Tuesday, March 08, 2016


We had a smattering of snow...
...with freezing temps. 
Almost impossible to catch pictures of the grouse or jackrabbits lately because they all seem to suffering from spring fever and race everywhere they go. 
One day something was perched in the bottom branches of this tree across the way.  Medium sized.  Would have had to be a big grouse...or a small hawk?  No clue.  My camera can't help me, either, because this was as close as I could get through the screen. 
Suddenly it was spring!  Poof! 64 degrees with little wind on Saturday and almost as warm on Sunday! 
Went to take a picture of the melting snowbanks across the way and caught a lone grouse running down the sidewalk--LOL! 
On sunny mornings Karma is no longer interested in sitting next to me in her chair. 
She's been catching sunshine!  I'd been able to crack the door open for a short while a couple times last week... 
...and then came the spring-like weekend! 
Patio door and windows opened wide all afternoon--whoohoo! 
Karma didn't want to leave the patio door. 
She snoozed right close so she would miss any grouse or rabbits as they raced past.
Unbelievable to have it this warm in the beginning of March! 
Miss Karma...rubbing her own head on the carpet in delight... 
...but not missing walkers and/or dogs going by, either. 
It's 39 right now and supposed to stay in the 40s and 50s for the next week or so.  Crazy!
My sleep pattern has moved to a later shift the past couple weeks for some reason, so I am going to be in big trouble when nasty old daylight savings time takes effect next weekend.  I will either be up even later and sleeping even later or it will magically snap me backwards in time--LOL!  But that's why I am getting such a late start today.
Leah and Ian came by for a visit last Wednesday afternoon.  Got to read Ian some of his new books here at Gramma's house.  :)  Thursday Leah came over for Craft Night (always fun!).  But I was so sore by Friday that I only got four hours of sleep, didn't go check out Movie Night here in the community room, and was in bed by 9pm.  But I slept 11 hours!  Whoohoo!
I've been sleeping longer every night since and have gotten a lot done around here.  Just puttering about stuff.  Laundry, sweeping, trash out, cleaning both my humidifiers, cleaning and relabeling my coffee jars...stuff like that.  :)  Maybe I have a touch of spring fever, too--LOL!
Today is dark and kind of misty rainy.  
Rain--yes, rain--not snow.
Could be a busy week.  Tonight is the monthly pot luck.  (Missed the first one last month-sick--just have some bakery cookies again.)  Tomorrow Leah is planning to come over for Craft Night.  Thursday afternoon they have that exercising to a video group in the afternoon and Friday is Movie Night.  I'm going to try to make it to as many of the activities here this week as I am able...without pushing myself over the brink--LOL!  Sadly--doesn't take much.  But it looks hopeful that I might be able to make the PotLuck tonight.  :)
And for the T-Stands For Tuesday group over at Elizabeth's--I don't even have my red cup sitting next to me yet because while I have been typing this I have been jumping up and down to slowly make some coffee--LOL!  Starbucks Verona. (Enough appliances in that corner?)
So if this post is a bit wonky...you can blame it on my lack of coffee--hehe!  I had best post this before it gets any later...and go pour myself some coffee!!  :) :)
“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” 
Cassandra Clare


  1. So funny how I hated coffee as a young adult, but love it now. My dad was even a coffee distributor - LOL! Now I'm drinking an average of two mugs a day, and looking forward to ice coffee when it gets really warm. I hope you make it to potluck and find some like-minded people :)

  2. Well, Ms. ENFP person (along with me), I sure enjoyed seeing all your wonderful sunshine and Karma enjoying every little bit of it. And I do hope you will keep yourself from getting too tired out through overdoing it. Those activities aren't going anywhere! :-)

  3. Ah, I think I have spring fever too - its bright and sunny here and about 75F! Yeah, in March!

    I enjoyed seeing the photos of silly Karma and the horny grouses and rabbits.

    I think the thing in the tree is a plastic bag...

  4. Fargo is TOO cold for me!!

  5. We're having much warmer than normal temps here too. Great for getting the yard cleaned up. It is March so I do expect the weather to get cold again but hoping for no more frost or snow. Hope you get to go tonight and have a great time :)

  6. Sounds like weather is very fickle everywhere in March.
    We may set a record in the 80's later this week = WHAT!
    Karma knows how to make the most of the sunlight.
    Daylight Savings Time is a pain.
    Hope you get your sleep schedule squared away Rita.
    There is no substitute for a good night's rest.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. thank you for visiting my at my Magpie's Nest :-)

  7. Wonderful to see karma enjoying the spring sun! Lovely photos.
    Gosh, you have alot of coffee makers! I use a filter too. My DH prefers it.I'm not drinking coffee at the moment but i drink a thing called Orzo that I buy in Italy. It's roasted chicory with added anis. Lovely.
    Elizabeth's computer freezes every time she visits my blog and gets a message 'Mozilla Firefox not responding'.I have never heard of Mozilla Firefox and am not conscious of using it... Do you get the same problem?
    Have a good week,

  8. we have had similar fickle weather here in PA but thankfully this whole week is to be warm-YAY!!!! And I am with Karma enjoying the warm sunshine:) No matter when you go to bed or rise- it's more important to get your proper sleep -and that varies for everyone. Verona is my new fave Starbucks since it also comes in decafe and I am trying to get away from caffeine. Happy T day and thanks so much for your visit:)

  9. Wonderful to see Karma sitting in that spot of sun. I agree with her, there is nothing like being able to crack the door for a bit of fresh air after a winter with the house closed up. We're not cold here but sure are damp. Not a lot of rain by measurements but some almost every day so things stay soggy. Have to watch slippery sidewalks on my morning rambles.

  10. Isn't this the most unusual spring we in the midwest have seen in ages? So good to see spring in your area, too. It's obvious Karma loves it.

    By now you are at the pot luck dinner and I'm sure you are having fun. I am jealous of your red coffee grinder. It's nicer than the one I broke and fixed.

    Thanks for sharing your week, Karma, your weather, and your coffee pots and lovely grinder with us for T this Tuesday. Would have been here earlier, but got caught up at the eye doctor, then off grocery shopping.

  11. Great to see Karma having such fun. Happy T Day, rather belated, hugs, Valerie

  12. Oh - so much snow.. we had some yesterday as well but it all melted again - Karma enjoys the sunlight - my dogs do the same. Hopefully spring will come soon - we are all longing for it !
    Happy T-Day - love to see your super equipment for coffee celebration! Great!

  13. it´s nice to see that others are brewing their coffee by Hand, too:) i have a machine here, but somehow the brewing ceremony seems to be more fun.
    i love how Karma enjoys the sun (i think timmy is on the mend, too, though i´m still a bit worried about Dehydration, but at least the fever is gone).
    thanks for visiting my blog and happy belated t-day and rest of the week!

  14. We're having warm weather too- I love it. This has been one weird winter for us-not a lot of ice nor snow, but it was cold and then not so cold and then cold and not so cold...etc. But now we are having real spring weather I am with karma-let me sit by the open door and get some air! Hugs!

  15. Yes indeed, the weather is playing a joke on us I fear...I expect it will get cold again before Spring really arrives. Who knows? My hubby says the barometer changes usually make for bad arthritis pain days...maybe for you as well? Keeping busy sounds like a good plan though...motion is lotion as they say! Enjoyed the photos of your kitty lounging in the sunshine...happy belated T day!

  16. The weather is crazy! Hope you got out and went to a few of the activities! :)

  17. It gets me when the temps are all over the place like hot, then cold, then kinda warm and back to hot again, although this last week we have had all stinking hot days with temps in the high 30's to low 40's making one thankful for air conditioning

  18. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Typical fickle spring back to winter March weather! I love that lone tree.

  19. You just never give up, do you? I am so glad that your new home offers so many and such great variety of activities. Being partially housebound you need to keep exercising your social faculties.

    I hope you enjoy everything you do.

  20. The weather has been strange. I've been down and out with the flu so I feel a little out of sorts with reality.

  21. Ahhh good ole Karma enjoying the sun!! What a wonderful spring it has been....in fact a beautiful winter! It is so nice to hear you have been enjoying your new place Rita. You will be so organized...I could only dream of this.

  22. Hi Rita, I hope your weather has warmed up and that you are having a nice "almost spring." You sure do have a lot of grouse out your way. It has been another busy week here so I am late in getting around to visit my friends, but I hope you have a good weekend. As always, regards to Karma and McFamily!

  23. A wonderful start to spring! It seems our summer weather doesn't want to let go and, even though it's now autumn, we're still getting fairly warm days. That said, it has been a mild summer compared to previous ones...not many storms at all much to Cody's delight.

    The shape in the tree looks a little grouse-like but it's anyone's guess.

    Great to see Karma enjoying her dose of sunshine. As you know, Cody is the same. He always lies on the sunny spots inside on the floor tiles when curtains are open. The tiles hold the warmth too which he seems to like. Even in the heat of summer, he will lie out on the lawn in the sunniest spot. I always call him straight back inside before he's there for long because our summer sun is way too hot.

    I'm with you on Daylight Savings Time. I'm so glad we don't do it here and I hope we never do. One trial run over 25 years ago and a referendum had the people of Queensland vote against it. YAY! I hope it doesn't mess you around too much this year.

    Those long sleeps are probably just what your body needs at the moment.

    We've had a rainy morning here so far....it's now 7am on Sunday.

    I hope you enjoy the Pot-luck tonight if you manage to go along.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    Love and hugs xo

  24. We have had some chilly weather, but not any snow. It's nice and cool for walking but I need my warm trousers or else my legs ache with cold.
    Though the days are cool, when the sun shines it gets fiercely hot.
    Sun bathing with coats on:)
    Karma knows where the best and warmest places are to snooze!

    Sue X

  25. That would be fun to have a craft night....and a potluck gathering. What a great way to spend your time!


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