Friday, September 26, 2014


Good Morning!
The end of the week has arrived.
Was fascinated by this golden yellow cloud one evening. 
We've been having cool fall days up tlll yesterday when some 80s heat has returned...for three days, they're predicting. 
Well, I definitely got to spend some time with Ian on Wednesday evening.   
Got a few pics of him before he came out of his car seat to sit with Gramma all evening.  
We chatted and he took a short nap again (slept right through the hammering).  Love having my arms full of baby!  ;) 
First, though, Dagan and Leah made three trips to leave the desk next to the dumpster.  The garbage truck had just been there during the day so wouldn't be back for a couple days.  Perfect timing. 
They were careful with her, too, since we left all the hardware stuck in the flat boards and we were hoping somebody would want her.  I taped the picture of what she looked like whole to the inside of a drawer so it wouldn't blow away. 
Then Dagan and Leah worked for a couple hours at least putting the desk together.  This kind of furniture comes in a thousand pieces, as you know, and takes forever to put together.  They got this far and Ian was ready to call it a night--LOL!
There's still a lot to go... 
...but they got the hutch put together. 
Tentatively planning to make it over this weekend to work on it again. 
Leah and Dagan checked out the cracked base on my table and they forbade me to sit at the side and made me move everything down to the far end of the table. 
Leah said she'd have to take the base apart and try to metal-strap the wood together.  Will depend on how these small legs are attached at the bottom.  Not sure when we'll be able to do that.  I will be doubly glad when I have my new desk so I'll at least have a designated safe spot to write.  Now I'm can I sew without a useable table?  Not enough room on the new desk.  Would the new sewing machine fit okay on the very end of the table?  Will sprawly me be able to stand the confinement?  Hummm....things seem to just remain out of whack lately--LOL!
Karma hid under the bed most of the time they were here.  She came out for a while to smell and paw the baby backpack but was so jumpy, hissy and crabby that I just shut her in the bedroom.  After they left... 
...she had to smell everything, of course.
Every sound had poor Karma jumpy. 
No wonder she's been barfing a lot lately.  I think she's quite stressed over her home being asunder.  Her window spy perch had to be taken down now, too, because we can't even give her the opportunity to get up on the table at night while I'm sleeping, as cats are wont to do when they're not allowed someplace.  She weighs 20 pounds and Dagan and Leah are convinced she could crack the base further just by jumping up on the table.  Probably true...but I hated to take that away from her, too.  I can tell her it will all be better soon, but she only understands English as far as it pertains to her food and cuddle time.  Karma has highly selective language comprehension.  ;)
The absolutely wonderful news, though...
the following foggy morning...
the desk was already gone!  TaDa!! 
So very happy!!  
I hope they appreciate my wooden friend as much as I have over the last 15 years.  I do get attached to certain inanimate objects...well, and plants, too.  Hey, I even talk to my beeping microwave...and we're not even close.  ;)
So anyways...that's what's happening in my little corner of the world up here in Fargo.  Things are very slowly heading back toward normal.  Patience has returned to me.  I'm giving Karma extra cuddle time and checking online every day to make sure Century Link doesn't charge me that huge fee (so far, so good!)  We've got a little Indian summer for a couple more days and I had lots of sweet Gramma time this week already.  I'm definitely not as cranky as I was...and Karma still is--ROFL!  But right now...she's snoozing in the sunlight.  Even crankiness doesn't normally interfere to any noticeable degree with her beauty sleep.  ;)
Hope you have a restful, restorative weekend!!  :):)
"The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life."


  1. Your grandbaby is adorable! So is Karma!

  2. Love the sky pictures! I'll miss them when you move, but I'm so eager for you to get your new place. You're lucky Leah and Dagan are willing and able to put boxed furniture together. They're such a pain! Looking forward to pictures of the new desk :)

  3. Hi Rita
    I am short on time, but just had to say how beautifully photogenic little Ian is. I can understand you loving your arms full:)
    He is ust gorgeous!
    Zue x

  4. I KNEW someone would take the desk. I had a 4-drawer metal filing cabinet with one drawer that was bent & wouldn't open--someone wanted that, too!

  5. i KNEW someone would snap up that desk! glad you put a picture of it together so they knew what it would look like. GOOD!!!

  6. "No wonder she's been barfing a lot lately." I don't know why that cracked me up, but it did. Poor Karma! Ian just keeps getting cuter. :)


  7. I can't believe someone took my desk. When WDW tried to put together furniture, it was hilarious. I found him sound asleep with the instructions in his hand.


  8. OH no no, you've just been having a lot of changes lately. You will come out like a beautiful flower when it is all done. I'm anxious to see your new desk. As for the sewing machine... are you able to lift it? Bcause you could put it up when you use it, then put it away when you're not using it. Like by the side of the desk or something. But I am not sure how you're feeling these days. You sound happy when it comes to that baby boy. He has such a sweet innocent "shocked" look to him. He is adorable!!!!

  9. I'm glad someone took the desk from the dumpster. Would seem like such a waste if they hadn't.

    Poor Karma. Her life is being turned upside down temporarily and I can just imagine how it's upsetting her. Hope things settle down soon and she can adapt.

    Little Ian is adorable. It's very gratifying holding a grandson. :) I was with both of my grandsons this afternoon. Ryan had a half day at school today so he was able to go shopping with us. Ethan slept the whole time again. He is such a good little baby. :)

    The weather was beautiful here today, and this weekend is supposed to be nice and warm, and most likely, the last warm one until next spring. I hate the thought of that. I would prefer a much longer autumn, but we never see that. The leaves are changing at a pretty good clip around here now. It's been dry with very little rain, so they think that might be why the leaves are changing so quickly.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Little Ian is such a doll! And finally you've got that desk gone, and somebody took it and will probably use it well. I feel for Karma, with everything in her life upside down. She has her best friend, though, and that's really all she needs. :-)

  11. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I miss the cranky you!! ;-)

  12. Gorgeous clouds!

    Gorgeous baby! So happy to see you enjoying your Grandson. I'm always on a high after spending time with Mikayla and Maddy.

    Poor Karma! They can stress over the little of things.

    Great that someone took your desk! I tend to attach myself to inanimate objects too.

    Have a beautiful week, my friend. xo

  13. Anonymous9:02 AM

    What lovely golden clouds - and, of course, a sweet baby!

  14. What a dear little charmer! I hope that poor Karma gets over all the upheavals, I know some cats really do get spooked when things are different.
    Glad the desk went. I too get attached to things and i like to imagine them having a kind home. Silly really but I can't help it!
    What a wonderful yellow cloud.

  15. I'm not a cat, but I get upset with "moving things around" and dusty changes - home improvement projects get on my nerves!

    Hi ya Ian!!!

    Goodbye Desk!

    Shut up Mr. Microwave!

  16. Beautiful sky and I'm so glad things are starting to seem better at your place. A visit with that adorable Ian helped no doubt.


  17. Dear Rita, this whole posting made me happy for you, but what really "tickled me pink" was that someone rescued your 15-year-old desk. Recycling is important to me and I think to you also. Peace.


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