Monday, September 26, 2022

September 26, 2022 Monday--11:30am

Good morning!

I started off the week by just clearing off the washer and dryer before Keanna came to clean.  Stuck all that stuff into the bins I had in the bedroom...which are still there waiting to be gone through.  Maybe this week.  ;)


I did find that spider before Keanna came...and Allie alerted me to another one, too.  

Keanna is really nice!  The time went by very quickly. She's only here for an hour and fifteen minutes and we were chatting a lot--getting to know each other.  Keanna is married and has a couple of cats that were both was from Cat's Cradle.   She got to see the partridges her first day here to clean...and even saw the little baby bunny coming up to the screen looking for Allie.  (Yes, the bunny looks for Allie, too.)  Now that Keanna knows the lay of the land, so to speak, she will find her own routine...and she'll be back in two weeks.  :)


I finally felt up to tackling two weeks of laundry and testing out the washer.  Started with a small load.  It worked!  Tried another small load.  Worked!  Maybe Gerald has that magic touch like Dagan does with computers...fixes them sometimes when they don't even know how or why it works after they have messed with them--LOL!

So, I finished up with regular size loads.  All went well.  No crazy bouncing slamming washer.  I did get all the things I needed to hang up put away but I still have a big basket of stuff to fold and put away.  Yes, that is the kind of week it has been.  No surprise.  Seems like when I have any kind of project or go anywhere or have company I end up with a spoon deficit.  Just takes quite a while to regain my normal few spoons--LOL!  That's just how it is for me on immunotherapy.  


I got out to water on the patio and put out fresh seed.

I no sooner finish up and the customers arrive--LOL!
Leah and her brother, Aaron, did their shopping trip to Target and Costco...and this time even to CashWise the same day.  Dropped off groceries for me.  I had the cart full of donation bags to go to the garage so I made a trip to the garage before meeting them in the parking lot.  Two birds, you know?  

Cottontails from past litters do come by now that the weather has changed.  Everybody is looking to fatten up before the real cold arrives.  Here's a half-grown young cottontail...
...and a fully grown one.
Love these cool days and chilly nights.  Everything looks crisper and brighter to me.  My favorite, favorite time of year!!

  Never fails--when the temperature drops the cats get cuddlier, too--LOL!
McFamily stopped over for a short visit after attending a birthday party.  Dropped off some food Leah precooked for me...and the boys searched out all the cat toys under the furniture.  Tons of them!  Allie is wilder than Annie was with batting the toys around.  She also loves to flip them in the air with her teeth.  

So different to have a social cat who wants attention.  The boys like it, too. 

Makes me think of shy, scared Annie...and that she is somewhere now where she isn't afraid anymore. 

Allie was SOOO excited to have her big catnip fish toy back...that got lost quite quickly because it was a favorite.
She beat it up, licked it till it was soaked, and laid on it for a couple of hours after they left.

Was a total pajama day.  Was a nice sunny chilly day to feel sleepy and achy.  Today might be another one.  Has been so far.  Leah has told me that if I feel crummy and am so exhausted to just take it easy and not keep trying to push myself all the time.  So I've been trying to do that more often.  A lot of days (most days, to be honest) I have absolutely no choice in the matter, of course.  I have really had to learn to lower my physical expectations over this past year.  Today--my project for the day is to make some soup in the big crock pot.  Which means I have to figure out how to set the buttons on this thing.  YouTube?  Call Leah?  LOL!  Wish me luck on my challenge for the day.

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!
Chat again soon!  :) :)