Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sunrise this morning...
...turned the clouds orange for a few minutes.
Miss Karma enjoying her tipped out box of toys in the sunshine.
Believe it or not, one of her favorite toys is still the bottom of that clear shower curtain liner that I cut into strips and tied together. Wiggle that plastic anywhere, anytime--beyond resisting to the Karma mind. ;)
Dagan and Leah were here on Wednesday night. Leah re-potted the fern and the philodendron (which has been doing very poorly). Turns out it wasn't me--tada! I thought I had over-watered it, but I guess it was a combination of the cold and being TOTALLY root bound. I was relieved. I have tried to err on the side of drought and been so careful. Good to know.
I don't plan on seeing Dagan and Leah for all of October. Leah's mother's house has to be completely emptied for the closing date that is coming up plus ValleyCon is at the end of October, too, and they're very involved with that event every year. So, they're going to be driving up to her mom's house every weekend until it is cleared out and everything is in storage. During the week they'll be busier, too, because everything they'd normally do on the weekends will have to be done after work during the week. Whew!
Me...I'm kind of useless anyways. Been in a fibro flare and my hours are wonky. I had somebody ask me what a fibro flare was like. Well, for me, the best way to describe it is that it's like how you feel when you have a bad case of the flu where you ache all over and feel so weak and generally miserable that you don't want to move. The only thing missing is the vomiting and the fever--LOL! You can feel like this for a day or two...weeks...months...I have heard tell of years. Awk! I have had months of this before, but since I have been in Fargo (2005) and can self-regulate more I have usually had only days or weeks and haven't crossed over into multiple months...knock on wood. This too shall pass.
Anyways, I have been trying out some fake dairy products. Why? Well, since I have been vegetarian for over a year now (no meat or fish), I thought maybe I should extend this to dairy. One: because dairy cows are not always treated well, either (even if I buy organic). Two: I have heard so much about how getting rid of dairy can help with things like chronic sinus and other health issues.
Okay, so I've tried the fake milk. I say "fake" because there are different kinds of substitute dairy products. Some have soy, some rice, some say non-soy...whatever. "Fake" is shorter (and funnier) than "substitute"--LOL! Plus, I suppose growing up in the upper Midwest where we generally love our "real" milk, cheese, cream, butter.....these are just fake. ;)
Anyways, I tried some fake milk. I have a much harder time drinking a glass of that with my meal. The vanilla flavored is better, but the chocolate is the best to me for just plain drinking. Not sure chocolate is healthier, though--hehe! I can use the plain or vanilla flavored on cereal just fine. Maybe I'm getting a little more used to it.
I tried some fake (soy blueberry) yogurt...and it wasn't that bad. I tried some fake ice cream and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be--especially the chocolate one, of course. There was a chocolate brownie one that was pretty darn good, actually! ;) They are harder--to scoop and seem to stay quite hard for a longer time in the bowl.
Made an actual pizza with some fake mozzarella cheese shreds. Was okay. The fake cheese was kind of dry and didn't have much flavor, but it was edible. I had another brand to try, too. So, one night I decided to use this other brand (Daiya) with some of the extra pizza sauce.
Note that it says "melts and stretches". I was curious because the other stuff wasn't very moist at all.
I made a piece of toast, spread some pizza sauce over it, sprinkled the chunky fake mozzarella shreds on top...
...and nuked it. Yup! It sort of melted.
Now, I don't know if you have ever used toast to make a kind of "fake" pizza before, but I have. Never made fake pizza with fake cheese before, though--ROFL! What that package should also have said in big letters is: STICKY!!!
That "cheese" stuck to your teeth, both sides of a fork...ROFLMAO!!! Was sooo funny! It didn't taste that bad, but it was a hoot to try to actually eat it! And I still have an actual chuck of this that can be sliced--oh my! ;)
Ahh! Trying my fake dairy has been quite interesting. Not sure if I can go totally without, but I might be able to cut way back. I still haven't tried a lot of the various products--like the fake butter, other cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese, etc--and then there are different brands of many items. So, I'm trying something new every month. :)
For all the look of rain clouds that have occasionally drifted past...
...we haven't actually had any rain, I don't think.
Of course, I have been sleeping during the days a lot so I'm not positive. Been kind of good for nothing the past couple of weeks. Hopefully things will turn around here pretty soon. My knee's better, though. :) Karma's well. Everything will wait for me to get to it around here. Life is good! I'm thankful for whoever invented television--LOL! Karma and I say bye for now from my comfy chair. Hope your weekend is spectacular! :):)
"A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances. A complaining soul complains even in paradise."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday-2:45am: Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster award by both Iggy and Tori. Liebster in German, means "beloved". It also means "dearest" and "favorite".

The Liebster Blog Award is designed to bring additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 200 followers. If you receive the award, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 5 more blogs. And, also, don't forget to let them know you nominated them.
First of all, you know how I love variety. I follow several types of blogs (as you can see on my blog list). For me to pick only five...well, that's why I was unable to respond right away. I don't usually do awards and then, honestly, almost all the blogs I follow have less than 200 followers! I read them all, even if I don't comment all the time on each of them. Was really difficult to decide--felt guilty--like choosing favorite children! I'm just going to post them here and hope they see this. And that all my other dear blogger friends aren't offended. Love you all!

I invite you to check these most awesome ladies out. :):)
(Note: Djan has two blogs.)
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Had some dark cloudy days.
Rained a little, too.
Been in the 30s at night and 50s during the day. The fern and philodendron were not looking very happy in the chilly wind, so I took them inside. At first I had the fern on the low table from the porch, but Karma immediately started chewing on it. So, I put it on a higher folding table...
...which Karma apparently took as a challenge. Every time I turned my back she was nibbling on the ends of the fronds!
The philodendron is so long the only hook I could find to hang it was in the bedroom in front of the window...and draped the longest tendrils on top of Karma's stroller.
Both plants look much happier...but now I will feel guilty if I have the bedroom window open and it's too cold for the bottom half of the philodendron--LOL! I kept the window shut last night. ;)
Yesterday I discovered a package in the mail from Iggy!!!
A "Beach Wisdom" 2012 calendar. :)
How exotic to the land-locked!! This is a sample page...with such "Beach Wisdom" as "don't fall for the trappings, if you try you can fly, you're going to swallow a little salt water along the way", and "life--don't over-think it". Love these loose watercolor and ink sketches!
Thanks so very much, Iggy!! What a delightful surprise! You made my day. :):)
I was really annoyed yesterday to read an interview with Susan Lucci (Erica from All My Children) where she said the finale was going to have a couple of big cliffhangers!! After they promised to wrap up the story lines?! Why? Well, Susan said that they will be continuing the show I googled.
Looks like One Life To Live is going to be moved online, too. Apparently Susan turned the web company down, and I'm sure they'll lose even more of the main characters on both shows. So...apparently the end is not on Friday as we were told...and a morphed version of AMC will return in three months on a computer near you. Weird. But I was baffled as to how they were going to wrap up things in just a couple days. Now I know. They're not going to. I'm not sure what I think about that. Haven't even watched yesterday's show yet. Wasn't in any hurry to see how they wrap things up when now I know they are just going to leave me hanging.
Anyways, Leah dropped the sewing machine off on Monday. It may take him a week to even get near it, but I will eventually have my machine back in good working order. :) Leah has a couple of projects lined up, too. But...have to finish organizing and we have to make our Christmas cards first...looks like maybe a bit of sewing ahead this coming winter? ;)
I watched Everything Must Go last night. Will Ferrell played a serious, understated role in this movie that was not like his usual juvenile roles...and was the only reason I ordered it. I generally don't care for his pubescent all. But I was pleasantly surprised by Stranger Than Fiction a few years back, so I thought I'd take a chance on this one. Was pretty good. But if you are expecting his usual silliness, pass on this one.
Karma thought I was just writing at the craft table...
The fern will lose it's "newness appeal" inside, as it did when it was first outside. Will just take a few days.
Well, by this weekend we might hit least we'll be in the 60s, they predict, with no rain. 40s at night. I just might have to find someplace else to hang the philodendron at night--hehe! ;)
Have a great weekend!!
"The burden which is well borne becomes light."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Chilly rainy day. Kind of expected it from these clouds rolling in yesterday.
Today there is no blue sky showing at all.
Karma caught a few rays yesterday, tho.
I got a bigger vase and added the flowers from Ruby to my dried flower arrangement on the top of the desk hutch.
Haven't done much. The knee has been touchy as hell, to be honest. I think it's better, do something (like wash clothes), and I'm hobbling about again. How can you twist your knee that badly and not even know you did it? Getting old? OA getting worse? Who knows? But the knee is on the better side again now today. ;)
Speaking of dad had his hip replacement surgery yesterday and all went well! TaDa!! He'll be in the hospital for a few days and then go to rehab. They were going to get him up to walk already last night! Glad to hear all went well. :)
Dagan and Leah cancelled this week. Getting to be that time of year when they are so busy getting ready for ValleyCon (always close to Halloween). So we're planning on next week to re-pot plants and such.
Speaking of, I did google how to dry herbs and found a few ways to do it. My herbs are looking pretty good. Only a couple of them have lost some bottom leaves after their chilling ordeal. ;)
Caroline will be here this afternoon to clean. She is always a bright addition to the day.
The movies I saw--the new Jane Eyre and Meek's Cutoff. Well, Jane Eyre was rushed and crammed to get the whole story into one movie--kind of jumbled with flashbacks and compacted information. Personally, I much preferred the miniseries that was on PBS. Not that this one wasn't done well, I guess...kind of darker and more gothic. But I would say watch the miniseries instead.
Meek's Cutoff was the best movie I have ever seen about pioneers crossing the west if you wanted to feel like you were really right there with them. The silence, the dark nights, the total unknown, the men making the random decisions, the hot layers of clothing they wore, the not knowing what a native is saying or who to trust...probably the most realistic portrayal I've ever seen. BUT...
Spoiler Alert: I don't usually like to give things away, but there is literally no ending. They leave you hanging. You don't know what ever happened to them or who they should have been trusting. Left you with this unsettling feeling...that they must have traveled with every single day. I still really liked the movie because I am fascinated by that time period and those people who were brave enough to pick up and travel into the unknown. This group of three families--well, the three men--decided to trust this guy Meek and to leave the wagon train so that Meek could take them a shorter way. Every decision you make on a journey like that can mean life or death. This way or that way. How much water to carry. What to discard off the wagon. Who do you listen to. You felt like you were traveling right there with them. But then, right in the middle of the story, you were plucked right back into your living room. Odd movie.
Well, geese are honking. I can hear the vacuum going out in the hallway and a door slam shut. Wet tires in the parking lot. The light rain may have stopped again. Time to gather up all the trash and pick up Karma's toys. Haven't even gotten dressed yet. Come on, knee. Time to move it-move it-move it! ;)
"It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen."
Frances Burnett

Friday, September 16, 2011


These were the last pictures I had of Karma sprawled on the porch on those glorious three fall days...
...before the frost warnings...
...and the chilly 50 degree days that have kept her indoors the past three days.
In fact, since I like it chilly for sleeping and actually have had the window open with the fan on low, Karma refuses to sleep with me and has been snoozing inside the big box in her cat bed. I even covered it with a throw so Karma has to crawl her way under (makes it even more interesting if it looks like maybe she's not supposed to be in there) so that she really feels like she's in her own Sabertooth Tiger cave as Iggy suggested--LOL! She's nice and warm, anyways, while I am snuggled deep under layers in my chilly, chilly bedroom. ;)
In fact, it has gotten so cold that I have had to turn the fan off during the night the last two nights. 20s. Brrr! Nice sleeping weather, tho!
I had a small Amazon order arrive yesterday. The Dayrunner on the right is my old one that I have used for maybe 16-18 years (my memory isn't what it used to be). I searched online to find a new one that would use the same paper with the same goofy six holes. Took a while, but the one on the left is the new zippered version. They don't list them by the size of the actual runner, but by the size of the paper you use inside. Strange! Good thing I discovered that at the main website or I would have ordered one way too big!
They're that plastic fake leather stuff so after several years they just crack like crazy. As you can see, I've needed a new one for some time--LOL!
The new one looks nice, but is very stiff and won't lie flat, of course. I need to break it in. I'm sooo happy that all my old refills and pages work just perfectly in here!! This has been my address book for decades, so I had a lot of spare sheets I had bought up for it.
And I also purchased one of the Peter Pauper Press journals. This one is called "Yellow Flowers"--no surprise--hehe! Anyways, this company makes tons of these! All kinds of pretty covers to choose from, 5" X 7", elastic band closure, lined, and have a back pocket. Naturally, I've wanted to test the paper.
I took the page from the backside and it didn't cut out well. The paper was soft and tore unevenly, so I wasn't hopeful.
But, it wasn't as bad as I expected, actually. There was bleed-thru with the Parallel Pens and a couple others, but on the whole not nearly as much as I thought there would be. Did shadow, but with certain inks, it could be usable for fountain pens. Probably best with gel, ball point, roller ball, etc, though. I think I may have to experiment some more. ;)
Hey, it's not Clairefontaine. But these are pretty, have a lot of variety, and run $8.99 most places. This one has bits of golden shimmer on the flowers.
Peter Pauper Press has been around since 1928. They also make stationery, other journals, cards, calendars--well, you can see in the link. I've just been looking at them for a long time because they're pretty cute--LOL! Now I have a much better idea.
I must have twisted my knee on Wednesday when we were doing the shelves. Bummer. It's sore and swollen, so I am waiting for it to go down before I will try tackling the organizing. Meanwhile, I watched the newest version of Jane Eyre yesterday and have Meek's Cutoff to watch today...and letters to respond to...and Karma to giggle at...and drying herbs to google (no I haven't done that yet-sigh). Supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow and low 70s on Sunday...and only in the 40s during the night, so things are looking up for a nice, normal fall. ;)
Have a really special weekend! :):)
(I like this quote because it gives you hope to always keep trying.)
"Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul."
Simone Weil

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A glorious, albeit chilly, day yesterday.
Was in the 20s again last night and 50s again today.
I noticed yesterday that one young tree in the yard is brown...
...and one is green. They aren't very far apart. Kind of funny.
I forgot to get pictures when I took the herb pots in yesterday. Five of them had collapsed, were flattened, draped over the sides of the pots, and seriously contemplating giving up the ghost.
After being inside where it was warm for a day, they are reviving quite nicely.
I think they might all decide to thrive after all.
They're all at least partially standing tall again. Poor things!
I still need to google how to dry herbs because I can't keep up with them. ;)
Dagan and Leah were here last night and the extra bookcase shelves arrived! So we (well, Leah--I supervised) rearranged shelves and added the new wooden shelves--two in this bookcase... that the new paper storage shelves are now in place! TaDa!!
Added another couple shelves (top and about the middle) of this craft bookcase on the other side of the living room, too. (There are already some empty satchels down on the bottom half, too!)
Now you know what I will be doing for quite a while...sorting and rearranging and tweaking until I have it the way I want it. There is stuff everywhere! :)
"Karma's" chair...
...the craft table...
...a TV tray (the catnip is on there, too, for a temporary place out of the cold)... of the craft table chairs...
...the art table...
...and in the bedroom on the floor.
Added a shelf to this art & craft bookcase in the bedroom (have to organize the top half of this one)...
...and more piled on the bedroom floor.
I might as well clean the top of my closet, too--LOL!
Gong to keep me good and busy for some time. ;)
Leah is going to drop off my sewing machine to be checked, cleaned, and oiled. (I had no clue Caroline was a sewer and she told me where the best place in town was to bring it!) My machine worked fine the last time I used it, but that was maybe 8-10 years ago. I've been putting off my few sewing projects and repairs because I knew the machine needed to be brought in first. I just may have gotten inspired by various bloggers. ;)
One of the things I want to try is sewing my own journal holders or book covers. I have some odd sized refills and figured maybe I could just custom make my own covers. (For example, the red Clairefontaine clothbound journal!) This may or may not work out, but I'd have little to lose, right? And Leah has something she wants to sew, too. (Something to hold a cellphone or an iPod?) Anyways, depending on how backed up the repairman shouldn't be too long and I'll have my sewing machine in working order once again. Like I don't have anything else to do, right? LOL! ;)
So, I shall be puttering away my chilly days up here in Fargo. And every time I sit down in my chair Miss Karma is on me like a fly on flypaper! She just wants her human heating pad. That's right. I know it isn't sudden overwhelming love that makes her clingy when the weather turns cold. She doesn't fool me--LOL!
Happy almost-the-weekend!! :)
"My message is always the same: to cultivate and practice love, kindness, compassion and tolerance."
Dalai Lama