Monday, May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024 Monday--5am

Good morning!

Two big subjects this week...and a few photos, of course...bunnies still coming for nibbles and frolicking.  

Limpy and friend are regular guests.
This little bird did not look familiar.  Couldn't get the best pic, but it reminded me of a bluejay in shape.
Then...Mr. and Mrs. Mallard have not given up...
...and have returned off and on.  Seems they got over their fear of coming in behind the planters pretty quickly--lol!
Here's Allie conked out next to me on her little chair by the table.  She's taken to wanting me to be up at the table sometimes now--lol!  Cries and paces by the table.  What a goofy cat.
Rain or shine I see the partridges, so many small birds, the mourning doves, and more red-winged blackbirds than I have ever seen here before.
I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. will nest somewhere nearby?  I see them often enough to wonder.
Allie still plays in her water dish every day.  So much so that the end of her collar gets soaked every day...and the side of her face.  Such a silly girl!
But--now on to the news.

First the distressful news.  I don't want to say bad news because we are hoping it will all work out in the long run...but the boys can't go to Montessori next year.  Sounded like bad news. :(

As you know, we knew they both have learning issues.  Liam is going to a speech therapist (and also probably needs to be tested for dyslexia).  Ian was tested, has severe dyslexia, and is now going twice a week to a dyslexia coach at Haley's Hope here in town.  They both have trouble staying focused.  This is exactly why we wanted them to go to they could get the extra help they need.

Well, surprise!  There is no special help at a Montessori school.  The children have to be able to work independently...period.  Ian and Liam have trouble with that.  What the rest of the kids can do in ten minutes could take them an hour (or more, I bet--remember how I sat for two hours with Ian doing math problems).  Not that they can't do the work or understand the work... they can't stay focused.  

So, they basically got rejected.  Kicked out of Montessori.  Let go.  :(

The possible silver lining is that we were told that the public school does have some services that may help them.  IEP (Individualized education plan) or what back when I was in school was called Special Ed.  So, this next fall they will start in public school and we will see how that goes.  They are getting some help now--outside of school--the speech therapy and dyslexia coach.  (They each like going.)  Well, as long as Dagan and Leah won't have to be paying for Montessori it will be easier to pay for the coach and speech therapist--whew!  Another silver lining, I guess.  

They are bright, inventive, creative boys...but they are hyperactive.  It's not that they don't like to learn.  When they were here for Mother's Day Ian asked if he could have paper and a pencil and they disappeared into the bedroom.  Apparently, Ian has been trying to teach Liam what he's learned of cursive.  Ian wrote the alphabet down in printing and drew lines under each letter.  Then asked Liam which ones he remembered the cursive version of and Liam would draw the cursive letter underneath.  Liam only got a few of them and Ian admitted he didn't remember them all himself, but I love that they love to learn.  That they do things like that for fun.  I don't want to see them hate school, you know?  Leah gave them a great head start.

I remember how cursive was easier for Dagan to read, too.  Both Dagan (diagnosed in third grade) and Leah (undiagnosed) have dyslexia.  I hope they still teach cursive in public school.  But, if not--I have books and even bought beginner video classes a few years ago when my favorite online calligrapher offered them.  Plan to watch them with the boys after I move in and we can practice our cursive together.  :)

So that was the bad news.  But if they CAN get the help they need at public school--wow!  That would be the silver lining for sure.  I was really afraid if they went to public school they'd be kind of thrown to the wolves, so to speak, you know?  It's going to be difficult for them, I'm sure.  Quite a transition.  But we're really hoping for the best.  

The other big news is that Leah finally heard back from the drywallers!!  They are all set to start on May 28th!  Might be done by June 7th!  So that is exciting!!  Can't wait for pictures I can share.  Once doors go on and walls start going up it will really begin to look like a real apartment!  

Then once the walls are up the cabinet makers can install the cabinets, the electrician and plumber can do their finishing work, appliances can be delivered, and carpet can be installed down the basement stairs.  I think that is all of the "other people doing stuff" to be done, but I'm not positive. 

Anyways, after that then Dagan and Leah will be doing a lot.  Accent walls painted and all that IKEA furniture put together.  We have to go through my garage--purge and pack.  Decide what to sell and take pictures of everything in the garage and my apartment that's to be sold.  Leah does the Facebook Marketplace sales.  I need to shop for another big comfy chair for my new living room, too.  Finally will come the actual move and the cleaning of this apartment.  I am hoping I will be out by October 1st.  But whenever it is...things are moving again!  :)

Meanwhile, I actually made it into the studio this last week!  Tried following along with a YouTube artist, Diane Antone, with watercolor and ink.
I got all the watercoloring done and left it to dry overnight.
This is why I don't like these art journals I made.  The Dick Blick cheap student watercolor paper I used buckles so badly it drives me crazy.    
Even using bulldog clips can't keep it from becoming mountains and valleys--lol!  Makes it hard to paint on because the paint pools.  But the silver lining--I don't care what I make or how it looks.  Helps me be the loose woman I have strived to be--ROFL! ;)

Screen shot of her painting.
My version.  It's getting to feel a little more comfortable holding a paint brush the more I get in there and play around.

Saturday I did get outside and pull all the dead plants out of the planters and dig in the dirt so they do look much better...but my back hurt too badly by the time I got that done to finish with sweeping and scrubbing down the little tables.  Sunday was dark, windy, and maybe today?  I think I may be coming out of this long fibro flare?  (Knock on wood!)  I hope so.  I have medical stuff for three weeks in a row now again (lab, CTscans, dr).  That six months went by soooo fast!  Maybe they'll let me go a year this next time?  Well, one can dream. ;)   

This has been a year of changes and more changes.  Mostly positive ones.  A long slow shift into a new chapter in my life.  Nothing rapid, that's for sure--LOL!  But that's a good thing.  I absolutely do not move fast anymore--lol!  Till next time...thanks for stopping by and for each and every comment.  You all mean a lot to me. :)