Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday-10:15am: New Year's Eve

What an odd dark morning we had yesterday.
Yes, that's the early morning sun looking more like a moon. 
Kind of creepy, but cool! 
But this morning we have bright sunlight on our white world... 
...and it is New Year's Eve!!  Today I will clear off the craft table and gather all my "stuff" (once a year it all gets cleaned and dusted--LOL!).  I'll do the burning bowl, pick an Angelic Messenger Card, maybe get out the Healing Rune Stones, say goodbye to 2012 and greet the new year!
I love New Year's Eve!!
This weekend I made up some super simple Thank You cards and when I took these pictures I realized just how off the color is on my camera.  
These are actually pale yellow! 
Was some cards and envelopes I ordered a few years ago.  The card stock is so thin that you can't really do much with it as far as layering or anything, so I kept it really simple.  These are all off in the mail today.
And I am saying goodbye to the red suede leather holder I told you about that I have used since 1999 for my calendars. 
Camera again.  It really doesn't look this good--LOL! 
It is really grungy and dirty... 
...with shiny worn areas.  But I didn't get rid of it.  I tucked it away in a box in the closet because I may find something that fits it again...or I can just keep it as a memento. 
Speaking of--I am greatly disappointed already with the new desk calendar.  The paper is cheaper.  I already found out that the paper is so absorbent that I can't use my Triplus Fineliners or my LePens because they bleed right through the paper!
 But now I found out that I can't even use my Boss Highlighters!
 Can you see them tucked under the little drawers there on my desk? 
 My Boss Highlighters!  
I can't use my Boss Highlighters!
 I bought this set in late 1997 or early 1998 when I got the job in the office at Lee Square (senior condos) in Minneapolis.  I color-coded everything because I had actually had five jobs (plus) there: receptionist, activities director, marketing director, social worker (illegally per demand of my boss), and I was also the live-in emergency services person.  No wonder I got mono averaging 117 hours a week, but I loved that job--loved those people!  I still get a call every December from Betty. :)  
Anyways, I left and came up here to Fargo to go to college in the fall of 1999 (still recovering from mono) and bought my red leather calendar holder for school...and still color-coded with my Boss Highlighters for classes, appointments, calls, presentation meetings, tests, etc.
When I was forced to quit school in 2004 because my health continued to decline...I still used the desk calendar and color-coded with my Boss Highlighters: calls, appointments, people coming over, Sacred Circle (which we haven't done for such a long time--kind of what I am going to do tonight alone), Caroline's days...
I have used these Boss Highlighters for fifteen years and not one of them has dried up.  I mentioned them once on the blog a few years ago, thinking they couldn't possibly last much longer, right?  They're  magical, I tell you!
Now, I know I can use my Sharpie Pens...
...because they won't bleed through the paper...but I can't use my highlighters!  :(  Sure...I can color code with the Sharpie Pens because they came in a color set, but my Boss Highlighters--my calendar buddies for the last fifteen years--will feel unwanted.  They may lose their magic and dry up!!
I am honestly not sure what to do.  
I might have to buy another desk calendar.
I know this may seem frivolous and insignificant to most people (Dagan and Leah would just smile and shake their heads, but they tolerate me because they're used to me and they love me)...but I know there are a few other office supply freaks out there, like myself, who would understand my sad dilemma.  ;) 
Oh, and I realized that I had a few things I had forgotten to show you that I got in Christmas cards!  They were small and I immediately put them over on my end table by my spot (do I sound like Sheldon?) and forgot to take pictures.
From Florida, I got this four-leaf-clover card...
...that Laura made for me!!  How cool is this?!  
And then, from Australia, Cindy sent these tiny pieces of her beautiful artwork!
I believe these are ATCs.  I have known about them for years--Artist Trading Cards--but have never tried making any, myself.  I can just see those fish in my bathroom...somehow...hummm?  
Thanks so much, ladies!  I obviously glommed onto them all so quickly that my normal camera thoughts didn't have time to click in--LOL!
What a year!!  What a year!!
I'll take pictures tonight.  Even though any of you who have been following the blog for over a year have already seen my New Year's Eve ceremony pics...I love this night so much that I can't not take pictures--LOL!
Oh, Dagan and Leah's car was totaled...not a surprise when the engine and radiator were pushed back like that.  They are waiting for the check from the insurance company so they can go car hunting.  This Thursday they are picking me up after work and we are heading over to Tochi's!  You can see a post here about this local natural foods store I absolutely adore!  (I even posted videos!)  And then we're heading over to their place and Leah is going to cut my hair for me.  I forgot to ask if we were having "our" Christmas.  No matter.  Going to be fun!  :)
Well, I need to get moving here.  Got to switch loads of clothes and start gathering up all my "stuff" from various nooks and crannies all over the apartment--LOL!
Happy New Year!!  
See you Friday!  :)
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson   

Friday, December 28, 2012


Good morning!  It's 5 degrees and we got another thin layer of snow.
These dustings have added up to just enough depth to encourage children's footsteps.
The mystery building across the way is now three stories high.  I feel badly for the people who have been out working on it when it's been below zero out there and windy! 
This has already been a Christmas season filled with gratitude.  I'm especially, especially grateful that angels were watching over Dagan and Leah and their three other young passengers Sunday night as they were traveling cross country from Dagan's Dad's to see a movie...
and hit a deer.  
Leah said their Versa did just what it was supposed to--the front end crumbled and kept them all safe from harm.  
They had the car towed to Fergus Falls.
 I don't think they are going to see it for a while.
But they were all safe and no one was hurt--except the deer and the car, of course.  So Dagan and Leah had quite an exciting Christmas that they won't forget any time soon!  
Karma and I, on the other hand, had our quiet Christmas.  I watched my two favorite movies I have on DVD that I watch every year--It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story.  And Christmas Eve night I opened the presents from Tori in England for Karma and me.  Tori has lost both her eyes from glaucoma and yet she knit this mouse (I bet it's her own invented pattern, too) and sewed the parts together.  She made the tea light candle, too.  I also got an angel bookmark... 
...and Karma got two packages of treats!  Tori even makes her own cards.  :) 
Thanks, Tori!  (She doesn't blog anymore, but I'll thank her anyways.)  
Karma has been sleeping with the red mouse. 
I kind of took my own vacation for several days from the McLap.  I was a lazy bum this week--just contentedly watching movies, reading, writing letters, and just hanging out with my moody fur-buddy.  Caroline came on Wednesday.  Yesterday I spent the whole day quickly catching up online.  Today...probably time to get something creative started. ;)
Just been a sweet week.  A week to be thankful in so many ways.  Bless you!!  Be safe.  Be happy.  May your life be filled with joy!  A new year is upon us!  :)
"Have courage for the great sorrows of life, and patience for the small ones.  When you have laboriously accomplished your daily tasks, go to sleep in peace.  God is awake."
Victor Hugo

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday-7:15am: Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  
Where did this year go?
I got a couple more handmade cards.  
One is from a new blogger friend, Dianne...
...and there was an envelope attached on the inside cover...
...that held ten stamps!!  That just tickled me!  Thanks so much, Dianne!
And this one is a delight because it is from Leah's dear friend, Amber, who never made cards before she saw Leah was making them.  
Leah and Amber made her wedding invitations together.  I got a kick out of the dog stamp that represents their Blixie--cute! 
Now, I haven't actually bought a card for many years.  These aren't handmade, but they blew me away!  Have you guys seen cards like this?  They are made to be taken out...
...and unfolded... that they can become a sitting decoration!  This one is from Pat, my BFF in high school.  A snow globe, do you believe it!  Cool!
And then I got this Santa in his sleigh from Diane (I think she moved away when one of us was in fifth grade).  I had never seen these unfolding cards before.  I don't know if you should even call them cards--LOL!  Really fun!  Thanks to everybody for all the cards and well wishes!!  This has been the most amazing holiday season--starting in the end of November!  ;)  Wow!  
On Friday... was a kind of pastel pre-dawn.
Dagan came over in the early afternoon and we headed over to PetSmart where I got a new hood for the ten gallon...
...half a dozen new live plants...
...(notice how happy my four tetras are)...
...three ottocinclus (of which I couldn't get a picture that wasn't blurred) who will eat snail eggs...
...and a blue dwarf gourami...
...who, I was told, will eat baby snails.
Everyone looks very happy...except the snail population...which is dwindling rapidly.  Well, not that they're unhappy until the moment they are eaten.  They seemed to leap upon the new plants with great joy.  
Dagan thought it was silly that I was trying to save as many snails as I could off the underside of the hood when I had just purchased fish for the express purpose of diminishing the population.  I tried to explain to him that it felt like the difference between the circle of life and my killing them myself.  Dagan took on the hood responsibility and I took on the burying snails in the gravel while planting new plants responsibility.  Between us, I know we were the cause of much snail carnage.  But the population had been cycling (didn't know that these little plant snails don't live that long) and there were more and more empty shells on the bottom of the tank as the larger ones died.  If the new fish survive, might not have many or any snails in a few months.  
I only bought the one blue gourami because I found out they only sell males!  Back when I worked pet shops (and actually ran the fish department a couple of times) you had to order them in pairs.  They're territorial and the males fight, so you'd lose a few of the males and have extra females--who are not as flashy and colorful.  So--I mean I can understand why they would sell only males these days, but I found it quite upsetting.  What do they do with all the females at the breeding farms?  All these males are destined to live alone.  If you bought more than one you will probably end up with one in the end--unless you had a really large tank.  Maybe one of the two privately owned pet shops in town might have a girlfriend for him?  I plan to call them after the holidays.  Should probably make sure these new fish stay alive for at least a month first.  Anyways, the tank looks good and the fish all seem quite happy.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  ;)
   I finished the wall art this weekend!!  I went over all the colors with appropriate colors of the Silks acrylic glazes and I love it!  The colors really popped!  
They came alive...
...deep and rich...
...with a bit of shimmer.
I added some gold highlights, too, with a palette knife.
For once, something came out more like I had in my head!  I wanted just abstract bright colors like this. Yes, reminds me of tie-dye.  ;)  But that is just what I wanted. 
I got it in the frame yesterday and set it down while I went to get the hammer and a nail.  Karma went nuts over it!
...and rubbing...
...while she purred and purred and tried to scooch up even closer to it.
I actually remembered to take a short video!
She literally didn't want to leave it...
...pressed her face up against it...
...and fell asleep.
But later, after Karma finally left, I put it up on the wall in the kitchen where it used to be in its former life as a clock.  ;)
I am really sooo happy with it!  There's a dozen colors of Silks on this.  May not be anyone else's cuppa tea, but I am grinning from ear to ear every time I lay eyes on it.  Talk about changing from my old victorian decor, eh?  I plan to gradually add some bold and colorful accents around here.  This is the first step.  
Tonight, Karma and I have some presents from Tori in England to open.  We were always a Christmas Eve night present opening family.  How did you do things in your family?  Any special traditions for the holidays?  Whatever your plans--enjoy!  Let everybody know you love them!  Merry Christmas from me and Miss Karma!  :):)
"Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store."
Dr. Seuss