spotlight. And I will share what I find, even if it is painful or embarrassing or shameful to me.

I don't blame anyone anymore. Not my parents, the rapists, or men I have loved. Not circumstances, situations, or bad health. This is not that I didn't in my years past, I can assure you--hehe! I have done so many mining missions in this area that I had thought these deep, old, scabbed-over wounds had been finally pretty much healed. They felt healed on the intellectual level decades ago. I have been working on the head vs. heart healing and thought I had done what I could and had put them to rest, to be perfectly honest.

Never assume. ;)

It was the soul comfort challenge that called for a mining expedition of the deepest level yet. When you are talking the ultimate, core level, meet-your-maker, no B.S., no excuses, put-up-or-shut-up, heart exposed, what-are-you-on-earth-for, now-is-the-time soul challenge.....well, I could back up a bit to get my bearings (want to run like hell!), but eventually I have to put my miner's cap on. GA knows exactly how to get under my soul skin. He knows I will have to respond--albeit reluctantly most of the time. :) It's part of who I am. (He takes his advantages to push me--and I thank him.....eventually.)

I can see that a lot of the residual negative ways I have thought about myself have been out of a kind of spiritual laziness. In that strange way it feels more comfortable and familiar. Better the devil you know, right? Old responses and beliefs can be automatic--subconscious. I can see that this deeply ingrained belief system of mine, from childhood--that I could be the straw or used as a conduit without the energy being for me personally--was what I needed to understand and change to start to "heal the straw". :)

This is all very exciting!! It still makes me a bit nervous. But when you can see something from a different perspective, you can accumulate new information that you couldn't see from the old angle of your mind's eye. :)

I may cry with toddler-me--but they are tears born of love and forgiveness. They are not tears of sadness or regret--but of recognition--and a kind of relief and freedom. It's hard to explain. But it is all good! It is all most special good--ROFL!!

More on all this to come. But right now, I have to go puree some Flemish Carrot Soup..... :):)

Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.

Carl Sandburg

Monday, February 21, 2011


Dark day today with a little snow. Sounds like Minneapolis got over a foot of snow yesterday! Missed us up here. We were only expecting an inch. I think we've passed that already, but we won't get a lot.

Was really windy yesterday. I heard sounds I haven't normally heard outside. I hope all the pieces of the roof are still there.
Speaking of the wind! Do you remember last June when I found a receipt mysteriously blown under my screen and lying out on my porch? Scroll down and check out the comments!! :):)
I've been finding a lot of different free talks and videos online on all kinds of spiritual subjects. I've signed up for ten days of information about tapping--and another one about the Kabbalah. I know nothing about either of them. Should be interesting.
Funny--I've been thinking that Debbie Ford's class was more "subconscious" cleanse than consciousness cleanse--ROFL! ;)
Well, Miss Karma...
...and I are just hanging out quietly today. And awake during the day--whoohoo! ;)
Have a good one!!
"There is no remedy for love but to love more."
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday-3am--Consciousness Cleanse Class

Okay--finally! :)

It was one of those right-time-right-place events with this class. As you know, in mid-December I got from GA that I was supposed to try to learn how to do the full-blown soul comfort energy stuff by myself, alone here. I filled you in on the basics about me, GA, and the SC energy work (6 parts and managed to finish by New Year's Eve--tada!). While I was working on writing those parts I saw an opportunity to take this online class for free if I bought the book before January 2nd. Even had to ask Dagan and Leah to get it for me (broke)--felt so compelled to take this class. (Leah said I didn't have to pay them back--thanks, guys!!) Everything happens for a reason, right?

First of all, I had to choose an intent and focus for the class. So I picked learning how to do the full-blown soul comfort alone--not that I figured something as vague as that might fit in with the class lessons, but that's my personal goal for 2011, right? Well, right off the bat I got from GA that I had to "heal the straw"..."the energy is for you, too". I would be able to handle more energy, to be of better service, to help others more if the straw is in better shape. Well, he had me hooked with that aspect, of course.

[Dang! All I do is talk about this and I tear up. Don't worry. I have a box of Puffs sitting on the end table. we go.]

Well, I had been doing just fine about the whole challenge before that. I have been perfectly comfortable all my life being the conduit or the straw-- letting the energy pass thru me to critters, people, even fish. I did not feel personally involved. I know that sounds strange, but it's my truth. Good grief! Besides the immediate personal "worthlessness" issue, how I am supposed to be involved in any way? When I learned how to allow this in a more focused, deliberate way as GA had asked me to in the first place back in 1993--well, one of the things I had to learn was to totally get out of the way. I had to learn to meditate, to shut off my mind, and kind of internally step aside in order for that full-blown intense energy to come through--plus I never knew that level of energy was even a possibility until it happened!

Suddenly I was having complete mental blocks about doing any kind of meditation/energy work. It would totally leave my "consciousness" (do you see the humor in the book title--ROFL!) for days or I'd remember as I was going to bed and too tired--I'd just fall asleep, anyways. In fact--truth be told--I didn't even do any of the SC meditation sessions again, at all, until a couple of days after I finished the class. I had gone into a deep inner panic, freakout--so deep that it took some digging to get to it. The class helped me dig at it--hehe!

I worked away at the class lessons--not actually doing any soul comfort sessions. But I had written that down as my intent and focus--and if I could figure this out I could be of more value--so I couldn't get away from it, either. What came out in the lessons was a lot of what I need to work on to start to "heal the straw".

I think I mentioned about finding the gifts and blessing in your own personal negative inner dialogue and beliefs. First we had to think about what they were (mine have a lot to do with not being good enough or worthy), and then find the positive side of those dark beliefs. What Dagan said to me when I was telling him and Leah about this task from the class...was that if I hadn't believed that, I might never have been able to do any of those things in the first place. Light bulb moment!! We laughed and laughed!

True!!! If I hadn't felt deeply insignificant and unimportant and worthless it might not have been so easy for me to put all those other people first. And I never would have been able to put myself aside for the soul comfort energy to come surging thru my body for someone else. (Dagan has watched it happen, so he knows.)

That is what my Dagan said to me. He has spiritual smarts and common sense. There are times where I have helped guide him and times where he has helped guide me. What a blessing he is. :):)

Okay--meanwhile--when I was doing the soul comfort meditation sessions (not knowing what I am supposed to be doing in the first place, I don't even know what to call them) the beginning of January before the class started and I freaked out about including myself in the energy...I kept getting that picture of toddler-me when I was trying to meditate. And that picture kept popping into my head during the class meditations, too. (I showed you the picture and told you about starting the "Good Girl" journal.) A lot of the "healing the straw" has to do with healing very old issues from childhood--and possibly even wounds I have carried from lifetime to lifetime, for that matter. Who knows?

We all probably have those dark voices inside our heads that were born from our parent's mouths--or could be classmates, neighbors, siblings, teachers, other relatives, or lovers....doesn't matter where the negativity is coming from. As I dug back with mine I realized that on the deepest level mine were between me and God. You can fill in the blanks endlessly: if my own parents_______, then how could God_______. Ex: If my own parents were so disappointed in me, then how could God not be disappointed in me.

But whoever said those dark things to you, they are just flawed people, too. I know that--I have forgiven all--intellectually. I was wondering why, buried deep in my chest, there was a part of me that still listened and heard and believed? Then in one of the recorded calls I was listening to from the class the lady talked about how there can be this little child inside us--that little child we once were--who wants their parents to be right--who believes mom and dad know everything. I saw toddler-me...with those trusting eyes...and I knew why that picture kept being given to me since the year began. I think I started to forgive her. I think I started to love her.

[Break. Puffs, please. Be back.]

Back...dry-eyed and full of curry..ahhh! On to some other things about the class...

I am still pondering on how to achieve balance when they say you need to be connected with your body. I have always been dissociated from my body to some degree and when you are in pain 24/7 a person can't help but disconnect from one's physical body as much as possible, you know? But one aspect they brought up that I have definitely never done is treating your body with reverence. They were talking about how tenderly, lovingly you would touch and handle a newborn baby--and what if you treated yourself that way?

That made me think about how much I thought about the intent in my heart and hands when I was learning and using Healing Touch--but when I was, say--rubbing lotion into my feet, for example--how I treated my own body like an inanimate object. Heck--I talk to and touch my car or my microwave with more love. (Yes--I do talk to everything, not just Karma--hehe!) How can I believe there is energy in everything--even this laptop--and treat my body with such nothingness? So, I'm working on that. (When I remember--LOL!)

The one exercise that stopped me cold for two days was we were supposed to write down everything we could think of that we had done well and should be appreciated for--decade by decade. First time I ever wished I was 20 again! Writing good, positive things about yourself--whew! It was really difficult. That led to hearing (on the recorded call) that woman mention the positive journal she had started to keep--and then I made up my "good girl" journal. Which isn't the easiest thing to do, I tell you. Some nights I stare at the page for quite a while--wracking my brain over my day. (Today I can write--wrote about class on the blog today!) I think this is a good thing. :)

When we got to the part about being in the present moment (these comments are not necessarily in the class order, BTW), pain was an interesting issue there, also. Pain tends to keep you in the present and yet wants you to push away from it in a physical way at the same time. Hard to put into words. Like a double-edged present moment helper--hehe! You certainly don't want to look ahead. And it's a good thing I am not a what-ifer, regrets type person concerning the past. I'm more a--consciously and with thought, do the very best you can at the time with what you have to work with and move on--type of person.

Here's another one I have been chewing on: "believing that you are all alone in life is a form of ego arrogance". I know there is truth in that. I have heard variations from GA over the years--hehe!

Toward the end of the course (the entire time I am dealing with my worthiness and value issues--directly concerning the soul comfort, of course) there came a quote--another light bulb moment--when we were discussing the differences between the ego/I and the god/we.

Your human "I" will never feel worthy enough of expressing the greatness of God's gifts.

TRUE!! I will never feel good enough anyways!! How freeing that was for me. I don't have to wait until I have healed the straw enough. I can just show up. As is.

Another little jewel from the class I am still milling on:
I = "I"llness
We = "We"llness

So--lots of things for me to think about. What has happened since then? I finished the class on a Friday and started doing the SC sessions on Monday. Been doing them about five days a week. I wasn't quite sure how to go about them, but after a while it seems to have fallen into a pattern that is working for me. First I say out loud that I accept and allow the energy for me, too. Then I just get out of the way. :)

I am out of practice at shutting off the mind chatter and getting out of the way, but I am getting better at it. The soul comfort also has to do with opening up your heart--no defenses--no walls--no expectations--no fear--total trust. I never realized that when I worked on actual people, because I must have just automatically done that. I'm learning as I go. But, I have to say, the healing of the straw must have begun because I've felt more of the energy (when it comes) as soon as I started up again after the class was over.

One last thing that's been puzzling me--I feel confused like I did back when I used to call it "bunny stuff" starting out and then learned "Healing Touch" at St. Catherine's College and then GA gave me "soul comfort"----what to call it? I have never known if the lower level stuff is more the Healing Touch and that full-blown blast of energy that I have only experienced about a dozen times is the Soul Comfort? Or is it all "soul comfort"--just with different intensities? And now that I have been telling you all about this since December, I'm really wondering again why GA wanted me to use "soulcomfort" as my online handle back in 1998 because I am now feeling as uncomfortable again as I was back then with it.

Maybe I should stopping milling out loud. I will hang onto the fact that GA told me -- you're doing better than you think you are. :):)

Wiping my eyes and blowing my nose again. Enough--enough. It's quarter to 8am. Done!

I hope you are having a great weekend. :):)

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them--every day begin the task anew."
Saint Francis de Sales

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, this is my "morning". I finally slept again and have no headache (like when I woke up Monday in the actual morning) so I certainly can't complain about when I am sleeping. It is only annoying when I have appointments or places to be. :)
Last "night" when the sun came up this morning (is it any wonder I don't always know what day it is) Karma was taking advantage of the rays.
And she's been enjoying being back out on the porch again. I'm glad she doesn't complain that she can't go out all day because I am sleeping it away. ;)
During the night I made up a lentil curry with sweet potatoes and cauliflower. I've showed you this recipe before. I just love it and make it at least once every winter. Never make anything exactly the same twice--hehe! This time I added extra lentils and, since I didn't have any diced tomatoes, I used crushed tomatoes. Delicious!
Since the crinkle bag's bird died, Karma's lost interest in it and is back to snuggling in her blue suede cat bed. And I'm back to moving it around the apartment to keep it interesting.
This just may continue to be a comfort item for Miss Easily Bored.
Well, I just woke up a few hours ago and I slept well, so maybe I can finally get back to you later on during the night about the class. About time--hehe! Nothing in my life seems to move at a rapid pace anymore. So many hindrances, limitations, annoying delays (or shall I say tests of patience), and jack-in-the-box road blocks. Perseverance...or what stubborn Swedish genes I have left...keep me going--ROFL!! Later....
"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
Duke Ellington

Thursday, February 17, 2011


We had sunny days in the 30's and even low 40s!
On Tuesday I finally left the porch door open for a while so Karma could sit by the screen door (I pulled the storm window up an inch so she could smell and feel the air). That was the only way she'd believe me that it was warmer on the porch--LOL! That 20-30 below windchill stuff completely put her off the porch for the last couple months. She finally did decide to ask to go out. Here she is telling me all about the shockingly warm porch. ;)
She just seemed amazed that all the snow was gone...
...but delighted that she could just sit on the porch listening to the birds. Yes--birds! The birds were singing and thrilled with the warmer weather, too.
After she came inside she was all lovey dovey happy girl.

I never made it over to the dentist's office until today. That's my life sometimes. Took me a week and a half to make it over there to sign the release form. But it is finally done. :)
We've had a lot of melting, but there's a long way to go. I took this looking out the main door downstairs (should have moved over to avoid the sign on the door). The snowbank has gone down maybe a foot or two, but there's a lot more left yet to turn the lawn into mud.
The dentist building kind of has the look of a warehouse. It's been a dark day with light freezing rain and wind advisories--but it is still 32 degrees right now, even if it doesn't feel like it. ;)
So--today was my last visit to the Family HealthCare Center with the "no weapons allowed" sign over the receptionist's desk.
I told the receptionist I would miss her. She's always been so nice and friendly. :)
I snapped a picture of this church I always look at from the parking lot.
Has such an old look to it.
I've kind of been on days, but still not sleeping well except for Monday night. When I don't sleep well I get, I'll be back again when I am feeling better and more chatty. Almost the weekend...and we're supposed to see a little bit of sun...along with a little bit of colder weather. Above zero, tho. Hope you have a really good weekend. :) :)
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
Soren Kierkegaard

Monday, February 14, 2011


Karma enjoyed her packing paper castle...
...for a few days.
The mess drove me nuts, so her castle is gone now.
I've wanted to talk about the Consciousness Cleanse class, but I have honestly just been too tired to focus. Haven't been sleeping well for a few days. I'll be glad when I get back on days. I need to get over to the dentist's office to sign the release form this week. *sigh* Wasn't happening today. Maybe tomorrow.
Anyways, Monday--I started my new book today. There are 81 verses of the Tao to read--each one followed with an essay by Wayne Dyer. Looks interesting. I watched his special on PBS about this book and it was a good one! :)
Not much happened this past weekend. I did trim Karma's grass because it was turning yellow on the tips. It is probably on its way out. The grass always dies. (It's actually seeds like barley, oats, etc.)
I have the cuttings drying on the counter, of course. Saving them for adding to handmade paper pulp. ;)
Walking past the grass clipping reminds me of spring and throws me into terrible paper making nostalgia. Maybe Leah and I can do some of that this spring! :)
Speaking of spring...
It has been in the 30s and low 40s for a few days. I took some pictures of the parking lot when I woke up this afternoon.
It's a mess out there.
Lumpy, bumpy driving...
...our usual lake where we have no drainage...
...and I thought I'd show you the good old roofer's machinery.
Not 15 minutes later I could hear a plow...
...trying to push the ice and slush out of the way a bit... maybe it won't about knock the underside of your car out at night when it all freezes into deep ruts. Very nice of them!
At night when the temperature drops it's a skating rink out there.
Well, if I'm lucky, I am hoping to sleep at least part of the night tonight. I am groggy tired, but that is not always enough. Wasn't yesterday--hehe!
I hope you had a great start to the week. :)
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic to the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these. "
George Washington Carver

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just a quick "pen" blog.
I did a gathering of my fountain pens...and realized that I did forget one I love called the Carbon Pen. Oh well. In all likelihood I have forgotten a couple more, also. It was a quick gather. :)
From top to bottom: a generic no-name, 2 Rotring Art Pens, a Lamy Calligraphy Pen, a Waterman, a Cross, 2 Lamy Safari pens, another generic, and my sweet Cavalier.
My favorites that I use all the time are that Carbon Pen, the Art Pens, the Lamys, and the Cavalier. I actually use all of those often. :)
OH!! And remember I said I had seen this really expensive brand of pen? Well, check out these Loiminchays!
Whew! I didn't even pay full price for my Waterman! ;)
It hit the mid 30s Saturday and I saw people walking around outside with hoodies and sweaters on! Later on today it may hit 40! I wonder if I might see the college-age kids with shorts on outside again like I did last time it got close to 40 degrees? Yes--it does feel like spring to us, but I'll pass on the shorts. ;)
This is the second time I have written this entire post. Blogger is not cooperating for some reason. I haven't ever used a draft before, but it hasn't saved anything I added to the original draft (which was just the links to the pens). I am going to try to just leave this sit open here until I can see it has saved before I try to post again. So--I have no idea when I will actually be able to attempt to post this. I was going to say have a nice Sunday, but who knows...could be Monday at this rate. ;) Have a good day whenever you read this. :):)
"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset."
Crowfoot, a leader of the Blackfoot nation
It is now 6:30pm. The blog post never saved and didn't appear on my dashboard (only the original draft was there). I went to sleep and got up and it said it was still saving?! Luckily I had copied the entire Edit Html to be on the safe side. So--I started a brand new post, and here it is--tada! I hope the video still works. That was the first time I was actually working off of a draft and not a new post. I don't think I'll be saving any drafts again any time soon. That was twice I tried to use the original draft. What a pain!
Anyhoo--happy Sunday night! :):)

Friday, February 11, 2011


It was so dark when I took the video (below) that I took a picture here to show you what the new cat bed/box really looks like. Note the crinkle bag inside on the floor. Karma finally succeeded in killing the bird. It doesn't chirp anymore. She pawed it viciously and bit it repeatedly until the chirp mechanism was destroyed--all without biting a hole in the fabric. Well, Leah shouldn't mind--didn't activate it in the first place--hehe! I guess it will be soon time to send it home with Karma-smells on it to see if Sammy and Annie find it interesting. :)
Anyways, here's the video. I apologize for it being so dark.

And what came in the box? It was an order from Cheap card stock: 200 sheets of white, off white, and cream. On top of the stack...
...are all the vinyl business card holders (also cheap). And what do we plan to do with them?
We'll attach one to the front of...
...our many plastic craft satchels. We were just using some white card stock and a labelmaker.
We attached them with some of that tacky putty stuff.
But they do get bent and come loose.
And if you want to change the contents around, these are a pain to replace or switch. So, Leah came up with this idea. We'll attach these vinyl business card holders so that the one side hangs down in the front--very similar to what you see here. The thing is, we'll be able to change out the cards (that will list the contents) whenever we want--just slip another one in the holder--tada!
I'm thinking of using clear packing tape to attach them to the satchel. Not sure if Leah has a better idea. Anyways, we are always organizing and reorganizing, aren't we?
I finished the class several hours ago (Thursday night). My hours are so screwy that I am going to wait and see if I can make it over to sign the release at the dentist's office the beginning of next week. Hopefully I will have worked my way around the clock enough to be awake all morning by then. Been going to bed in the early morning and sleeping till afternoon right now, so there's no way I'll make it over there tomorrow. I don't dare try to force myself to stay awake to drive there in the morning when I am that tired. No way. Hopefully Monday. :)
More about the class later. I have to pick out another book for when I wake up...well, this afternoon, actually. Karma's sleeping in her new cardboard cat bed. The building is quiet. No wind beating against the windows tonight. Supposed to warm up during the day today and maybe hit 20 degrees--whoohoo! It's 8 below right now.
Well, have a great weekend!! :):) Be back soon.
"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little."
Jon Kabat-Zinn