Monday, April 05, 2021

April 5, 2021 Monday-1:45pm

Well, good afternoon!

A quiet week with me being super tired and still napping and sleeping a lot.  Took almost the whole month between shots for me to start to have more energy so no surprise I am still draggy and weak after the second one where I felt worse to begin with...only been 2 1/2 weeks.  So, still just peaceful, quiet days with Annie watching youtube videos and shows.  Second season of Homecoming was only 7 episodes instead of 10 so they might have gotten cut off due to covid, I would imagine.  Been watching Foyle's War again.   Rented some DVDs from Netflix--Grantchester latest season, The Undoing mini-series (wow!), and the last one I watched was News of The World with Tom Hanks--very good!  Tom in a western!  Has anyone else seen News of The World? Or The Undoing?

Still have a lone partridge that has been coming for weeks.  Poor thing.  No one to pair off with this year, I guess.

The only thing I accomplished all week (besides laundry) was to jazz up these striped cards I had put together a few years ago now.  I added a big die cut hello to the fronts of them.  Looked cheerier and a bit springy.
I did get out to take pictures of Grandpa's old desk.  Not very big.  When I was about ten years old I thought it was the perfect size for me--LOL!  Used to beg Grandpa to open it up so I could see the...

...cubby holes and little drawers...ahhh!  I still think it is marvelous!  Plan to turn this into my letter writing supplies spot.  :)

There is still newspaper lining the bottom drawer--Minneapolis paper from 1942!  Very fragile and crispy.
I also brought in the box of Mom's costume jewelry to look through.  I'll show you pictures when I go through that.
Leah sent me some pics.  She and Liam are pretty far behind Daddy and Ian on this walk.  Love the long shadows and Liam's walking stick.
Liam sleeping on the couch.  You know how this can happen some days when they are of an age that they don't think they need to nap anymore--LOL!
On Saturday the boys colored Easter eggs.  Ian...
...and Liam.
Very colorful!
Leah made a cake in the shape of an egg.  Had multi-colored whipped cream/cream cheese frosting, I believe.  Forgot to ask.
Easter morning the boys headed out for their Easter egg hunt in the yard.
Photo bomb by Daddy--LOL!
They found all the eggs.  (Liam told me later that Ian gave him the last one that Ian found.)
The egg peeling is serious business for Liam.  He has always been very good at it.
Ian eating a hard boiled egg, too.
When I got there on Easter Sunday afternoon Ian was deep into a video game.  He has a new eye mask that he hates to take off--LOL!
Liam is happy to see Gramma nowadays.
Even got so close taking pictures...
...that he was too close--LOL!
I quick took pics of Dagan and Leah in the kitchen before I forgot to take any more (which I did).
Leah's brother, Aaron, was there, too.  He quarantined for two weeks so he could come!
Leah remembered to get a picture of us before dinner.

I was so tired I got a ride home from Leah while Dagan was putting Ian to bed.  (Ian goes to bed about an hour after Liam.)  Was a wonderful, wonderful Easter!  I was so glad I made it--no matter how tired I was--LOL!  

Dagan got his second shot on April 1st.  He was achy for one day and that was it.  I hope Leah does as well.  Hopefully soon Aaron will be able to get vaccinated, too.  Be so nice when all the immediate family members get vaccinated.  Once my brother and SIL get vaccinated they plan to come up for a nice long visit around the table at Dagan and Leah's like we used to have.  Leah has a sister and BIL with two boys in town--and a grandma and grandpa, too.  Being able to see and hug family--and talk without masks--priceless!

This week will be busier...but I should slowly be getting more energy, I hope.  On Wednesday afternoon I have my video appointment with Elliot.  Thursday Leah will come over for a craft night.  She needs to make some teacher thank you cards.  Hopefully I will be able to visit at McFamily's on the weekend.  After Leah is fully vaccinated--beginning of May--I will be able to have Gramma Days again with Ian!  And eventually start some Gramma Days with Liam, too!  Things will be getting more back to normal.

Been such a long time and things won't be quite the same, that's for sure, but they will be lots better because of the vaccinations.  The shots are our hope for some normalcy again.  So exciting!!  We must share them all over the world.  :)

Spring is trying to arrive as best it can.  We go from 70 to 30s and back again.  The spring roller coaster is very similar to the fall one--LOL!  I am planning on buying some new planter boxes for the patio since my cheap plastic ones have been cracking and are being held together with duct tape...well, I really do need new ones.  Leah and I are going to take measurements and search online Thursday night.  I am going to go with something sturdier this time.  That's a huge excitement in my life, I tell you!  

My relief check is pending at the bank for Wednesday.  But there are 30 million of us on SS and SSD who didn't get our checks.  I think they are just starting to get to us on Wednesday.  Regardless--should be soon!  Last time I was so very practical.  I stocked up on household goods, personal care goods, and cat food & kitty litter.  This time--well, still cat food & kitty litter--but I'm mostly stocking up on supplies for letter writing, art, cards, and my fun stuff this time.  Oh, yah--there will be the practical, too--like filters for the Britta and for my humidifier, for example, but a large percentage will be for those food-for-the-soul activities this time and not just toothpaste and laundry soap and window cleaner--LOL!  ;) 

I am hoping to be feeling better and able to do more the rest of this year.  Leah will be able to come back for Craft Nites again!  My mind is full of plans and ideas.  Now, if my body will just catch up--LOL!  ;)

 I guess that's it for this week.  I hope to at least get some letters written this coming week.  I'm glad you snail mail friends are such a patient lot.  ;)  I love the blog comments, too--even though I can't comment back like I used to since Blogger decided to cut off that route for me.  I read every single word! Some of you email me and I love that!  I appreciate every one of you.  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with matter how.  :)  Till next week...may you have sweet days that fill your heart.

Oh, and everything looks all nice and uniform.  I'm always amazed at what Blogger does to the post every week recently.  I wonder if it will play with font size again or mess with my paragraphs or if it has grown tired of being a prankster?  Let's see--she says as she is ready to click publish...


"When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in.  That's what this storm's all about."

Haruki Murakami