Friday, February 05, 2016


Good afternoon!
We had a dusting of snow.
It's sunny and 26 degrees (feels like 16, it says-but I am not venturing forth today). 
I didn't make the grocery trip on Wednesday.  Was hobbly stiff and too sore to do all the walking.  But I woke up feeling better yesterday and off we went to Cashwise after Ian had his nap.  I only remembered to take a couple pictures because of this shocking and puzzling sight!  Those are library books in that vending machine!  I never knew there was such a thing!  Blew my mind! 
I assume you must have to use your library card somehow.  We didn't look closely enough to figure it out--but has anyone else seen library book vending machines?
Then off we went into the new Cashwise store that is really close to me and where Caroline shops for me, too. 
 It was an adventure--for me, anyways--lol!  This new store has so much in bulk items that it boggled my mind!  Everything from flour and spices to beans and nuts.  Awesome!!  And they had a sale on boxes of pasta--10 for $10--so I stocked up. 
My leg didn't go numb (sciatica) until the last ten minutes, so that was really good.  Ian is such a character.  A wonderful afternoon.  Such good company--and I learned a lot about what is available at the store for future ordering.  Whoohoo!
When we were checking out I was surprised by an older lady who lived down the hall from me at West Winds!  She asked how Karma was and if I liked the new place.  I must have told her half a dozen times how much I absolutely love it here.  Felt kind of guilty as she told me about the annual lakes of water in the yard and all the soggy dog poop, etc.  I wish I could rescue the few older people that are still in the building.  I am so very blessed and grateful for Dagan and Leah helping me to move away from there!  
 Anyways, was such a nice trip out and about.  When we got to my apartments we stopped off at the garage.  I have my big white cart in the garage I use (well, Caroline uses) to haul groceries.  We picked that up and Leah held it out the window as we drove to the parking spot.  We did this last time, too.  I don't know why that cracks me up so much, but it does.  I could walk it over there, but I am quite limpy by the time we are done so ever-thoughtful Leah comes up with practical solutions--LOL!  
Then the cart gets loaded up, I say goodbye to Ian (who has been not wanting me to leave lately because he thinks he's coming to visit at Gramma's house), give his concerned little protesting face a kiss, and wave as I pull the cart into the apartment.  (I'm so glad Ian likes to come over to Gramma's new place...well, so do Dagan and Leah.) 
I put away everything (afraid to stop moving) before I collapsed for the evening.  Ate bananas and roasted almonds for dinner--ROFL!  Hobbling but happy today.  (And I will be so glad when Caroline will be back to doing this for me in March--LOL!)
Let's see...
I also signed up for A Month Of Letters--as you can see on the side of my blog.  Same basic idea as InCoWriMo but they actually have a badge and a sign-up spot (so I might even get letters from strangers--who knows?)  But since I have still been pretty useless for much else and hand writing is something I can usually manage to some degree even when I feel pretty awful because I have a comfy chair and a pillow/lap-desk setup...I figured I'd give it a go.  So far have sent seven letters or cards so I am doing okay.
This is the usual morning routine.  I check emails, read blog posts, and watch a few videos (mostly crafts, art, and planner videos)...
...while Karma settles in after her special canned treat to snooze in the chair next to me. 
And--I have to tell you that I am both annoyed and delighted that all Karma's refusing to eat and worrying me so much may have been, as a couple of you said, just Karma being Karma.  She has apparently changed her mysterious mind once again.  Several years ago she refused to eat anything but pate canned food.  If it had any lumps whatsoever in it she wouldn't touch it or only lick off a little bit of the gravy.  Apparently she has now decided she is bored with pate.  In fact, with this new chunky Fancy Feast with gravy, she has been asking for an extra helping of the canned food!  Instead of in the morning and around dinnertime she is also begging for a late night snack!  Good Lord!  Do you ever want to wring someone's neck and hug them at the same time?!  
(The vets wanted her to eat more canned food after she had that awful UTI--so that's when we went to twice a day instead of just mornings.)
Am going to hobble over to my chair now and work on letters...probably all weekend!  I have my faithful communicators, some people I haven't written to for quite a long time, and recently some brand new ones, too.  Nice!  :)  I'm so glad there are people who still enjoy some vintage social media!!
Am feeling so contented to be right where I am right this very moment.
Have a great weekend!
Love and hugs!!  :)
"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet." 
James Oppenheim


GrandmaG said...

Yes, it's so sweet when grandchildren want to be at grandma's house. Elliott, who will be 10 on February 14, would rather be home now with his video games and Lego bricks. I was so hoping to set up the finished part of our basement for game playing by the time this happened. But, instead, the space is Rupert's until he passes :( So happy to hear you got out and about. What fun! Take care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey Rita and Karma! That Cashwise looks like a great store. We have never been inside one...Cashwise that is. Good for you to see what the store has! Hope you have a good weekend. :) Only Karma knows for sure:)

froebelsternchen said...

Hello Rita! Great to see your sweet grandchild and Karma again!Fab that you had fun!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Land of the Living--we've missed you!!

DJan said...

I never saw anything like that library vending machine, either! The store looks great for all kinds of different people, and I too am glad you are getting back to your own brand of normal, Rita. Karma certainly looks contented. :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fun and interesting post. I was in shock when you showed the library vending. Like you, I've never heard of it before.

That new store looks very clean and orderly. It must be a joy to shop there.

Had fun reading about Karma. Welcome to the world of catdom. As if you didn't already KNOW (grin)! Have a joyful and letter filled weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

you are kind to think of the old folks left at your old apartment. we'll send good thoughts for them.

TammyV said...

I haven't seen library books in vending machines, but I have seen little neighborhood "libraries" - take one leave one. Anything to get books out and about it a good idea in my mind. I use my own so much more now that we can reserve on line from any of the libraries in our system and get reminders to return them (I am so bad about that). I have made great use of this system: find a book I like on Amazon or recommended by others I interact with, look it up in the library and it is almost always there. WahLah!! book budget greatly decreased. So good to hear about Karma! Stay warm.

Feral Turtle said...

Oh Ian is getting so big Rita. What a sweetheart he is!. Glad you were able to get out and about and mostly I am happy for you to be in your new place! Cheers.

Friko said...

Back in bogland what do I find? A cheerful and happily busy Rita in spite of her aches and pains. Atta Girl!

An inspiration to us all.

Carol said...

So glad you had a good outing and were able to get all you needed done. Ina is such a doll and I have never ever seen a book vending machine before. Oh The times they are a changing :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots out of your window. Glad to hear you had a good outing!

Intense Guy said...

That Cashwise store looks so clean!! I bet that hard tile floor is hard on the legs though! I've never seen books in a vending machine - just videos (CDs).

Gives Karma a chin rub. You silly Kat. :)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I love the idea of being able to get books from vending machines. What a clever and healthy alternative to some of the items found in vending machines. Makes reading much more accessible when the books are easily available.

AliceKay said...

I've never seen a book vending machine before, but it looks pretty cool. The new Cashwise store looks really nice, too. Loved the picture of Ian sitting in the shopping cart. So cute. :) Karma looks comfy.

Serena Lewis said...

I've never heard of library books in a vending machine either.

It's a wonderful feeling when the Grandkid/s love coming your home so much that they get upset when they aren't staying for a visit. Not that we enjoy seeing them upset but it's nice to know they love us. hehe

I can't wait to be able to do some handwriting and sketching again. My hand is improving with each new day. I get the stitches out on Thursday and I'm hoping that will take away some of the tightness I feel.

It definitely sounds like Karma has just changed her tastes. hehe

Love and hugs xo